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State Attorney Generals — links to file formal complaints

State Attorney Generals can be a good resource in the fight against illegal debt collection practices. Below you will find links to your state’s attorney general’s website. You can also hire a private attorney to fight back against bill collectors and creditors who violate federal and state collection and credit laws. Like the attorney general, a private attorney can stop illegal collection. But a private attorney can also help you recover damages (which an attorney general’s office cannot directly do). Locate consumer protection attorneys here or call 888-595-9111 for a FREE* Fair Debt Case Review.

You should also review your state’s fair debt collection act, your state’s statute of limitations on debt collections, as well has any other consumer protection laws that support fair debt collection and credit reporting laws. You can find links to your state’s Attorney General On-line Complaint Forms here.

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  1. I sent a reply I just need my creditors and my daughter creditors to stop harassing us and its getting very stressful for both of us.

  2. I saught the advice of a local lawyer about an eviction, it was a rent to own, and it then turned into a month to month verbale lease. The man organally was to get his own financing. After visiting with the lawyer he said it could get to be a long drawn out mess, and we asked him if he should go to court with us, but he said “No, it should be alright, the law is written for landlords and the step by step forms were all I needed. Well the lawyer said to do a 30 day notice of vacating the property.” I was going to do a 3 day notice but he said it would look better for me if it was 30. So I did as he said. The reply from the defendant was that, the Cotract, (His girlfriend wrote up.) was illegal. He said that he would take care of all the repairs and maintenance. So now he is counter suing me for $10K in repairs. If I file bankruptcy will I be able to unload this house and his counter suit? Ther have been numerous calls to the house for drug related issues including 2 deaths in the 3 months! The value of the house isn’t worth the $60 that is owed on it. I want my name off the morgages and any other documents associated with this house. I was disabled by a motorcycle accident in 2013, and have no money! My grown kids have been supporting my minor child, my disabled grown child and myself with a tramadic brain injury.

    • That may not be possible. But help probably is. It sounds like you have a lot of interactions/transactions that are covered by consumer protection laws. The LawCent program could probably help you.

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