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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ About Debt Collection and Bad Credit

There are a number of Frequently Asked Questions FAQ About Debt Collection and Bad Credit. Read our FAQs section below to learn about your rights. You can also click  here for a FREE Fair Debt Case Review or call 888-595-9111 now to speak to a live person who wants to help.

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  1. Hi

    I would like to enquire if there is anything i can do regarding a debt incurred with my ex spouse for furniture to which the items were returned to the store and she had the use of the other ones not returned yet i am garnished to pay the balance of the debt. is my current spouse also responsible for this and is there anything we can do?

    • Something doesn’t smell right here.

      Its not unusual for one spouse to be financially obligated from the actions of the other spouse, even after divorce if the obligation arose during the marriage. However, for your new spouse to be obligated just because you are doesn’t mesh with community property laws with regard to debt collections in that the debt was for something outside this marriage.

      You can try explaining this to the collectors, but you may need some backing from Debt Help Lawyers to level the playing field. You should call 888-595-9111 for a free consultation; if you truly owe the money, these Debt Help Lawyers offer debt settlement services, and if your new spouse doesn’t owe, they can represent her at no cost to her under the FDCPA. Or submit online here.

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