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Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and 13 Help

Find out if Bankruptcy is the right solution to eliminate your debt!

Consumers are eligible to file for bankruptcy help under chapters 7 (liquidation) and 13 (wage earner’s) of the United States Bankruptcy Code. Bankruptcy will eliminate all of your unsecured debt, including all credit cards, medical bills, personal loans and payday loans, most debts from civil lawsuits and even some taxes. And you’ll likely be able to keep your home and car.

Debt is a hard fiscal opponent to battle, and the war will not likely be won without enlisting professional allies. Our accomplished team of bankruptcy Attorneys for Consumers can not only help formulate a plan of action, but can provide a shield from oncoming creditor attacks.

Plan of Action

A practiced bankruptcy attorney will begin with a financial evaluation determining what type of bankruptcy will best fit each financial situation. Once bankruptcy is filed, an immediate safeguard will be provided to the debtor by the bankruptcy code, and our firm will see to that all creditors abide by this strict code. Attorneys for Consumers will then navigate through the court system to ultimately reach full relief from harrowing debt.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This is the bankruptcy chapter most commonly filed, and is for those deemed incapable of repaying their debts. Otherwise known as a liquidation, Chapter 7 debtors will undergo a careful review of assets to determine if any can be sold to repay creditors. Understanding that many hold their belongings close, our lawyers will work to shield our client’s valued assets under the exemptions to which they are entitled through bankruptcy law.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a repayment plan is set up under the protection of the bankruptcy code for those with enough disposable income to repay some of their debt. With an experienced hand, our bankruptcy attorney will draft an affordable repayment plan and provide representation to get the plan confirmed by the court. Chapter 13 debtors will continually receive personal attention throughout the term of the repayment plan and until their debt is discharged by the bankruptcy court.

Meeting of Creditors

Regardless of the chapter filed, all debtors are required to meet the trustee of their bankruptcy estate at a Meeting of Creditors. A bankruptcy attorney can prepare debtors for questions that a bankruptcy trustee will ask, and will even stand by their side at the meeting. While creditors are not required to attend this meeting, they are likely to in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In this event, our capable bankruptcy attorneys will be ready to respond on behalf of the debtor’s best interest.

Every warrior needs an experienced voice guiding them through the war-field of debt. With years of experience and a devotion to clients, our bankruptcy attorneys will see each debtor through to victory over debt.
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bankruptcy help

– Stop Bill Collector Calls & Letters
– Eliminate Credit Card Debt
– Stop Garnishment & Lawsuits
– Prevent Repossession
– Protect Co-Signers
– Stop Home Foreclosure
– Consolidate Student Loans
– Gain Financial Freedom

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