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injunctive relief is a court-ordered prohibition!
An injunctive relief is an order issued by a court ordering someone to do something or prohibiting some act after a court hearing.

Interest charges on debts may be illegal!
Is that interest added to your debt legal? Interest charges on debts is usually limited by federal and state collection laws. Learn more here…

IRS Form 1099, Statutory Notification Letter
Collectors who imply that an IRS Form 1099 will be filed are violating the FDCPA, Section 807(5)

Judgment proof, disability and stopping debt collection efforts
Learn what Judgment Proof actually means and what types of disability payments can be garnished.

Leaving messages on answering machines may be illegal
Messages left on answering machines by debt collectors is not illegal unless they specifically violate these provisions of the FDCPA.

Mechanic’s lien and other lien definitions.
A lien is placed on real property for the value of services and materials rendered or for a money judgment.

Medical debt collection rules, advice and information
Did you know medical debts can expire just like any other debt? Use our free letter to dispute medical debts. Learn more here…

Legal definitions of children, minors and juveniles
Use these legal definitions of minors, children and juveniles to determine if collectors have violated the FDCPA for harassment.

Statute of Limitations on Negotiable Instruments and Bank Deposits
Banks have no obligation to honor checks more than six months old.

Paid in full letter for previously paid debts
Send the FREE letter to debt collectors when you’ve already paid the debt off.

I paid the bill but collector says I owe more
See what to do if you paid the bill in full but the collector insists you still owe money.

Payment refusals by debt collectors and creditors.
When debt collectors and creditors refuse your payment or payment offer, that does NOT discharge the obligation to pay the debt. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) does not allow debts to be discharged because of a refusal to accept your payment. Learn more here…

Phone calls from debt collectors may be illegal
Harassment phone calls by debt collectors is illegal and,according to the FDCPA calling on weekends, holidays and other inconvenient times or calling the wrong person may also violate the law!

Post dated checks are dangerous!
Never give collectors post dated checks or access to withdraw funds from your personal bank accounts!

Post office boxes and debt collection
I need to send a dispute letter to a collector but all I have is a post office box, how do I prove they received my dispute letter?

Previously paid or settled debt but collectors keep calling
How to handle debt collectors when you’ve already paid off or settled a debt.

Promissory notes -Time and Demand instruments
Promissory notes can be either payable at a definite time or payable upon demand.

Reaging of debts and delinquent accounts
Creditors can only reage past-due accounts once in 12 months or twice every five years!

Repair credit reports with this free letter
Use this free letter to dispute items and have them removed from your credit reports. Step-by-step instructions.

Repossession or repo of vehicles usually goes like this…
Repossession can occur the day after your payment is overdue! Here is what usually happens…

File small claims court information and judgment recovery
File small claims court information and judgment recovery Fair Debt Collection. com How to file in small claims court with free court forms and in-depth information about garnishment and collection actions! Use the information here to ..

They sold my account, is that legal?
Delinquent credit accounts are sold to third-party debt collectors who try to rip you off!

The Soldiers and Sailors Service members Civil Relief Act of 2003 (SCRA)
Learn how the Soldiers and Sailors Service members Civil Relief Act of 2003 (SCRA) protects active duty service members.

Conversion Guide for SSCRA to Service members Civil Relief Act of 2003 (SCRA)
Use this conversion guide to learn which section of the old SSCRA marries up to the new Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003 (SCRA).

How to stop harassing debt collection calls and letters
Learn how to stop harassing phone calls from debt collectors. Learn who they can call and how many times a day they can call. Plus stopping calls at work, at home and on your cell phone. Learn when and how to rescind a do not call letter.

Student loans and loan consolidation services
Student loans and loan consolidation services Fair Debt Collection. com Use this FREE student loans in default web site to learn how to simplify your loan repayments by combining several types of federal student loans into one low-cost loan ..

Credit and Debt Terms and Definitions
Over 40 credit and debt terms explained.

Verification of debt is required by the FDCPA!
Debt verification is required by the FDCPA. Bill collectors must validate debts within 5 days of initial contact!


If you believe you are a victim of illegal or unfair debt collection practices, submit your information to a FREE* Fair Debt Lawyer by:

The debt collector may just be liable to you for statutory damages of up to $1,000, plus any actual damages suffered, plus attorney fees!

confidential informationThere may be instances where discussing your situation over a public forum could potentially compromise your interests. On these occasions we will contact you directly via email in order to answer your inquiry in a confidential manner.

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