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Credit Card Resold Debt


I have old debts which under GA SoL are expired. One of the debts is a credit card resold debt/ transferred the debt and one began filing for a judgment however did not finalize the process to my knowledge.

In the first instance did the SoL reset when sold? Or was the SoL remaining from last payment or promise date?

In the second instance I replied to the request for judgment and was not given a summary notice to appear nor a notice of judgment against me did the SoL remain from the time of last payment / promise?

Is it an actual payment that sets the SoL or a promise of payment?

Thank you so much!!

Answer: Georgia law may, or may not, control this issue; there may be a choice of law provision in the cardholder contract. If you don’t have the contract, you may want to retain Fair Debt Attorneys For Consumers (get a free consultation) in your state to see what rights you have and to help you settle the debt for less, with old debts, attorney involvement often goes very far.

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  1. I defaulted on a $1,200 credit card debt in 2007. In March, 2014 they began garnishing my paycheck and I have so far paid $2,800 and they say I still owe $1,500 which includes fees and interest. I wonder if this is considered “reasonable” since in the end I will have paid 3 and 1/2 times the original debt balance.

    • Is it reasonable isn’t the question, is it legally permissible is. Is this a junk debt buyer who sued you? If so, they likely lost the right to charge interest when they bought the debt. And if its the original creditor, they had to be sending you statements every month showing the interest accruing per TILA. All said and done, you may have rights under the FDCPA and TILA, and you may be eligible for debt settlement. Call 888-595-9111 now and lets get you a free, no obligation consultation.

  2. What are the statue of limitations by state on credit card debt?

    • Visit this page, then give us a call we are happy to provide a free consumer rights evaluation. The situation you are dealing with is one we have handled hundreds of times.

  3. What actually is a post judgement motion for continuing writ of garnishment of wages/salary? I received one in the mail yesterday and today my paycheck was garnishment 100.00. It doesn’t even say who the original creditor was. Apparently it was from a debt back in 2007. The amount is 3603.52 which includes post judgement interest and costs.
    I’m not sure if there is a statue of limitations in the state of Florida or not. I can’t afford an atty. Since I have to support my wife and son on $280 wk now.
    What are my options?

    • Sounds like a judgment may have been entered against you without your knowledge. You may have FDCPA rights that are being violated, and you may benefit from lawyer driven debt settlement. Call us and let’s talk, no cost or obligation for the consultation/case review.

  4. Hi,
    I’m 52 years old and woo% disabled. I’ve gotten one or 2 all my life. One fur speeding on the way to work, and one I disagree with about switching lanes when I turned.
    I’ve had my license suspended after I went to court and made a payment on my ticket per agreement with the judge. I owed about $60 left. I get really ill. I have a condition that caused me to be disabled in 2005 now I’m doing better. I did let the bill slip a long while add I’m on a fixed income .GC Services had been calling and leaving messages that I owe $380. They now say i cannot get my license from them until I pay it. I made arrangements to pay $3. Monthly beginning August 3rd 2015 That’s when I get my checks. They still call me and hatred me and ate very very mean. I’m always kind to them. But this time I had to hang up the phone. He was so rude to me unnecessarily. I really need to talk to a lawyer to get the Courts to know I’m not a repeat offender regarding tickets. I’m an excellent driver when I do drive. Everyone says so even my children and their friends.
    Can you help me? I dint have that kind of money and these calls are so nerve racking. Thank you

  5. Location: 20003

    Consumer Protection Issue: Debt Collection Abuse

    Case Description: Mortgage co. trying to collect on my deceased husband (his debt only) on the house we had joint tenancy. They filed in a claim in probate court for personal representation and listed the property vacated, where I live and they stated that I live in Arlington ,Va. an address unknown to me.

  6. I had a garnishment for 600 taken out in nov 2016 for something that was 12 years old dont even no what it was for I called credit union they said i had a negitve balance of 17dollars. I didnt recieve any paper work on these what is going on how long can they do this credit union said they had to file a new garnishment ever time.

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