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I received a Default Judgment notice; do I have any options?

I received a Default Judgment notice; do I have any options?If you receive a notice that a default judgment has been issued against you and you were not aware of the court date, immediately go to the court and request copies of all the paperwork.

Look for mistakes and misinformation, especially on when and how you were notified. If you believe you were not given “due process” then you can file a motion for rehearing or motion to dismiss with the court.

If you can prove that you were not given due process, the judge must consider your circumstances. It’s possible to have the case dismissed.  Unless you are very comfortable with filing pro see (by yourself) I highly encourage you to discuss your case with an attorney well versed in credit and debt consumer law.


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  1. This is exactly my case. I’ve looked at the documents and I was never served. They sent most documents to an address that I’ve never even heard of. I’d like to speak to you in further.

  2. Hi i file a garnishment on my landlord bank account that the court awarded me now she file a stay order she told the court that she never know of the hearing the bank has already pay the money over to the court am i entitle to the money the landlord and tenant board did issured a copy of the hearing to both parties there is no return mail to the court that she did not receive it i also i serve her representitive 2wks prior to the date of the hearing the representitive did not show up to court and the case was tried without them now she file to the court for a interim stay order which she receive do i have a case and will i still get the money please i need your advice

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