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Debt and credit FAQs and answers index

Bad check collection and the statute of limitations
Charged off debts and third party collection attempts.
Contracts Under Seal
Credit Fraud, how to avoid these top 10 credit fraud scams
Debt notifications in accordance with the FDCPA.
Student loans in default? Learn about your options here…
Student loans and loan consolidation services
Default Judgments Explained!
Debts become delinquent immediately after missed payments
National “Do Not Call” Registry stops telemarketing calls
Debt collector harassment by email is illegal.
How to let family members deal with debt collectors!
How many times a day can collectors call?
injunctive relief is a court-ordered prohibition!
IRS Form 1099, Statutory Notification Letter
Mechanics lien definition
Paid in full letter for previously paid debts
Phone calls from debt collectors may be illegal
Post dated checks are dangerous!
Post office boxes and debt collection
Previously paid or settled debt but collectors keep calling
Reaging of debts and delinquent accounts
Repair credit reports with this free letter
Repossession or repo of vehicles usually goes like this…
File small claims court information and judgment recovery
They sold my account, is that legal?
The Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940.
How to stop harassing phone calls
Verification of debt is required by the FDCPA!
Harassment by debt collectors is illegal!
Debt collection initial dispute letter stops harassing calls!
Debt settlement letter for disputing debt collection actions
Statute of Limitations; expert advice for disputing debts!
Medical debt collection rules, advice and information
Child support collection laws enforcement
Garnishment Laws and Procedures listed by State
Interest charges on debts may be illegal!
Debt settlement advice with free settlement offer letters
Debt arbitration is a legal alternative to judgments!
Debt collection script for when bill collectors call
Disposable income explained!
Credit reports explained including the statute of limitations.
Credit and Debt Terms and Definitions
How to handle collection calls about your ex-spouse’s debts
Leaving messages on answering machines may be illegal
Business debts are not covered under the FDCPA
Deceased debtors
Identity theft; how to prevent it and protect yourself!
I paid the bill but collector says I owe difference
Bank account funds can be seized by judgment!
Legal definitions of children, minors and juveniles
Debt payments that are refused or returned
Judgment proof, disability and stopping debt collection efforts
debt suspension and debt cancellation contracts explained
Creditor notification of pending collection action
Promissory notes -Time and Demand instruments
Attorney debt collectors and letters
Close credit account letter – FREE sample

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