Stop Wage Garnishment, Stop Collection Lawsuits!

Stop Wage Garnishment, Stop Collection Lawsuits!

Don’t let them take your hard earned money!

The fastest, most effective way to stop a wage garnishment or fight a debt collection lawsuit is generally by enrolling in a debt settlement program or by filing for bankruptcy, and through enforcement of your fair debt rights. Debt settlement enables you to settle all your debts for significantly less than you presently owe, and bankruptcy can discharge most, if not all, of your debts entirely.


Hiring a Debt Help Lawyer Can Help You:

  • Silence creditors and bill collectors
  • Get rid of credit card debt
  • Stop a current wage garnishment
  • Stop a foreclosure or auto repossession
  • Resolve auto loan deficiencies
  • Satisfy old judgments
Get a fresh start with a permanent and lasting solution through debt settlement or bankruptcy and begin on the road to financial freedom today!


DID YOU KNOW: If your fair debt rights have been violated, you can make a debt collector pay you up to $1,000 or more under state and/or federal fair debt laws. Call 888-595-9111 to learn more!

Garnishment and Collection Lawsuit Help

Just because a debt collector sues you does not mean they will automatically win, and just because a debt collector is threatening you with wage garnishment or you are being garnished doesn’t mean that debt collector is entitled to your money. Don’t be defaulted or give up your hard earned wages, hire a Debt Help Lawyer to defend your case!

Don’t go it alone and lose, put an experienced Debt Help Lawyer on your side. Low fees, great service.

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