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FDCPA Section G Requires Verification of the Debt

Collection notices by phone, mail or 3rd party can be unsettling and cause panic if you do not know your fair debt collection rights. How debt collectors notify you of delinquent debts and what types of notifications are legal and illegal is spelled out in the FDCPA under section G. In a nutshell, FDCPA section G requires verification of the debt unless provided in the initial communication. Verification is a written notice within 5 days of the first communication with you containing the following:

  1. the amount of the debt;
  2. the name of the creditor;
  3. a statement that he will assume the debt’s validity unless you dispute the debt within 30 days;
  4. send a verification or copy of the judgment if you dispute the debt within the 30 days;
  5. identify the original creditor upon written request.

NOTE: If the collector provides the above information in the first communication (dunning letter or phone call), then verification is considered complete and written follow-up is NOT required unless you dispute the debt.

Here is a quick outline of what is covered in Section 15 U.S.C. 1692G:

  • Who must provide validation notices
  • Number of notices
  • Legal notifications (letters and forms)
  • Alternate debt terminology
  • Oral notices vs. written notices
  • Legal action notice vs. validation notices
  • When attorneys must provide validation notices
  • Validation / Proof required when debt is disputed
  • Cease of collection while debt is disputed

Read more in-depth information here Validating Debts FDCPA

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