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This Fair Debt Collection sitemap is designed to help search engines find all of our pages.

Please visit our Fair Debt Collection homepage to browse this totally FREE debt and credit self-help information site.

State Attorney General complaint forms
Consumer complaints should be filed with your State Attorney General! File credit complaints and research your State’s fair debt collection and credit collection laws using these links to each state attorney.

Attorney General web sites links for every State!
Official attorney general web sites listed by state. Research your state fair debt collection and consumer credit collection laws here!

Debt and Credit Attorneys and Lawyers by state
Use this list of lawyers to find an attorney in your state that handles debt collection and credit cases!

Free budget calculator
Use this free online budget calculator to see if you’re on-track to meet future financial obligations such as education and retirement.

Credit laws the protect consumers from illegal tactics!
Credit laws can protect you against unfair and illegal consumer credit and debt collectors, bogus credit repair, credit reporting and collection laws!

Dealing with creditors instructions and FREE sample letters
FREE Creditor hardship letters with scripts to negotiate lower payments with creditors!

Disputing collections – fight back against unfair collector tactics!
Dispute debt collection calls with these FREE sample letters and instructions for disputing unfair bill collector actions. Stop the harassment!

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Index FDCPA
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act can protect you from illegal and unfair collection tactics used by bill collectors and creditors to harass you into paying!

Wage garnishment laws and your rights explained here!
Wage garnishment laws are designed to protect you from being fired due to wage garnishment action and from having too much money deducted from your wages. Learn how to protect yourself today!

fair debt collection practices act – learn what’s illegal!
Fair debt collection practices act explained with FREE collection dispute letters and instructions to stop bill collector’s illegal harassment! Learn to fight back against unfair debt collection tactics!

Consumer alert for Junk Debt Buyers and debt collection concerns!
If you are in debt or was once in debt then you may be the target of a new assault by Junk Debt Buyers!

FAQ on the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act
Answers to frequently asked questions about the fair debt collection practices act and illegal debt collection and creditor collection tactics.

Search the Fair Debt Collection Site
Search the Fair Debt Collection Site Fair Debt Collection. com Quickly find answers to your debt and credit questions. Terms to Match: All Any Select where to search: [ All ] Fair Debt Collection Site Type Keywords: Note: Use of “quotations” may improve search..

Debt collection statute of limitations listed by state
Before paying old debts, check here to see if the statute of limitations has expired. Then use our FREE Statute of Limitation letters to dispute old debts! Many other free credit and debt dispute letters too!

Garnishment Laws and Procedures listed by State
State Wage Garnishment laws and judgment procedures. Listed by state with civil code references.

Garnishment Laws and Procedures listed by State
State Wage Garnishment laws and judgment procedures. Listed by state with civil code references.

Garnishment Laws and Procedures listed by State
State Wage Garnishment laws and judgment procedures. Listed by state with civil code references.

Garnishment Laws and Procedures listed by State
State Wage Garnishment laws and judgment procedures. Listed by state with civil code references.

Garnishment Laws and Procedures listed by State
State Wage Garnishment laws and judgment procedures. Listed by state with civil code references.

Consumer protection laws for State and Local Governments
Learn about your State’s debt collector laws and creditor collection rules. Fight back against illegal bill collector tactics using the federal fair debt collection law and your state laws.

State wage garnishment and attachment rules
Wage garnishment amounts and attachment rules listed by state.

Statute of limitations on debt collection
The statute of limitations refers to the number of years that certian debts can be collected such as credit cards, oral agreements, promissory notes, written contracts and judgments!

Statute of Limitations; expert advice for disputing debts!
The statute of limitations on collecting debts generally expires after 3 to 6 years. Learn which state’s SoL applies with in-depth explanation on how to use the statutes of limitation to legally avoid paying off old debts and to protect yourself from aggressive bill collectors and credit collection agents.

Credit Card Calculator shows total interest charges at minimum payment!
Credit Card Calculator shows total interest charges at minimum payment! Fair Debt Collection. com Use this FREE credit card payment calculator to figure the total interest you’ll pay if you make only minimum payments! Figure the total amount of interest you’ll end up paying if you make ..

Debt Consolidation Loan Calculator
Debt consolidation calculator! Use this FREE tool…find out how much you can save each month!

Credit laws that protect you from discrimination
Credit laws such as the FDCPA, fair billing act, truth in lending and several other CREDIT PROTECTION LAWS

Credit laws and how to build good ratings!
Credit laws such as the fair credit reporting act protect you by regulating credit reports and how credit bureaus must handle your report. Learn how to repair your credit and improve your scores.

Electronic funds transfer law (EFT) covers direct deposits.
EFT known as the electronic funds transfer act applies to debit cards, direct deposits, and automatic withdrawals. Learn how to use this law to protect your rights.

Equal credit opportunity act prohibits discrimination
The federal equal credit opportunity act prohibits discriminating against credit applications based on race, color, etc!

Fair credit billing act protects against billing errors.
The fair credit card billing act (fcba) allows you to withhold payments on defective goods until creditors correct billing errors, replace or repair defective goods! Learn more…

Cost effective credit management services
The cost of credit can be expensive! Compare apr and leasing plans Free Calculators!

Federal truth in lending act protects consumers
Truth in lending act requires meaningful disclosure statments that protect consumers – learn more on the federal TIL…

Credit card payments under the fair credit billing act!
The fair credit billing act and truth in lending laws protect consumers against billing mistakes, refunds and lost or stolen cedit cards – learn more…

Credit, debit and stored value unsecured credit cards! c
Credit card comparisons and FREE on-line applications with instant approval for Visa or Mastercard credit cards!

Free letter to notify creditors of financial hardship
Free sample letters can be used to confirm reduced or delayed payment agreements with your creditors!

Credit card dispute letters absolutly FREE!
Free credit card dispute letters. Use these free sample letters to correct inaccurate credit card bills!

Credit Practices Rule prohibits certain co-signer credit contracts.
The credit practices rule protects people who cosign for loans and other types of credit. It pohibits creditors from including certain clauses in credit contracts.

Creditor rights and guidelines for negotiating with creditors!
Free letters and tips for negotiating creditor payment arrangements and stopping debt and creditor collection harassment!

Dealing with creditors – free log for record calls
Free creditor phone communication log for recording calls to creditors and collectors.

Creditor letters and script to negotiate lower payments
Credit and debt collection! Use this phone script to negotiate reduced or delayed debt payments

Credit worries? We solve credit problems!
Credit problems coupled with a poor credit rating will cost you in terms of higher interest rates on credit cards, mortgages, and personal loans! Let us help you get out of debt today!

Debt collection script for when bill collectors call
Use this script to control the ball when debt collectors call demanding payment! Learn what they ask and why and then how to answer a bill collector’s questions.

Debt settlement letter for disputing debt collection actions
Use this FREE letter when you want to pay off a DEBT for less than debt collectors are demanding!

Debt collection dispute follow-up letter stops harassment
Use this FREE letter to follow up on your initial debt collection dispute letter and too stop bill collector harassment!

Debt collection initial dispute letter stops harassing calls!
Use this FREE initial dispute letter in response to debt collection calls and dunning notices. After receiving this letter all collection activities must stop!

Disputing debts mailing and record-keeping instructions
When communicating with a creditor, debt collector, or credit reporting agency – Keep copies of everything using these instructions

Debt payment agreement letter FREE sample!
Send this FREE letter to debt collectors to outline a payment offer that you can live with rather than what the bill collectors are demanding!

Debt payment termination and refusal to pay letter
Use this FREE letter when collectors refuse to continue accepting payments they previously agreed to accept!

Statute of limitations letter for disputing debt collections
Statute of limitations can be used for disputing collections. Use this free dispute letter when the SoL expires!

Stop debt collectors from calling and harassing you!
Stop harassing phone calls from debt collectors using this FREE cease and desist sample letter. Legally stops bill collectors from calling you and harassing you at home and at work.

Stop unwanted telephone calls!
Using the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) you can stop collectors and telemarketers from using robocalls or autodialed phone calls.


If you believe you are a victim of illegal or unfair debt collection practices, submit your information to a FREE* Fair Debt Lawyer by:

The debt collector may just be liable to you for statutory damages of up to $1,000, plus any actual damages suffered, plus attorney fees!

confidential informationThere may be instances where discussing your situation over a public forum could potentially compromise your interests. On these occasions we will contact you directly via email in order to answer your inquiry in a confidential manner.

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