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Close Account Letter: Stop Inactive Credit Accounts From Hurting Your Credit Score

Open but inactive credit accounts with a zero balance can hurt your credit score. Consider closing inactive accounts with this close account letter addressed to the creditor requesting the account be closed and the correct status, “closed by consumer” reported to the credit reporting agencies.

Feel free to copy and paste the letter below into your word processor.

Download the PDF file here

Free Sample Letter for Closing Inactive Credit Accounts With Zero Balance

Today’s Date

Your Name
Home Address
Phone Number

Attention: {Creditor’s Name}
Creditor’s Address
RE: Account #: {your account number here}

Dear Accounting Department {or Creditor’s Name if you have it}

Please close the above referenced account effective immediately. I spoke with {insert name} on {insert date} at {insert time}, and {he/she} assured me that the “payoff balance” would be no more than $ {insert dollar/cents amount}. I’ve enclosed a check for that exact amount.

Or alternatively… Please close the above referenced account effective immediately. My records indicate the account has a zero balance.

Please send me written confirmation that this account has a zero balance and the date the account was closed . Also, include proof that you’ve complied with section 623(a)(4) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act by reporting this account as “closed by consumer” to the national credit bureaus.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions concerning this matter I can be reached at (insert daytime phone number and area code)



Signature just above printed name
Your Printed Name

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One comment

  1. Dear consumer attorney

    My account was handed over to attorneys this year on the 23 of May 2015 and I payed the amount of R1000 rand on the 23 of may and another 1000 rand on the 23 of June of which it was above the money that I was paying for my credit card, R150 per month but I was told that I need to pay the balance including charges for them.

    I did that since I did not want to have a bad name and I pay all the balance in full on the 18 of August 2015.

    My concern is that I requested a letter from them confirming that the account is paid in full and I also request the bank to close my credit card account.

    Till now no reply

    Please help
    MZ mathe

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