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Know Your Rights

Thompson Consumer Law GroupViolations of the FDCPA and other related consumer protection statutes can provide victims of debt collection abuse monetary damages of up to $1,000! In certain cases, additional damages can be awarded to a victim for malicious misconduct or intentional harm caused by the debt collector. And the debt collector pays your attorney’s fees!

Even though you may owe a debt, that doesn’t give a creditor, debt collector or collection agency the right to treat you unfairly.  Nearly all States have enacted Fair Debt Collection Statutes to regulate debt collection and help you fight debt collector problems. You CAN fight back against debt collectors, creditor harassment and other bad tactics!

Do I Need An Attorney?  What Does It Cost?

Bill collectors often attempt many different tactics, making it difficult for the average consumer to determine whether their consumer rights have been violated. Consumer Protection Attorneys knowledgeable about Federal and State Debt Collection Laws can evaluate your situation and advise you accordingly. And best of all, the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act provides THE DEBT COLLECTOR (or defendant) is responsible for payment of attorneys fees if you prevail, so the experienced consumer protection attorneys listed at this website offer representation under countless federal and state consumer protection laws at no cost to you**. Simply put, there is no reason to fight this battle alone!

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How Do I Know If I Have A Case?

Call 888-595-9111 for a FREE case review or use our quick contact form below. With the help of consumer protection attorneys, you may be able to cease collection efforts, hold off collections until your debts are validated, and/or settle your debts for fractions of the amount demanded or owed. Where your fair debt rights have been violated, a Fair Debt Help law firm may even be able to sue a debt collector on your behalf under the FDCPA for statutory damages to you of up to $1,000 (make the collector pay you!!!), plus any actual damages suffered, plus attorney fees.

For a FREE consultation call us at 888-595-9111 or use our quick contact form.

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*Thompson Consumer Law Group, PLLC represents consumers in individual and class action lawsuits throughout the United States.  TCLG has attorneys licensed in state and federal courts throughout the country.  Even if TCLG does not have an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction, it may be able to help you if your consumer issue is with a company located in another jurisdiction.

**Regarding the use of the term “No Cost,” it is our understanding any Firm linked to such a listing offers representation at no out of pocket expense to you and/or on a contingency basis for certain claims or causes of action. However, this site cannot speak for any linked Firm and you must create an agreed on attorney-client relationship with any such Firm.

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