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If a judgment is in my name only, can the plaintiff or court change it so the plaintiff can collect from my wife or any of my children?

If the only reason for requesting an amendment is to collect from someone other than you then the answer is no. In order to change (amend the judgment), the plaintiff would need to prove that your wife or children were a party to the issue.

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  1. Jacqueline M. Lenning

    Jacqui only, Lamar not on judgement! = Court Judgement for $23,000. Bank A = joint account/Jacqui & Lamar. Bank A = Lamar’s SSDI & VA, Direct deposit only! Bank A has no money from Jacqui in it!……Bank B = Jacqui’s name only, but empty – no money! Jacqui writes a check from Bank A (Lamar’s direct deposit only was on check, Disability noted on bottom of check) to Bank B. It is black & white what account it came from all the money in that account is my money from protected funds from direct deposit. All the money in both accounts is from my direct deposits only, no money belongs to Jacqui. They took a little over $7,200 out of Bank B. Two month look back period is protected for both of use. The money in the subject line above is the only income we both have! If the took the wrong person’s money and we can prove it why can’t we get it back? Jacqui’s protected 2 mth look back period is $3,040.00. Lamar’s 2 mth look back period is $8,300.00, but it is not my Judgement, so why are they taking my money?……#2, this judgement is from “Identity Theft”. Jacqui is a Victim of Identity Theft. She didn’t know about the judgement until a couple of years after the fact! The same person intercepted all mail related to the original $6000.00 check by mail that she forged Jacqui’s Signature on. We reported the Identity right away and filled out a police report, two years after the Judgement! Really complicated. We have proof, but the investigator will not return the years worth of Bank statement = $100.00 worth, that proves she was stealing from us! The statement shows where the Thief wrote a check( a couple) from Jacqui’s Business Account, which is Bank A now! Plus the statements show how she paid all her utility bills at her private residence. We bought 2″ worth of paperwork to investigator Matt. The thief had so many credit cards and “ACH Bank accounts it took us three months to figure this out. This had cause great duress! We followed through with every organization possible, but at that time we was still confused about it. I need to write a book and that would compensate us for the loss! Jacqui never received any notification from anyone! It just happened, just like that with no warning!

  2. I owe $27,000.00 to Chippewa County in Michigan after I lost a lawsuit for slander against the Sheriff. They have atrempted garnishment but I made a payment arrangement. The Chippewa County Controller attempted to negotiate so that I would not have to pay the debt. Their attorney even sent a stop garnishment order to my employer pending a signing of all documents to settle the debt. The Chippewa County County Controler turned that into the Michigan State Police to have me charged with extortion. What recourse do we have against government that we owe a debt to that tries to have you thrown in prison and file false charges against you for a debt???

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