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Budget Calculator – FREE tool to see whether you are budgeting enough to meet future financial obligations

Budget Calculator

Concerned about your ability to meet future financial obligations for major items, such as education and retirement? Call 888-595-9111 for a FREE Debt Help Lawyers Consultation! Or try this new AND free Interactive Budget Calculator.

It’s one of the most powerful free budget tools you will find on the Internet. If you are wondering how much you should be spending in each budget category this tool provides in-depth answer. Answer a series of questions and then compare your totals with national averages taken from census data. Based on income, number of dependents and geographic location the calculator will compare your spending with others with similar demographics.


Budget calculator

Ready to start budgeting? Use this calculator to create your personalized spending plan.

  • Enter whole dollar amounts (no cents).
  • Do not use commas in values of $1000 or more.
Monthly Gross Earnings
Subtract 28% for average withholdings
Monthly net income
Housing Grocery Items
Grocery Items
Includes food, toothpaste, shampoo, household supplies
Includes gas, water, electric, phone, cable, internet, etc.
Medical Insurance Clothing
Student Loans Other Credit
Other Credit
Includes credit cards, other loans
Misc. Expenses
Misc. Expenses
Includes child care, medical bills, prescriptions, haircuts, dry cleaning
Transportation ExpensesTransportation Expenses
Includes car payment, gas, repairs, license, insurance, bus or taxi fare
Child Care
Monthly expenses
Annual expenses
Monthly net income Monthly discretionary income
Subtract monthly expenses Annual discretionary income

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