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Below are some of the things we’ll need to know, depending on your situation. You can speed up your attorney review by providing as much of this information as possible in the comments box. But don’t worry if you don’t know any of these answers, we can uncover more details when we communicate after reviewing your initial inquiry. You can also call 888-332-7252 to provide your info directly to a legal assistant or leave a message for call back.

Debt Collector Help

  • Current Debt Collector Name
  • Are you being sued?
  • Has a judgment been entered?
  • Are you being garnished?
  • Have you gotten any collection calls or voicemails?
  • Have you gotten any collection letters?
  • Have you paid the collector anything?
  • Is this debt on your credit report?
  • Do you think you don’t owe this debt?
  • Is this your only debt?



Collection Call Help/Telephone Privacy

  • The name of the company calling or texting you
  • The phone number calling or texting.
  • Whether you have/had an account or provided your phone number to the entity calling/texting.
  • Have you asked them to stop?
  • Are the calls prerecorded/computer voices?
  • Do you have any voicemails?
  • Do you have any delinquent credit accounts?




Credit Report Help

  • The name of the company reporting the account or who pulled your credit w/o your permission.
  • Have you disputed with the credit bureaus?
  • Have the credit bureaus responded to your dispute?
  • Have you been denied a loan or job because of your report?
  • Do you have any delinquent debts?






Debt Settlement Help

  • Approximate amount of debt
  • Type of debt (credit cards, medal bills, etc.)
  • Is there a judgment or lawsuit against you?









Unauthorized Withdrawals Help

  • Who the payment is to
  • Whether payments have been taken without your authorization?
  • Whether the account is debited the same amount each time?
  • How do you make your payment: by mail, by phone, or electronically? (and if electronically, do you make it online at your bank’s website?)




Repossession Help

  • How long ago the repo occurred?
  • Whether you have correspondence from the repo company or bank?
  • Whether there was a breach of the peace (describe)?
  • Whether you were actually late on your payments?
  • Is this your only late account or do you have other delinquent debts?





Unfair Loan Practices Help

  • Type of Loan (payday, vehicle, etc.)
  • Date of Loan
  • Do you pay by mail or phone, or by automatic withdrawal from your bank account?
  • Whether you were required to buy any products or services in order to obtain financing? (e.g., GAP insurance, an extended warranty, etc.)
  • Whether you are receiving collection calls or letters about the loan?
  • Do you have any delinquent debts?
Lemon Law Help

  • Year
  • Make and Model
  • Date of Purchase
  • Dealership Name
  • Warranty or “As-Is”









Other Legal Help













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