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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – You can fight back!

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) helps you Fight Back against unfair, unethical and even illegal bill collection tactics!

Are debt collectors demanding payments on debts you can no longer afford? Are bill collectors harassing you over debts that you’ve already paid? Are you being harassed over debts that are not yours?

Have you told collectors to STOP CALLING but they call anyway…repeatedly? Do they demand more money than you can afford? Are collection agents discussing your debts and other personal information with employers, neighbors, even your parents?

If so, this self-help web site is just what you’ve been looking for!

Did you know that most debts expire? It’s true and, something as simple as checking your state’s statute of limitations to enforce a debt, can save you a tremendous amount of time, thousands of dollars in payments and… a great deal of aggravation!

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
See the
entire FDCPA in an easy-to-navigate format. Learn how much power you actually have to stop collector harassment!
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FAQ for Debt and Credit

Answers to frequently asked questions about debt collection, creditor practices, garnishment, child support, divorce debt, judgments and more!

Disputing Debt

Collections Actions you can and should take after receiving collection calls from rude, obnoxious and abusive collectors.

How to Deal with Creditors
you’re experiencing financial difficulties, these tips and tools will help you deal with your creditors.
Debt Statute of Limitations (SoL)
Listed by state and type of debt; see if the collection of your debt has legally expired.

The fair debt collection practices act offers protection from illegal and unethical debt collection tactics. This self-help site provides in-depth information about the federal fair debt collection law law and many state collection laws as well. The purpose of this site is simple; to help consumers better understand their rights and to help they learn how to handle illegal and unethical debt collection situations.

Use this free site to educate yourself on debt collection laws, especially the FDCPA. You’ll soon discover that with knowledge comes power! The power to fight back against unethical and illegal collection tactics that bill collectors use to intimidate and scare you and…your family!

Most Asked Questions:

Can debt collectors demand payment or take legal action during the thirty (30) day period for disputing a debt?

YES! Section 809(b) permits collectors to demand payment or take legal action during the thirty-day period for disputing a debt when the consumer has not notified the collection agency in writing that the debt is disputed.

That’s why it’s so important to dispute invalid debts in writing the same day you’re contacted! Learn more about your rights here… Most Asked Questions

Stopping Collector Harassment begins with learning about your rights under the The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Also known as the fair debt act or FDCPA, this federal law was enacted to protect us from collector abuse…but it only works if we know how to use it properly!

The FDCPA clearly defines the rules that bill collectors and even collection attorneys must obey when collecting debts. Many states have their own laws similar to the FDCPA and some of these laws also define collection rules for creditors collecting their own debts.

This site is for educational purposes with the goal of helping you learn and understand your consumer rights so the next time bill collectors call, you’ll know what to do AND what to say to stop their harassment!

With over 100 pages on this site, we have tried to provide in-depth answers to many questions. However, if after looking through the site you cannot find the answers you’re looking for or would like a FREE Fair Debt case review, click here to submit your question to a Fair Debt Attorney.

The Search Site  and FAQ features are also especially useful for answering over 100 specific questions.

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