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Do You Need A Debt Help Lawyer?

While “do it yourself” debt settlement is an option, you may only achieve small savings, and with lots of effort on your part.

To significantly reduce your debt often requires the experience and negotiating savvy of debt settlement Attorneys for Consumers with years of experience in the debt and credit industry. And retaining a debt help lawyer will save you the headaches and hassle of doing it yourself.

Knowledgeable and skilled debt settlement attorneys are also better qualified to review your financial situation and determine a negotiation strategy which is right for you, including prioritizing secured, unsecured and high-probability litigation debts. Once you retain the services of a Debt Settlement Lawyer, you will be presented a number of debt settlement options before deciding which is best for you. Once you commit to a debt settlement program, your Debt Help Lawyers will assist you in building up a fund while negotiating with your creditors to lower your debt. And an affordable monthly payment plan can be set up based upon what you are able to contribute each month into your settlement account. Fair Debt Attorneys can determine how many months you will be part of the program and thus how quickly you can ultimately be debt free.

Because these debt negotiations can take a while and creditors can be aggressive in their billing and collection methods, a Debt Help Law Firm can – if necessary – defend you in any debt collection lawsuits and enforce the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to ensure your rights.

A Debt Settlement Attorney can also more aggressively negotiate with your creditors to reduce the amount of unsecured debt you owe. Importantly, throughout the program, your Debt Settlement Lawyer will communicate with your creditors, on your behalf, and you will no longer be dealing with burdensome phone calls and letters from your creditors. Debt Help Lawyers offer these services at low rates and unlike most debt settlement companies, all efforts are supervised by licensed attorneys.

Once an agreement has been reached, you will start paying off your debt in monthly installments until your debt is paid off in full. Once this is accomplished, your attorney can assist you in making sure your financial well being is back on track.After that, a long-term plan can be made to resolve your situation.

Reduce your stress by letting Debt Help Lawyers handle debt negotiations with your creditors for you. With the help of professionals with years of experience in the debt and credit industry, you can start paying off your debt with a realistic plan that you can handle.

Law Firms vs. Debt Settlement Companies Law Firms Debt Settlement Companies
We are attorneys
Talk directly to our attorneys about
your case
Licensed in house attorneys
protecting you
In house bankruptcy department
We sue debt collectors who violate your rights
We can make debt collectors stop contacting you
Court representation available by lawyers*
Court mediation presentation available by lawyers*
Proven settlements
Creditors work with law firms
Financial analysis reviewed by attorneys
Negotiations reviewed by attorneys
Attorneys legally fight for lower settlements
Attorneys respond to legal demands from collectors
Member of state bar associations
Affordable representation
Peace of mind
Only attorneys do legal work (debt settlement companies cannot)