Are you considering debt settlement, and wondering how much money you can save? Well, every consumer’s situation is different, but this FREE debt settlement calculator can give you an approximation of what you can save enrolling in a debt settlement program with qualified Debt Help Lawyers. So if you are considering a consolidation loan, bankruptcy, credit counseling or just doing nothing, plug your numbers into our calculator and see for yourself whether debt settlement is right for you. You can also get a free, no obligation debt settlement case review by calling 888-595-9111 or completing this easy online debt settlement eligibility form.

Debt Settlement Calculator

Other Consolidation
Credit Counseling Do Nothing
(Pay Minimum)
Debt Settlement
Total Unsecured Debt        
Months To Pay Off        
Interest Rate        
Extra Interest Paid        
Monthly Payment     Variable  
Your Total Cost        

Total Unsecured Debt
Months To Pay Off
Number of Creditors
Average Interest Rate
Consolidation Loan
Credit Counselling
Do Nothing (Pay Minimum)
Consumer Law Offices

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