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  1. I am receiving out of state auto dialed calls several times a day. I answered a few and the line then disconnects, or hangs up. I want this to stop immediately.

    • Not so easy to stop “immediately” but you may be entitled to $500 to $1,500 per call, and making them pay you that will surely stop them. Send us a log of the calls and we will see what we can do to help.

      • I have a lot of out-of-town different area codes that call me and I put on my call reject list. I have left my name and number and email on a couple of these places in your website I sure could use the money for that judgement that was put on me and the bank took all my money and gave it to the lawyer

    • i am too they hang up soon after i answer i am now on the do not call registry as of yesterday best ti can its about my car warranty i don’t want or a school not interested “joe” a hound wha tcan i do

  2. Expired Statute of Limitations” defense,

    I am being sued by a collection agency for credit card debt. I became disabled with Parkinson’s disease and resigned and took early retirement from a law enforcement career. The debt was from Tribute Credit Card a company from Delaware, who has a SOL of 3 years. I lived in Texas where debt was accrued at the time and Texas has a SOL of 4 years. I was tricked and tolled this debt in 2010 while living in Wisconsin, where I’m being sued and WI has SOL of 6 years. I am 5 years into Wisconin’s SOL as I made a payment in 2010. I have been on permanent Social Security disability for 6 years now.

    Which State’s SOL applies?

    • Your question hits the SOL nail on the head, so the answer is…it depends. Give us a call, we need some additional facts. No charge for the case review.

    • I Had car reposed about 2 years ago . Ally sold the van at acution for way less than what was owed it. On a 2012 KIA van I still owed 21367.02 they sold for 8100.0 leaving 13267.02 left . After paying on said van almost 4 years that I still owed what they van sold for now portfoiol and this Jt Meyers call and severed papers saying they would file a judgement against me or I could pay 300.00 amoth for 3 to 4 years to paid off or 9936.00 in a lump sum. But only had until MOnday to take deal

  3. Can my landlord (church) tell anyone other than myself that my rent is past due and how much is past due. They have discussed it front of my grand daughter, then stopped by my home when my daughter and her husband were visiting and told them, without my knowledge.

  4. The economy took a major hit in 09 as we all know. I was able to maintain work until 2011 when i was laid off. During that time, i fell behind on bills, got divorced and with the lack of work i started college. Just days before the seperation, my now ex-wife ran up a credit card in my name that she was an authorized user and also a Les Schwab Tire center account for repairs on her estranged lover. Now both of the accounts were in my name and since closed, and sent to collections, something that when i am in a better position i would have taken care of, with that being said, i was just served by the court to pay the judgement and the serving documents addressed me as RICHARD JAMES SUMMERS and JANE DOE SUMMERS wife of RICHARD SUMMERS are responsible to repay this debt. Now how is it, I am the one responsible? is there any possibility that she could be held accountable for 3300 in debt that was ran up? i mean i want my name cleared and be able to purchace a home and this is making it very difficult. I can not afford a lawyer since i was awarded full-custody of the son we shared and trying to play catch up for the last 3 years. How can i make her accountable for at least half of what she left me with? she got the new car i had JUST PAID OFF and all the cash which was student loans i had deposited into a checking account that we shared. i am feeling taken advantage of and i just want to make things happen

  5. I have received several calls form a company called “DRG” claiming I have a case against me and when they leave a msg they have been served! Is this legit?

  6. I had my daughter in 2005! At the time I was in college and had a medical card and was informed that it would cover all cost. 10 years later without going to court or even knowing about the bad debt a law office started garnishing my wages! I went and spoke to the hospital and they informed me that they can not bill the medical card because it was past 2 years (even though they had it on record as my insurance) so I would just have to eat the cost! The bill came to around $3000 and this law office is now garnishing my check for $5999.99! Is there anything I can do?

  7. I was forced (what I mean by forced is I had my choice of living or dying I’ll explain when someone calls me ok ) into writing a bad check in March of 2006 it was filled with the courts in June of 2006 and I got pulled over in May of this year for only 1 headlight and officer comes back and says there’s a warrant out for my arrest so he took me in I went to court told the judge that I couldn’t afford an atturney gave her my budget and she still said I need $40.00 for court appointed I told her I didn’t have it and I feel like she’s forcing to get the money or go without representation what can I do thank yo

  8. A debt collector contacted my employer back in 3-2013 the HR dept related a message to call the number she was given by this collection agency for wage garnish. I called them they told me i had an orginal debt of 600.00 that now has accrued interest and atty fees. I paid all of they would not send me any paperwork. I paid i was scared. But they failed to provide me with a copy of the judgement and validation of debt can i go after them. I srtongly beleive they are in violation. And know rights now and im very upset. They called m at work 2 month ago and lied once again. What do you advice

  9. We moved out of a condo we could not afford any longer back in 2012. We informed the landlord of this before leaving, but as we were in a lease he wanted around $2,500 to end it. Obviously we did not have this. He filed a judgement on us and it is on our credit. We lived in Maryland at the time and this is were the judgement was passed. He keeps sending me messages on Facebook saying he is going to garnish our wages. I currently live in South Carolina and work in Georgia. Through doing a little research I see that SC’s wage garnishment laws are pretty strict and he does not have a good chance of doing it. However, my concern is that since I work in GA would they base the decision off of GA law?

  10. I currently live in Iowa and purchased a vehicle in Texas. The vehicle was repossessed over five years ago. the creditor has filed a petition in Iowa suing me for the balance of the loan. My question is does the statue of limitation apply for taxes or does the statue of limitation apply for Iowa since I know live in Iowa

  11. I purchased a vehicle in Texas and it was repossessed in Iowa over five years ago. I just received a petition in Iowa suing me for the balance of the loan. My question is does the statue of limitation for Texas apply or does the statue of limitation in Iowa apply. I currently live in Iowa

  12. I am being garnished for a debt I feel I am not responsible for. My dad had an apartment that he allowed me to live in when I was going to college. I was required to sign the lease to show proof of me living their to obtain government assistance because I only worked part time while in school full time while raising a son. I only worked two days a week at the time and am trying to find a full time job in my field after graduating in may. My father ended up deserting the apartment and my family, and now they are holding me responsible for the debt which is now over 7000 dollars. I still only work part time and do not make enough money to support myself and son while being garnished. I feel I’m not responsible for this debt at all because I was not paying the rent and he was (I could not on 176 dollars every two weeks). The rent was 1300 a month. Someone help what can I do!

  13. This message is solely intended for A******* A*******n this is Jeff Mackler. This is your second notification in regards to your service of legal documentation scheduled to arrive at your residence or place of employment tomorrow between the hours of three and 5:00 PM to respond may result in this court appearance. If you have any questions problems or concerns you can contact the filing party directly at 832-361-3184. Refer to file number C103159. Ayou’ve been notified.

  14. I have a 3rd party debt collector harassing me on a debt I got through a payday loan in 2007, which was paid in early 2011 before I filed bankruptcy. what can I do?

  15. My qyestion is:
    In Sc can a judgment be placed against my
    selfemployed Comissions, I earn Comissions only being a Sales Agent, receive no reimbursement for any expensives.
    I’m BCBS Independent Sales Agent.

    The Judgement is coming from a forclosed land deal. Tel 843 390 4010

    Thanks Erna Blome

  16. I received a letter of intent to garnish my wages from a debt collector on an old car loan. It is going on 8 years now and Wisconsin’s SOL is 6 years, I just received the response from my employer in the mail that they are going to allow the garnishment and I don’t understand how this is possible. Am I not protected by the WI SOL? This isn’t even a new judgement, they simply printed out the 7 year old judgement and sent me a letter on intent, what should I do?

  17. I am now being garnished for a 2009 judgment for medical. 2k bill with now 800.00 in interest. I recently purchased a home.. I am confused how this judgement didn’t show for one.. and how come I wasn’t notified prior to the garnishment for a medical obviously from 7 years ago…

  18. I got a letter Monday that my wages were going to be garnished and it happened 2 days later..No demand letter or court dates..I looked into it and and found out they got a garnishment granted in 2013 for a job I was no longer working..Also they tried to garnish my checking account all for 700 dollars..I wasn’t aware because all the info had been sent to the wrong address…Is it legal for them to now garnish my wages at my new job without a new judgement?? These people are crooks if they have my job info they have my correct address.

  19. I am being called from people claiming to be a meditation company LSA Lyon Stone Acquisitions that I owe an old pay day loan and if I don’t pay they will arrest me etc. They have only emailed me the settlement I have to pay nothing in paper form. Are these people the real deal?

  20. I have a collector trying to renew a judgement for an overdrawn credit union account. The original transaction took place prior to 2000. They got a judgment on me in 2006. I was never served to appear in court. Judgment was entered by default. I recently received documentation showing they are applying renew judgment. The original amount of the debt was approx $280. They are trying to collect $1048 now with $503 allotted to interest and the original debt they say was nearly $500. It’s all BS. They used to call my former employer harassing me daily and calling relatives. Not sure what they are doing these days but I’m tired of the constant barrage of crap from this company. This is all in California. Any suggestions?

  21. Is a writ of execution issued in California valid in any and or all states assuming that I move to another state? If so what can I do about an old case that came back to haunt me concerning a real estate deal that went bad back in 07? The “Collections Attorney” states that “Fraud” was committed which is NOT the case I / We never grossed dollar one on the transaction, and “Fraud” was never proven nor was it tried as a case and finding for the defendant. I have recently re-connected with an old business partner that will verify these facts.
    Unfortunately this has been going on now for about a year and I have lost a substantial amount of cash what would you suggest?

  22. HOA tells me one things and then changes it. I was told that once my balance was 0, all violation fines will be removed and this is new. It use to be once you fixed the problem, the fine is removed. I paid the balance to 0 only to find out that they still wanted to charge me $1,850, outside of the $1,500 that that I have given this year to try and get on the right track. The more I pay, the more it goes up. Now my balance is supposed to reflect 0 but they want me to also pay half of the violation fines. I had a small piece of siding hanging near the slanted steep part of the house/roof. I had several people that came out and could not fix it. The hoa started fining huge amounts of money and I explained that I was trying and that I want to comply. I finally had found someone that could get up very high to put the siding up. A couple of weeks later, the siding came down again and the charges started back. It started to rain a lot. No one could get up there and the fees kept rolling to whopping $4000.00. I had the siding put back up when the rain stopped. I paid my balance to 0 and thought they would remove the fines like they said. Well they decided that should pay my balance which was 189 in September 2015. Somehow since then they said I owed $841.00. Then over night they decided that I should pay $1,575. After that a lady emailed from their management company and said to just pay the $841.00 and resubmit the fine removal form and I did. After that, they decided that I should pay half of the fines that accumulated when I could not put the siding up. Now I am owing close to $2,000! They are having a HOA meeting at the pool soon. This means that if you owe according to their records, you won’t have a pool key to get in.

  23. Recently received credit report of “Very Poor” (632) from free credit agency, including mention of a mortgage I was supposed to have applied for in 2011 (I didn’t), with an extant debt of several thousand dollars. Now I have debt with Wells Fargo bank for nearly $3000, for an original debt of $230, nearly payed with Portfolio Management Services. I wish to get the claim settled with Portfolio Mgmnt, get my credit rating restored, and have employees at Wells Fargo bank remanded to a reasonable location for extenders of usery (I thought that was illegal accross the US, oh well). Also, I am being charged $2000 by Firstar Hospital, in Muskogee, OK, for services recently delivered, which I must claim they did not fulfill (I was kept one week, practically starved, and I was struck on the face by an over-extended fluid injection pole). It should be immediately obvious why I submit this credit complaint. Thank you. RKBiv

  24. I am also receiveing multiple calls a week sometimes a day. When I answer the line disconnects.. if it makes it to voice-mail there is only silence.. Can I do anything about this?? Is this legal? I might add this is all on my cell phone..

  25. If they are taking money out of mg husbands checking account each week can they also garnish my paycheck for the same bill?

  26. Car Dealer reported a repossession on my credit report. I have had numerous problems with this company since I purchased the vehicle. The vehicle stopped running one week after I purchased it. Had to argue with them to fix it. They charged me large sums of money to get my vehicle back. Paid the money to get my vehicle back from them after they came and took it. Vehicle broke down again they refused to fix it. They reported it as a repossession on my credit report. They never sent any letters offering me to buy the vehicle back or telling me that the vehicle was going to be sold. They not only reported it as a repossession they did not report any payments that were made and they reported that I owe them the full amount for the vehicle.

  27. Do you have to pay fees and interest charged on your debt if turned over to a lawyer by a debt collector?

  28. I don’t see how collection agencies are even legal. I had some procedures done at North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo, MS in March of 2015. I tried to set up a payment option with them and was told if I didn’t pay my bill off in 3 months they would turn me over. I told them if they did they would never receive their money, I don’t pay people that I don’t receive a service from. Franklin Collection starts calling and sending letters, to which I told them I didn’t owe them money and would not pay them, that I would gladly pay NMMC. Fast forward to this past weekend. I sent FC a letter stating they never even sent me an itemized statement on November 29, 2016. I received an itemized letter from them on December 5th and received a letter from the law office of Mitchell, McNutt and Sams on December 6th saying if I didn’t pay they would sue me. I wasn’t given any time to review the statement. Does anyone know if I have the right to sue them?

  29. So apparently my car was up to be repossessed but I was not notified . But a tow truck company came to repo car but I keep a chain and lock along with bungie cords wrapped around fence for the fact being I have 3 large dogs. Well this tow truck guy cut my lock to gate and then proceeded to take bungie cords off and let me dogs out of the fence and took my car from my locked yard and then refused to let me get my belongings and then said I had to make an appointment to get belongings and also pay a fee to get my belongings from my vehicle . Can they do this

  30. I had a Comcast account in 2010 that eventually closed in February 2011 with a balance of 330. now its 2017 and a collections agency AFNI bought the account in November 2016 and placed it on my credit report this year 2017. I had no derogatory accounts on my credit report until now, I was so angry and frustrated that this company would come after me for so long and not even give me chance to pay it before reporting it to the credit bureau that I paid it in full in hopes that it would lessen the blow to my credit and be deleted in exchange for paying it. The company admitted the debt was too old to sue me for it. Isnt this account considered past the statue of limitations , is that grounds enough to have it removed or did the payment ruin my chances of fighting this?

    • Wow, that stinks! It sounds like something we can help with, we know AFNI well. We sent you an email earlier asking you to call in, have you? If not please do, no obligation. 888-595-9111.

  31. I bought a RV in CA 2007 – status of limitation has run out- l have been living in my RV for over 10 years- l am still getting stocked by repo man and the loan is not showing up on my credit report any longer- I am a feared that when l move my 5th Wheel in a few days- they are going to take it- What can l do to protect

  32. Is there a statute of limitation for Title Home Loans in California?

  33. I am having problems with Fed Loan they keep sending me letters saying my payments were returned but I have confirmation receipts as well as proof with screen shots from their website with my account information showing all my payments and my last payment confirmation and they keep changing and deleting my account information from one day to the next calling me non stop and finally have blocked my access to view my account on the fed loan site. They have not up dated any information to credit bureaus and the information they did update is wrong as far as amount and dates. I don’t know how to make them fix my account and credit they say I still owe them. How does a person stand up to a big financial institution when they have all the power and you have none even when you have full filed your contract. I just want my credit fix that they ruined my score crap 508 thank to fed loan.

  34. My dad got stuck with the bill of a car by co-signing with my sister who stopped paying for it. Now they want to get 18 k by garnishing his wages which seems fair enough. Then that creditor decided to freeze his bank accounts which have the house payment money in them and they refuse to let it go. He can’t pay for the house now or house bills. He’s all alone barely making it by himself even with renters but it seems kicking us out of the house is their goal as long as they get their money.

  35. I received about 15 calls last Friday from 973/536-1815. They left message stating it was Lisa from IRS and I had a suit filed against me and I needed to contact them prior to it being sent to my local county. If you call the number back you get nothing! I called once and then reported the number but they continued to call.

  36. I have some questions about my rights in relation to a repossession of my vehicle this year.

  37. Im back on a title loan, a company picked up my car last night I’ve never recieved any letter to cure is the legal looks like they may have damaged the car pulling it away also….is that legal

  38. I was just notified by rmv that my license cannot be renewed because of a default warrent for one bounced chk in 2004,in massachuse ttes what can i do about it?

  39. Back in 1996 I financed used car and before I made my first payment the transmission blew up, i bought an extended warranty so it was covered. A year and a half later ( it was a 3 year warrenty) the same thing happened and they would not fix it this time. I refused to make my pmt and they refused to honor my warranty, they finally picked it up and would no longer take my calls. Flash forward 22 years and I get a phone call from what I can assume was a third party collections agency telling me that the finance company filed an affidavit and I owe 26,000 which was 19,000 in late fees and interest charges. They told me if I gave them 2,600 by the first of the month it would be settled, i didn’t do give them anything mostly because i didn’t have it but also they started telling me things on my credit report that didn’t have anything to do with the car, i thought this was shady and made me think it was all bullshit. I was wondering if after 22 years can a finance company can sue me and if they can if i should just pay the dept collector the 2,600. I dont have it but i could sellsome stuff but they are acting like they can hold this against my house. I live in Texas and I am disabled and getting a small S.S.D so i went down and filed a homestead and because I am disabled they locked my tax rate so I am pretty sure they can’t touch the house. At least i hope. Help pls

  40. i was a resident of PUerto Rico that moved to North Dakota. I have 3 inaccuracies on my credit report but was never able to find a lawyer there with expertise in the FCRA subject. Now I came to live to ND and this credit issue are a nightmare in getting insurance and rental. I have sent letters to the creditor but they just ignore me and keep reporting the debts as accurate. Credit Bureaus don’t seem to help at all when creditor position.

  41. A collector try to collect my medical bill in 2012. They add 9% annual interest plus $140 attorney fee for each letter they sent out to me. Is it legal? Do I have to pay those types of interest and fee?

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