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Protect Yourself From Credit Repair Scams

The Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) ensures that companies offering credit repair services comply with specific rules. The Act requires that certain disclosures be made prior to signing a credit repair contract, that any contract be in writing and that a credit repair companies may not charge any fees prior to performing any work. Who Is Regulated? CROA applies to ...

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Are Credit Report Errors Costing You Money?

Are Credit Report Errors Costing You Money? If your credit report isn’t completely accurate, credit report could be costing you thousands of dollars in lost credit and employment opportunities. The Fair Credit Reporting Act(FCRA) protects your right to an accurate credit report and regulates the information collected by consumer reporting agencies.  In addition, it requires that the information supplied to ...

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Protect Your Credit Transactions

The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) protects consumers by requiring creditors to disclose certain information about finance charges, annual percentage rates, payment amount, and fees that may be charged to the consumer. What Kind Of Businesses Are Regulated? TILA regulates most creditors. Common examples of creditors regulated by this law include banks, credit unions, finance companies offering car loans, credit ...

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Unauthorized Bank Transactions

Have you ever heard the saying “the devil is in the details?” Well, with regard to the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, “the dollars are in the details”—when the “details” are the fine print that accompanies all electronic fund transfer agreements. Simply put, you can stop a pre-authorized electronic fund transfer by notifying the financial institution orally or in writing at ...

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How Do I Stop Telemarketing Phone Calls?

Because your landline and wireless phone numbers are easy to find thanks to public records, telemarketers and other solicitors use these tools to annoy you, usually in the evening hours while your family eats dinner, though many calls may come in during the day or later in the evening and they could be excessive. To protect you, Congress passed the ...

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