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Consumer Law Questions and Answers

Consumer Laws That Protect Your Rights

You have rights as a consumer. When a company or organization wants to do business with you, they are required to follow certain federal and state consumer protection laws. From offering you a product or service to purchase, to providing one that won’t cause you harm without your knowledge, companies must follow consumer laws and regulations. Most businesses do, but there are still many that make promises and then can’t deliver. They may attempt to take advantage of you if you are not aware of your rights under federal and state laws.

Take a few simple steps towards becoming a smart consumer, protect yourself from fraud; don’t let any business take advantage of you. Most importantly, always read agreements in full before signing anything. Ask someone to explain the details to you if you don’t understand. Spend time researching the product and product manufacturer before you make a large purchase. Follow the warning labels on packaging as they are there for a reason.

Consumer Rights Awareness

Some companies and businesses may knowingly defraud their customers to save money or make money. They disregard consumer protection laws, assuming that the average customer will not stand up to them. An awareness of your rights under consumer laws can help you learn how to protect yourself and those you care about from companies and businesses, can help keep you safe, protect your valuable credit and might even save you money. Take some time to learn more about consumer law and the company you are considering doing business with before making an investment.

Find out what the consequences are if you miss a payment. Consider what would happen if the project turns out to be a scam or if the company doesn’t honor the agreement. Learning about consumer law and your rights before something goes wrong can prevent distress and financial disasters. A consumer protection law firm can help you understand your rights and fight back if you think you have been harmed or treated unfairly by a company or business. Contact our team of consumer attorneys for help today.

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  1. I suspect odometer fraud on a vehicle I recently purchased. How do I get some help investigating?

  2. I bought a used car at one of those pay as you go places. It has not been a month and I brought my car 6 times and still check engine light keeps coming on. Tire sensor, Eva leak and still thy tell me thy fix it but nothing.

  3. Just bought a ’97 4runner for a great price from a private seller and made the mistake of not getting a Carfax first. My mechanic and another mechanic agree the odometer has been rolled back from at least 206K to 147K. They have lots of evidence it was tampered with along with the missing Check Engine bulb. What do we do now?

  4. I recently bought a second hand car.Now its been 2 months since i am using it.From company service recods now i came to know that its metre is tampered.What to do???

  5. Looking at buying a used 2004 minivan and the seller claims that the dashboard was replaced due to some of the gauges not working. They have the old dashboard still, but the new dashboard shows more miles than the actual miles. The actual miles are supposed to be 127,000 miles and the new dashboard shows 170,000. Should I be worried of any legal issues?

  6. My husban just bought a second hand work van and he just found a service records under the seat that shows a great mileage difference, thinking metre is tampered, help please! Should we call the person? Or the police?

  7. Bought a 2000 chevy silverado truck 6 months ago. Took it to the dealership for recalls and they updated the carfax to find out that the odometer reads about 100k less that it truly reads. What do I do? I’m in california

  8. I suspect my car has a rollback of maybe 100k because the condition the vehicle was in at low mileage. the dealer moved locations without telling me. I found that location later. But it’s been since 2010 when I purchased it. Is it too late to look into it now? I question him about stuff and ended up having to replace just about everything and engine. Stuff is still coming apart. They denied any engine problem and then it blew. Too much stuff for this mileage when purchased. Even if not taken care of well within a 8-9 year span. I’m in California.

  9. I just bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata a month ago and noticed my odometer seems accelerated. It’s gone up another 80 miles this past week. Ive only driven it within a half mile to my girlfriends house and to the bank a few times. Is there a way to test this or what should I do?

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