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Hiring Debt Help Lawyers Is Easy

Debt Help Lawyers vs. Debt Settlement Companies vs. Do It Yourself

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Should you hire a Debt Help Lawyer to settle your debt, a non-legal debt settlement company, or just do it yourself?

Why Doing It Yourself May Be A Bad Idea

Like cooking your own dinner, you can settle debt by doing it yourself. But negotiating with creditors can be a lengthy, time consuming back and forth process and you lack the leverage and bargaining power that comes with negotiating dozens if not hundreds of debts. Additionally, creditors and debt collectors know that even though you could file your own lawsuit if your consumer rights are violated, you likely won’t, so they don’t worry about breaking the law when making payment arrangements and deals with you. Debt Help Lawyers don’t have these concerns.

Hiring Debt Help Lawyers: Choose Reputable Representation

Before hiring a debt help lawyer, it is important to choose a company that is reputable. Debt Help Lawyers are regulated by state Bar associations whereas debt settlement companies operate under much more relaxed guidelines.  With the increased debt in America, debt settlement companies have been popping up everywhere and while some are legitimate companies, some are not. To get the most benefit out of your debt settlement it is important to employ a trustworthy organization. Debt Help Lawyers are just that, and have years of experience in debt settlement.

Avoid Collection Calls & Letters

As an added benefit, in retaining and Debt Help Lawyer or debt settlement attorney, all of those annoying debt collector calls and letters will stop. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) states that if a client has attorney representation, 3rd party debt collectors must communicate with the attorney and not the debtor. If the creditor then continues to contact the debtor, they could be subject to a lawsuit. Some Debt Settlement Companies claim they can also stop the collection calls and letters. By law, creditors do not have to communicate with Debt Settlement Companies and can continue to contact you. Typically Debt Settlement Companies will advise you to send a cease and desist letter to your creditor. While it may stop the calls and letters from your creditor, it also leaves the creditor with no way to contact you and thus they will serve you papers to appear in court (meaning you will be sued).

In addition to the above points, below are additional examples of how a Debt Settlement Attorney can benefit you more than a Debt Settlement Company. To learn more, or if you have questions, call 888-595-9111 for a FREE debt settlement consultation to see if you qualify!


Debt Help Lawyers vs. Debt Settlement Companies vs. Do It Yourself
Our Law Firm Debt Settlement Companies Do-It-Yourself
Licensed attorneys
Talk directly to our attorneys about
your case
Sue debt collectors who violate your rights
Make debt collectors stop contacting you
Court representation available by lawyers
Court mediation presentation available by lawyers
Proven settlements
Creditors work with law firms
Financial analysis reviewed by attorneys
Negotiations reviewed by licensed attorneys
Attorneys legally fight for lower settlements
Attorneys respond to legal demands from collectors
Member of state bar associations
Affordable representation
Peace of mind
Only attorneys do legal work (debt settlement companies cannot)
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