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I had a old credit card debt they have doubled the debt with interest now i got a notice that they are going to come into my home and seize personal property like tvs and anything of value within so many days can they legally do that?

Answer: If they DO NOT have a judgment against you, then they cannot just come into your home and seize things! Telling you this is a violation of the FDCPA. See this page for more info. Further, without a judgment, there are specific rules for adding interest to old debts. See this page for more info. Finally, as to seizing ...

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Can husband’s assets be seized

I acquired credit card debt prior to marriage, one card. Can husband’s assets be seized, (bank acct. property. They are claiming community property….bank acct. in both names… Answer: It really depends on your state(s) laws and how the card and assets therefrom were obtained, used and kept. Your best bet may be to see if any of your Fair Debt Collection ...

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Credit Card Resold Debt

Hi, I have old debts which under GA SoL are expired. One of the debts is a credit card resold debt/ transferred the debt and one began filing for a judgment however did not finalize the process to my knowledge. In the first instance did the SoL reset when sold? Or was the SoL remaining from last payment or promise ...

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