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For most Americans, debt is a fact of life. They are looking for debt resources where consumer debt help options can assist them in meeting their financial obligations. Debt is necessitated by certain realities in life that make it unavoidable, such as a reliable form of transport, college education or a mortgage. Fortunately, the legal fraternity has provided lasting solutions by offering assistance in consumer debt relief and protecting debtors from bad credit ratings and wage garnishment. A majority of Americans purchase assets such as houses and vehicles on credit because it is the only available option that allows you to secure the item when you cannot make a cash offer. In case of default, there are always the debt help options that protect your interests. Being a complex matter, it is advisable to hire a debt relief lawyer. There are different types of consumer debt relief on the market . You will find some of the following packages helpful.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is a debt help option that allows the debtor to settle debts in a quicker and more efficient manner. This is on condition that there will be no more defaulting because the creditor has reduced the debt by up to half. On completion of repayments, the previously good credit ranking of the debtor is restored. The consumer debt relief process can be overwhelming due to the legalese and lack of knowledge on the part of the debtor, about his or her rights while pursuing debt help options. A consumer lawyer is knowledgeable in all the aspects of negotiations and ensures that the client’s debt is reduced to a manageable amount. The attorney also serves the purpose of protecting the debtor’s rights and can take legal action against the creditor or creditors if necessary. For example, if you are unable to pay your bills, debt collectors will contact you and try to collect the money you owe. But, certain consumer rights protect you. Debt collectors cannot contact you at inconvenient times or places. If so, hiring a debt relief lawyer will force the debt collector to contact the attorney as opposed to having direct contact with you. The advantages of debt settlement are that it does not require any collateral and is the least invasive of debt relief options available. Click here to learn more about the debt settlement process.

Loan Modification

Home loan modification is an increasingly popular but difficult debt relief option to obtain. A loan modification submission must prove the existence of some form of hardship such as loss or reduction of income for to qualify for this debt help option. Due to its crucial nature, you might want to consider consulting with a loan modification professional who can assist you in gathering the necessary documents, carrying out negotiations and approval.


Enlisting professionals to facilitate your application for consumer debt relief is important because of the ramifications that come with it. A debt relief attorney will carry out an assessment to determine the type of debt help option that befits the situation. The bankruptcy code protects the debtor and all creditors must abide by it. At this point, the consumer debt relief attorneys use the court system to provide relief from the huge debts incurred and that creditors abide by this code. Chapter 7 bankruptcy deals with individual defaulters. Debt relief lawyers will ensure will ensure protection of your valued assets under the exemptions to which you are entitled. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an experienced bankruptcy consumer debt relief attorney will develop a repayment plan that is an affordable debt help option and submit it to court for confirmation. The debt relief lawyer renders services until the repayment plan is completely executed. At the meeting of creditors, the debt relief lawyer coaches the debtor on how to answer questions from the bankruptcy trustee and can also respond to the questions on behalf of the debtor.

Real Estate Short Sale

The Real Estate Settlement Procurement Act states that certain information should be disclosed to the consumer before the closing of a loan secured by a lien on residential property. It also prevents home sellers from insisting on the use of a specific title company and stops lenders from referring business to providers with whom the lender is affiliated without providing information about the affiliation to the consumer. This implies that there are various legal implications involved in the purchase or sale of a property. As such, a debt relief lawyer and his team play an important role in pursuing consumer debt relief in a court of law by protecting you from any unexpected pitfalls . Ascertaining the appropriate debt help option by assisting you to communicate efficiently with the lender’s representative and how to navigate the terrain when you decide to sell your house for lower than the market value is part of a debt relief lawyer’s job.

Wage Garnishments

A wage garnishment will arise when an individual cannot pay a creditor the full amount of money on time, leaving the creditor to obtain a court order that attaches the wages of the said individual. Sometimes, the creditor settles for a lower repayment due to high court fees but with the new regulations in force, creditors go to court to obtain orders that allow them to collect the full amount including court expenses. If you receive a letter from a credit agency threatening legal action, it is necessary to hire the services of an experienced attorney who can help you find the best debt help option possible. Moreover, most creditors prefer dealing with the lawyer as opposed to the individual and this will heighten the possibility of receiving consumer debt relief. Debt relief lawyers are good negotiators who tend to work out lower repayments and fees than individuals thus identifying the best form of consumer debt relief available.

Bad Credit

The Credit Repair Organizations Act requires credit repair services companies to comply with certain rules. Failure to do so entitles a consumer to actual damages and punitive damages as well. An experienced debt relief lawyer understands the process all too well and can claim for sufficient compensation on behalf of the consumer. Such claims are difficult for the consumer to estimate and this requires an individual conversant with debt help options. Hence, the need to hire an attorney as a means to obtaining consumer debt relief.

Auto Loan Services: Attorneys For Consumers, handling Consumer Legal Claims claims under Truth In Lending Laws and Lemon Laws

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Debt Management Services: Debt Help Lawyers offering multiple debt help options for consumers overwhelmed by debt, including:

  • Debt Settlement
    Pay-off debts for less than you owe. Avoid bankruptcy. Low fees. More…
  • Wage Garnishments
    Protect your hard earned wages. Keep your full paycheck. Low fees. More…
  • Need to file bankruptcy
    The last resort to financial wellness. Start fresh. Low fees. More…
  • Debt Collector Problems
    Debt collectors may have to pay you under federal law. Debt collector pays your fees. More…
  • Collection Lawsuit Help
    Fight back, defend your rights and your money and ake the collector prove its case in court. Low fees. More…

Other Debt Help
If your are not sure, call us today, we can help. More…

Legal Resources: Consumer Protection Lawyers offering legal services under TEN federal consumer protection laws for as little as twenty dollars a month ($20.00/month).


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