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Credit Repair Letter

When disputing credit reports you must use specific words such as erroneous, outdated, misleading, or unverifiable information. Just saying that a debt was paid is not enough and will not compel credit reporting agencies to accept your written dispute letter or statements and launch an investigation. According to the information provided by many credit agencies, there are certain steps you can take to successfully dispute credit reports, including using the credit repair letter below.

It is not illegal for creditors and debt collectors to report debts that you have disputed in writing to the credit reporting agencies (credit bureaus). However, they must report the information as “in dispute” and the credit bureau must report the account as such when they release your information. If the information was previously reported and then you placed it in dispute, the same rules apply; creditors and collectors must contact the CRAs, and inform them that the account is in dispute.

Feel free to print this page, or copy and paste the text into a word processor. If neither option works for you then have us send you a Free copy of the credit report dispute letter

Download PDF Here

Free Credit Report Letter – Initial Dispute

Today’s Date

Your Full Name
Current Address
Current Phone Number

Equifax Credit Information Services (Experian or Trans Union)
P.O. Box 105873
Atlanta, GA 30348

Dear Equifax (or Experian or Trans Union)

This letter is a formal request to correct inaccurate information contained in my credit file. The item(s) listed below is/are completely (insert appropriate word(s) {inaccurate, incorrect, incomplete, erroneous, misleading, outdated} ). I have enclosed a copy of a credit report your organization provided to me on {insert date of report here} and circled the item in question.

Line Item: {insert name of creditor, account number or line item number)

Item Description: (this info is found on your credit report)

In accordance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, I respectfully request you investigate my claim and, if after your investigation, you find my claim to be valid and accurate, I request that you immediately {delete, update, correct} the item.

Furthermore, I request that you supply a corrected copy of my credit profile to me and all creditors who have received a copy within the last 6 months, or the last 2 years for employment purposes. Additionally, please provide me with the name, address, and telephone number of each credit grantor or other subscriber that you provided a copy of my credit report too within the past six months.

If your investigation shows the information to be accurate, I respectfully request that you provide me with proof of the accuracy of the item in question, specifically any contract, note or other instrument bearing my signature. Additionally, please forward to me a description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the item in question within 15 days of the completion of your re-investigation as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


Printed Name

confidential informationThere may be instances where discussing your situation over a public forum could potentially compromise your interests. On these occasions we will contact you directly via email in order to answer your inquiry in a confidential manner.


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