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This Fair Debt Collection sitemap is designed to help search engines find all of our pages. 2

Please visit our Fair Debt Collection homepage to browse this totally FREE debt and credit self-help information site.

Stop bill collection and debt collector’s harassment cold!
Stop bill collectors and debt collection agents from harassing you. Expert advice and FREE dispute letters to stop collection calls in accordance with the fair debt collection practices act.

Debt collectors using unfair practices face $500,000 fines!
Bill collectors who violate the fair debt collection act can be sued for up to $500,000!

Stop collector calls to home and work!
Stop collector calls with the fair debt collection practices act which prohibits bill collectors tactics such as calls to work and 3rd parties. Learn how to handle debt collectors who violate the fdcpa

Fair debt collection terms for defending yourself!
Fair debt collection act terms and definitions with plain-language explanations and expert discussions!

Debt payments must be applied to delinquent bills you specify!
Bill collectors must apply orderly debt payments to the accounts you specify…know your rights! Check them here!

Collection letters are regulated by the fair debt collection act!
Debt collection letters that are deceptive violate the fair debt collection act and collectors can be sued in civil court!

Additional Fair Debt Collection Practices Act chapters
Additional fair debt collection act chapters describe State Law exemptions and enforcement of the FDCPA.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act!
Fair Debt Collection Act…know your rights! Check them here!

Debt collectors deceptive harassing tactics violate the fdcpa!
FDCPA describes 17 illegal tactics used by debt collection agents to harass and abuse debtors – learn to fight back here!

Debt collection harassment laws against phone and email harassment
Stop debt collectors harassment and abuse! Free letters, tips, and expert advise on the fdcpa!

FDCPA allows debt collectors to obtain court judgments!
Debt collection courts award judgments but you still may not have to pay bill collectors! Judgment enforcement is up to individuals – learn more…

Debtors rights; 3rd party contact is illegal
Stop 3rd party debt collection agency harassment using our free letters and learn how to fight back.

Unfair debt collection practices prohibited by the FDCPA!
Unfair debt collection tactics include cashing post-dated checks early and misleading Collection letters! Learn more…

Debt collection calls require validation within 5 days!
Debt collectors must provide debt validation letters within 5 days of debt notification!

Bank account funds can be seized by judgment!
Collectors can legally seize all of your bank account funds or wages with a court money judgment!

Debt arbitration is a legal alternative to judgments!
Arbitration can resolve your debt issue without a judgment and save you money!

Attorney debt collectors and letters
Debt Collection attorneys and lawyers are accountable under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Bad check collection and the statute of limitations
Bad checks usually expire after two years! It depends on your state law.

Commercial Business debts are not covered under the FDCPA
The FDCPA offers no protection when commercial business debts are being collected.

Charged off debts and third party collection attempts.
Debts that haved been charged off and can still be collected; usually by third party debt collectors.

Stopping payment on checks

Child support collection laws enforcement
Child support collection laws enforcement Fair Debt Collection. com Use these child support collection laws and state rules to get help collecting child support and to learn how to establish and enforce paternity, collect child support from military members, and use our FREE calculator..

Close credit account letter – FREE sample
Use this free sample letter to close credit accounts.

Collectors checking credit reports

Contracts Under Seal
Learn about contracts under seal and their statute of limitations by state.

Credit Fraud, how to avoid these top 10 credit fraud scams
Learn about the top ten fraud scams in the USA…

Creditor notification of pending collection action
Creditors may not have to notify you when they turn delinquent accounts over to collections.

Credit reports and scores explained plus their statute of limitations.
Credit reports, credit scores and the statute of limitations. Learn who can access your credit reports, how to read them and how to repair your own credit. Plus how to get free credit reports on-line instantly.

debt suspension and debt cancellation contracts explained

Debt notifications in accordance with the FDCPA.
Disputed debts require collectors to send proper notification of debt owed within 5 days of their initial contact.

Debt settlement advice with free settlement offer letters
Before settling an old debt, check to see if it has expired and, if not, use these strategies to make a good debt settlement offer.

Deceased debtors
Spouses can be held liable for the debts of their deceased husband or wife and the deceased person’s debts must be paid according to federal and state priority.

Student loans in default? Learn about your options here…
Learn about your rights and options when student loans are in default. Now that the statute of limitations has been eliminated, learn what you can do here…

Judgments and Default Judgments Explained!
Learn about civil, reverse and default judgments and what you can do about them!

Debts become delinquent immediately after missed payments
Debts became delinquent immediately after a missed payment regardless of so-called grace periods.

Disposable income explained!
A Disposable Income definition is not that simple! It depends on how whether the term is used for debt collection or other issues. Learn more here…

National “Do Not Call” Registry stops telemarketing calls
Register your name, home phone and cell phone to stop annoying telemarketing calls.

Debt collector harassment by email
Stop debt collector harassment by email with this copy and paste email text.

How to handle collection calls about your ex-spouse’s debts
Answers to who is responsible for an ex-spouse’s debts!

How to let family members deal with debt collectors!
You can allow family members and trusted friends to act on your behalf when dealing with debt collectors.

Garnishment of wages and bank accounts
Wage garnishment and bank account garnishment information on your rights and the laws.

Harassment and threats by debt collectors and creditors is illegal!
Stop bill collectors and debt collection agents from harassing you! Expert advice and FREE sample letters for disputing debts in accordance with the fair debt collection practices act.

How many times a day can collectors call?
Calling more than one time per day to collect a debt is illegal!

Identity theft; how to prevent it and protect yourself!
Guard against identity theft using this FREE information and repair your own credit with our FREE dispute letter.

injunctive relief is a court-ordered prohibition!
An injunctive relief is an order issued by a court ordering someone to do something or prohibiting some act after a court hearing.

Interest charges on debts may be illegal!
Is that interest added to your debt legal? Interest charges on debts is usually limited by federal and state collection laws. Learn more here…

IRS Form 1099, Statutory Notification Letter
Collectors who imply that an IRS Form 1099 will be filed are violating the FDCPA, Section 807(5)

Judgment proof, disability and stopping debt collection efforts
Learn what Judgment Proof actually means and what types of disability payments can be garnished.

Leaving messages on answering machines may be illegal
Messages left on answering machines by debt collectors is not illegal unless they specifically violate these provisions of the FDCPA.

Mechanic’s lien and other lien definitions.
A lien is placed on real property for the value of services and materials rendered or for a money judgment.


If you believe you are a victim of illegal or unfair debt collection practices, submit your information to a FREE* Fair Debt Lawyer by:

The debt collector may just be liable to you for statutory damages of up to $1,000, plus any actual damages suffered, plus attorney fees!

confidential informationThere may be instances where discussing your situation over a public forum could potentially compromise your interests. On these occasions we will contact you directly via email in order to answer your inquiry in a confidential manner.

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