Rules and Rights Under Fair Debt Laws

Debt collection efforts are strictly regulated by State and federal law and set forth permissible and impermissible methods for debt collectors when collecting consumer debts. The statute prohibits harassment, most third-party contacts, calls to work or at other inconvenient times or places, and calls after being told to stop. The Act also prohibits unfair conduct and misrepresentations. Although violations of these laws do not “wipe away” legitimate debts, such violations do require mandatory cash awards to you of up to $1,000, plus actual damages, plus your reasonable attorney fees and court costs paid by the collector if you prevail.

To learn more about your fair debt rights, or, if you think you are a victim of unfair debt collection practices, click the links below to read each section of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. If after reading the law you think your Fair Debt rights might have been violated, call 888-595-9111 to submit your information to an experienced Fair Debt Lawyer for a free case review. Your inquiry will be personally reviewed by an experienced attorney and you will be quickly contacted with an opinion of your situation.

Civil liability 13
Collection calls 5
Collection terms definitions 3
Debt payments applied 10
Deceptive collection letters 12
Fair debt act chapters
Fair debt collection act
False misleading tactics 7
Harrassment abuse tactics 6
Legal debt collector actions 11
Third party contact 4
Unfair collection practices 8
Validating debts 9



    this hospital is trying to collect on a debt that is beyond the statue of limitations what can you help me with cause i am not paying thanks Beverly

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