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Can you be sued twice for the same debt?

I had a judgment placed against me in 1999. I finally paid off the judgment in 2005 with the help of a credit counseling service. Now I am getting calls from a different collection agency claiming I owe more on the original account. They claim they sent a letter(s) to me stating the amounts owed, I never received any by mail. Now they are threatening to sue for the amount due via phone. Is what they are doing legal? Can you be sued twice for the same debt? I disputed the debt in writing during the first 30 days of contact via phone.

they are trying to take me back to court to collect on rest of the debt they say i owe. after the written and garnish my wages for $1190.00 and went to court and got the money now they say i owe another 1300.00 what should i do to stop them.


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