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Consumer Rights Guide: FREE guide to understanding basic consumer rights

You may be somewhat aware of the fact that businesses you routinely deal with in everyday transactions are regulated by federal and state financial consumer protection laws, codes, rules and regulations. But do you know who, how and when? If you did, you might just find the businesses you deal with each day in the course of ordinary consumer transactions routinely violate your consumer financial rights.

Our consumer rights guide explains specific federal consumer protection statutes enacted to ensure fairness in debt, credit, banking and lending prevent businesses from taking advantage of consumers like you, as well as important state laws, rules, regulations and codes related to consumer financial transactions In the event your rights are violated, you might be entitled to between $100 and $5000, or more, plus your attorney fees and court costs — just for standing up for yourself.

You have more than 100 protections under 10 different federal laws in your ordinary, everyday transactions. Knowledge is power, Fight Back!

Download the Consumer Rights Guide FREE!

LawCent Consumer Rights Guide

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