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Fair Debt Laws and Rules

Fair Debt Laws Rules and Right

Debt collection rules are strictly regulated by State and federal fair debt laws and set forth permissible and impermissible methods for debt collectors when collecting consumer debts. The statute prohibits harassment, most third-party contacts, calls to work or at other inconvenient times or places, and calls after being told to stop. The Act also prohibits unfair conduct and misrepresentations. Although violations of these laws do not “wipe away” legitimate debts, such violations do require mandatory cash awards to you of up to $1,000, plus actual damages, plus your reasonable attorney fees and court costs paid by the collector if you prevail.

To learn more about fair debt laws and your fair debt rights, or, if you think you are a victim of unfair debt collection practices, click the links below to read each section of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. If after reading the law you think your Fair Debt rights might have been violated, call 888-595-9111 to submit your information to an experienced Fair Debt Lawyer for a free case review. Your inquiry will be personally reviewed by an experienced attorney and you will be quickly contacted with an opinion of your situation.

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  1. this hospital is trying to collect on a debt that is beyond the statue of limitations what can you help me with cause i am not paying thanks Beverly

  2. A bill collector has told me that they have sent me to their legal department and I need to pay an old credit card debt from 2011 of $669.00. The letter I received states if I don’t pay I could also be paying more than owed. Also I have gotten numerous cell phone hang ups from them.

    • Thank you for your question. You may have experienced a Fair Debt violation(s), the Debt Help Lawyers at this site can provide you a free, no obligation Fair Debt consultation. Save the letter and start a call log The worst thing to do is nothing, so call us now share the details with one of our legal assistants 888-595-9111 and we will get started figuring out how to help you!

  3. Hello i recently recieved service from time warner. My bull has been paid on time basically ended up paying 2 deposit by the time it was all said and done. Then i get a call from their collection department about an account from 2 or 3 years back and that even though they are two seperate accounts they will shut my service off if i dont pay the 300 today. I asked if they could be made in payments put onto my bill she said they could not because they are seperate accounts. She wont take any payment unless its half the due amount. Is there anything i can do?

    • Is Time Warner collecting or is it a third party collector? We would like to see their letter and will help determine if they have violated your fair debt rights.
      Fax:866-773-6152. Phone:888-595-9111

      • The letter was from Time Warner. They have shut off all of my service at this point because i could not pay the 300 all up front. It was shut off during a month that i had already paid the bill for. The letter they sent states that they did an audit on their records and found the former account and that my service will be canceled or disconnected if not paid.

        • We would be happy to have an attorney review this in more detail, based upon what you have shared it sounds like it is worth your time and ours to provide a free evaluation. Please reach out to a legal assistant at 888-595-9111

  4. Good Morning

    I have a collection for an apartment and they did call and i stated that i could pay the most of $100 per month, i also requested the forms with the amount and also what i was charged for. I got a call today and i told them that i could only pay $100 they said whay havent you paid? I stated because i requested call back that i never recived on the date requested, I procceded to speak witha manager and she stated we cant take that amount for a judgment it has to be wht they wont you cant dictate what you want to pay. So im reaching out to see what are my options and to resolve the debt.
    thanks in advance

  5. My fiancée went through a tough relationship before me. His ex opened multiple accounts in his name without his knowledge. My fiancée thought he was stuck with the debt so my fiancée went through a company 321Finanacial to assist him with the debt (aprox $5000)

    My fiancée now has discovered detailed information about the accounts his ex opened and may be able to fight for fraud.

    But my fiancée is now stuck with this 321 financial company which wont let him out of their program.

    What are his options. Can someone please speak with us on the matter?

    Thank you.
    James & Matt

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