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wage_garnishmentReceiving a lawsuit from a debt collection agency threatening a judgment against you, or a notice that your wages are being garnished, is frightening.  Questions arise: How do you defend against a debt collection lawsuit? How much of your hard earned money can a creditor take from earnings? Is there any way to stop a wage garnishment or bank levy? How do consumers fight back?

Garnishment and Collection Lawsuit Help: Knowledge is Power

Creditors, like everyone else, have certain rights, and they have attorneys working hard to help them collect your money.  Individuals usually do not have the knowledge or resources to combat their strategies, and may end up paying much more than necessary to settle their debts. When an individual owes money to a creditor and cannot pay, the creditor usually seeks relief from the court system.  After filing a debt collection lawsuit, the creditor can seek several methods of repayment.

customer_serviceDebt collection lawsuits do not have to end with a judgment entered against you and your wages garnished; sometimes a creditor will settle the case for less than the face amount in order to save on legal fees.  However, with the new, stricter bankruptcy laws, creditors tend to seek the full amount and will sometimes refuse to work with individuals to find solutions for repayment.  If the individual cannot or will not pay the full amount immediately, a wage garnishment may result.

The amount you may be garnished varies under state wage garnishment statutes and the federal wage garnishment law, but these laws essentially allow a creditor the right to take money directly from an individual’s paycheck after seeking a court order. The judge orders the employer to cleave off a certain amount and send it directly to the creditor, usually adding on court fees and other penalties to the base amount. A wage garnishment stays in place as long as the individual is employed and until the full amount, plus interest, collection attorney fees and court costs are fully paid.

You have options when faced with a debt collection lawsuit or wage garnishment.  Don’t be defaulted or give up your hard earned wages, defend your case or settle for less!  You may be able to have the lawsuit against you dismissed, or may be able to stop an unlawful wage garnishment. Read about your state’s laws.

Don’t go it alone and risk losing, put an experienced Debt Help Lawyer on your side.

Just because a debt collector sues you does not mean they will automatically win, and just because a debt collector is threatening you with wage garnishment or you are being garnished doesn’t mean that debt collector is entitled to your money. If you are being threatened by a creditor with a debt collection or wage garnishment, you may need the assistance of someone who has years of experience in debt collection law to assist you.  Creditors are often more willing to work with Debt Help Lawyers than consumers, and your attorney can help you find the best repayment method possible.  Many times an attorney is able to negotiate reductions of fees and penalties and work out a repayment plan that protects the debtor’s rights as well as the creditors.

The fastest, most effective way to stop a wage garnishment or fight a debt collection lawsuit is generally by enrolling in a debt settlement program or by filing for bankruptcy, and through enforcement of your fair debt rights. Debt settlement enables you to settle all your debts for significantly less than you presently owe, and bankruptcy can discharge most, if not all, of your debts entirely.

Hiring a Debt Help Lawyer Can Help You:

  • Silence creditors and bill collectors
  • Get rid of credit card debt
  • Stop a current wage garnishment
  • Stop a foreclosure or auto repossession
  • Resolve auto loan deficiencies
  • Satisfy old judgments
Get a fresh start with a permanent and lasting solution through debt settlement or bankruptcy and begin on the road tofinancial freedom today!

Don’t go it alone and lose, put an experienced Debt Help Lawyer on your side. Low fees, great service.

DID YOU KNOW: If your fair debt rights have been violated, you can make a debt collector pay you up to $1,000 or more under state and/or federal fair debt laws. Call 888-595-9111 to learn more! By an Act of Congress and the President of the United States, we are a federal Debt Relief Agency. Attorneys and/or law firms promoted through this Web site are also federally designated Debt Relief Agencies. They help people file for relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Disclosures Required Under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.


  1. Sandra Tinlin says

    I am helping my Sister clear a credit card judgement against her from GE Money. We started this in January of this year. My sister received a letter that a new attorney was assigned. She wrote the attorney a letter on March 31 of this year wanting to resolve the debt leaving her telephone number and her place of employment. April 1st, the attorney filed a writ of Granishment. My sister did not receive her mail until May, since she is staying with my dad to help him out (Age 77). She was not expecting the writ of Garnishment. She is a single mother with two children struggling to keep her house payment/utilities paid (two story house). We have been trying to refinance her house since she is paying 6.25% interest. We filed a motion to Squash the Writ of Garnishment and a motion to pay the balance due immediately the specific court date. The Judge denied her motion to Squash the Writ of Garnishment due to the fact(s) that my sister had a total of $1200 garnished and he Lawyer had only received $700 and change from her employment. The Judge made it clear to the lawyer to contact her employer to verify the amount garnished and contact my sister on a timely basis. The Judge said there will probably be one more garnishment. The Judge also substracted filing fees and stopped any more interest. The Judge several times made it clear to the Lawyer to contact my sister immediately. It has now been two weeks since court and my sister has left several messages. Should we contact the Judge’s office? I am amazed that either the Lawyer or GE Money does not want the money immediately now that we are helping her. What shall we do. We keep spending legal money, time-off job money in order to resolve this debt. They are getting their 8.5% interest on the original judgment of $2,200. They will receive the full amount of $3,500. What recourse does my sister have? We have the original judgement, plus interest for the past 6 years, motion to Squash Garnishment, Motion to deny Garnishment, my sisters letters to the lawyer to resolve issue, copies of all phone records as the lawyer claims the number was disconnected (False). I spoke to the lawyer after the court case and asked when she could be hearing from him, he claimed “if the phone number works.” My sister never denied she owed the money, she was unable to pay that specific debt first, since her husband left all the debt to her, Her priorties was to keep a float and pay those debts in priority. This was the last one she needed to clear up…hence, this is where I helped her with $4,000 to clear up. Should we seek another debt attorney and spend $1,000, which she can not afford at this time. I would have to pay the money. I now do not believe in the legal system as I watched and listened to the Judge and this Attorney “shoot her down” when she was prepared to pay the balance of the debt the day in the court room. I am so frustrated with the legal system. She has not denied once her debt she owed. What is our next steps?

    • says

      It’s difficult when things are done orally only — you mention that your sister called the lawyer twice and has gotten no response. It would be better for “the record” to have written twice and gotten no response, so remember communications should always be in writing — collectors know this too…

      As for the delay in responding, it may be an unfair practice under section f. It may entitle your sister to statutory and actual damages, and also may provide settlement leverage.

      You probably can see from this experience it’s a good idea to have Debt Help Lawyers on your side when dealing with debt collection attorneys. The fair debt attorneys at 888-595-9111 are well versed in FDCPA and in debt settlement, call them or submit an inquiry with your name, phone and state and someone will call you — of course, this is your sister’s issue so she ultimately needs to be part of this process, but you can begin the ball rolling.

      Good luck.

  2. Torrrence Joseph says

    I am having my wages garnished unlawfully because a company called Kimball Tyree and St. John lied to the courts and made them believe that i am responsible to pay past rent and damages from an apartment that is no responsibility of mine and they have confirmed that the responsibility is someone else due to signature on the lease. This judgement was a past issue that this company committed deception by sending me letters just to bully me. I never lived nor signed a lease, they even tried to serve me at the same apartment complex which I never lived at. not the courts under false allegations believed this creditor and now I have to pay for someone else responsibility. I’ve fought for my beloved country and will do so again but where is my rights to defend or better yet how can a firm like this take something and lie to fraud my name to get money, like a bully taking a kid’s lunch money that he rightfully earned. Am I to sit here and let my lifestyle be pained and let hardship just run over me?

    • says

      A lot more questions would be needed to answer, including whether the creditor or collector properly served you the lawsuit, which would have given you an opportunity to defend yourself. What was the most recent attempt to collect on the account? While the questions may be hard, the answer is easy: get a Debt Help Lawyer from this site to enforce your consumer credit and fair debt rights. Call us at 888-595-9111 and get a free case review, there is no obligation and it sounds like you can use the help!

  3. Asha says

    My mother received a garnishment for a car she lost in 2005. Isn’t it illegal to garnish wages if the debt is more than 7 years old? They are taking more than 25% of her gross income leaving her with a little more than $1000 a month in earnings after taxes.

    • says

      A debt collector with a right to garnish (for example, arising from a judgment) can seize any non-exempt funds from your bank, and garnish up to 25% of your disposable income from your paycheck. However, the story you tell doe not pass the “smell test” as either you didn’t get a fair chance to respond to the lawsuit or there was a likely improper service to begin with. Your mother likely experienced some sort of Fair Debt violation(s), and even if not, it sounds like she would benefit from re-prioritizing debts through debt settlement, and the Debt Help Lawyers at this site can provide you a free, no obligation Fair Debt consultation. The worst thing to do is nothing, so call us now at 888-595-9111 and we will get started figuring our how to help you!

      • Asha says

        I will contact you regarding my mother shortly as they are continuing to deduct payments and she has now paid more than the debt was worth. Also, the debt is more than 10 years old.

        • says

          We would be happy to provide a no obligation case review and let’s figure out how to get you some real help, you may be entitled to $1,000 or more! Make the collector follow the law or pay you, call us at 888-595-9111

  4. Timothy Edgens says

    Looking on how to file a Leon or garnishment or what I can do to get money owed to me from around the clock heating and air in Georgetown de 19947. He owes me over 2000.00 so far and late fees are starting to be applied. Also want to report to the credit burea as well. Please contact me via phone at 302-542-0337. So I may explain in detail thank you.

  5. jesse fromal says

    My wages were currently garnished 25 percent with less than 1 week of notice & no recent attempts were made to resolve this issue in over a year? To make things worse my federal tax return was taken so the $900 owed are already paid in full but when i called & talked to the guy at the division of revenue he told me he could not stop the wage garnishment until the IRS sends them the check which could take a month! So i was told i was pretty much gonna be charged twice & there was nothing i could do about it, what are my options?

    • says

      Something doesn’t sound right here. There is a lot you can do about it, the fair debt collection practices act was specifically drafted to cover wrong doing such as this. The Debt Help Lawyers at this site can provide you a free, no obligation Fair Debt consultation please call us at 888-595-9111. Talk with a legal assistant, and we’ll have an attorney respond. If there is a Fair Debt claim against this collector, the attorney’s representation will be at no cost.

  6. Amanda says

    I was sent a summons 10/30/13, but was never sent a court date or notified of a lein or judgment against me. I went to use my debit card yesterday and my card was declined. I called Bank of America and my accounts were placed on hold. “LOC FL GARNISHMENT” emptied out my bank accounts (joint with my husband). I have retained a lawyer and am in the process of gathering my documents to file bankruptcy. Do I have any recourse to get my money back? They took over $7,000 with absolutely no notice and left us literally penniless with 4 kids to take care of!

    • says

      I’d suggest obtaining a full copy of the court file. This doesn’t pass the “sniff test” something sounds fishy here, we would be happy to have a Debt Help Lawyer at this site provide you a free, no obligation Fair Debt consultation. Give us a call and let’s figure out how to get you some real help. You may be entitled to $1,000, your money back, and more! Make the collector follow the law or pay you, call us at 888-595-9111 and we’ll get you taken care of.

  7. Debbie says

    I received a writ of garnishment from my bank. A collection agency is after a old medical bill from 2011. I did not know anything about this and not receive anything in the mail. There were no funds available in my account so now I’m worried they will try something different with oit giving any notice to me again. I’m not sure how to handle this. Do I contact the collection agency? I’m sure it should only be in writing. I need help not sure what to do.

    • says

      I’d suggest obtaining a full copy of the court file. This doesn’t pass the “sniff test” something sounds fishy here, we would be happy to have a Debt Help Lawyer at this site provide you a free, no obligation Fair Debt consultation. Give us a call and let’s figure out how to get you some real help. You may be entitled to $1,000, your money back, and more! Make the collector follow the law or pay you, call us at 888-595-9111 and we’ll get you taken care of.

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