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Account seizure judgment
Attorney debt collector
Bad checks
Business debts
Charge offs
Check stop payments
Child support
Close account letter
Collectors checking credit reports
Contract under seal
Credit fraud
Credit reports
Creditor collection notification
Debt loan insurance
Debt notifications
Debt settlement
Deceased debtor
Default judgments
Defaulted student loans
Delinquency start
Disposable income
Do not call list
Email harassment
Ex-spouse debts
Family dealing with collectors
How many calls
Identity theft
Injunctive relief
Interest on debt
IRS form 1099
Judgement proof disability
Leaving messages
Mechanics lien
Medical debts
Minor definition
Negotiable instruments
Paid in full letter
Paying collector the difference
Payment refusal
Phone calls
Post dated checks
Post office boxes
Previously paid deb
Promissory notes
Repair credit letter
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Small claims court
Sold accounts
SSCRA to SCRA guide
Stop collection calls
Student loans
Terms definitions
Verification of debt

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  1. If I had my child in 2011 and never received a hospital bill. Even though I called them many times. Now they’re billing it incorrectly. Where it wasn’t an emergency and because it was an out of Network hospital. My portion would be 50% of the bill. I read that the statue limitations is four years in California. Are they allowed to send me a bill 5 years later?

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