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Are you facing more credit card, medical, business or personal debt than you can handle? Are your debts increasing every month due to late fees and higher percentages? Are creditors, bill collectors or debt collectors harassing you – or worse, calling people you know? Are your wages being garnished, or your bank accounts being levied or attached? Are you looking for a realistic way to settle debt, that doesn’t include filing bankruptcy?

Debt Settlement: Is It The Debt Help You Need?

There are many reasons that can cause even the most financially responsible person among us to get into overwhelming debt, including loss of a job or a salary reduction, divorce or medical bills. If you are one of the many Americans struggling with ever-increasing bills, or worse, collection letters, calls or lawsuits despite your best efforts to pay your debts, you might be considering filing for protection under the federal bankruptcy laws. While most people are aware of bankruptcy and the stigma attached to it, fewer are aware that there is an alternative form of debt relief: debt settlement.

How Does Debt Settlement Bring You Debt Relief?

Debt settlement is a legal process of debt reduction in which the creditor and debtor agree on a reduced balance that, once settled, will be regarded as settlement in full.

When a debtor is unable to make the minimum monthly payments on an unsecured debt such as credit card debt or medical bills, balances continue to grow due to ongoing interest and late fees. In order to stop this cycle of ever-increasing debt, negotiations between the debtor and the creditor can result in a reduced balance that the debtor can realistically pay off with regular payments.

Debt settlements can lower consumers debt balances dramatically and save debtors from the stigma of bankruptcy. The creditor, who risks losing all monies owed if bankruptcy is filed, still regains part of the debt.

Settling Debt can truly be a winning solution all around by avoiding bankruptcy, stopping creditor harassment, satisfying your debts and saving money!

Debt Settlement Attorneys – Do You Need A Debt Help Lawyer?

While “do it yourself” debt settlement is an option, you may only achieve small savings, and with lots of effort on your part.

To significantly reduce your debt often requires the experience and negotiating savvy of debt settlement Attorneys for Consumers with years of experience in the debt and credit industry. And retaining a debt help lawyer will save you the headaches and hassle of doing it yourself.

Knowledgeable and skilled debt settlement attorneys are also better qualified to review your financial situation and determine a negotiation strategy which is right for you, including prioritizing secured, unsecured and high-probability litigation debts. Once you retain the services of a Debt Settlement Lawyer, you will be presented a number of debt settlement options before deciding which is best for you. Once you commit to a debt settlement program, your Debt Help Lawyers will assist you in building up a fund while negotiating with your creditors to lower your debt. And an affordable monthly payment plan can be set up based upon what you are able to contribute each month into your settlement account. Fair Debt Attorneys can determine how many months you will be part of the program and thus how quickly you can ultimately be debt free.

Because these debt negotiations can take a while and creditors can be aggressive in their billing and collection methods, a Debt Help Law Firm can – if necessary – defend you in any debt collection lawsuits and enforce the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to ensure your rights.

A Debt Settlement Attorney can also more aggressively negotiate with your creditors to reduce the amount of unsecured debt you owe. Importantly, throughout the program, your Debt Settlement Lawyer will communicate with your creditors, on your behalf, and you will no longer be dealing with burdensome phone calls and letters from your creditors. Debt Help Lawyers offer these services at low rates and unlike most debt settlement companies, all efforts are supervised by licensed attorneys.

Once an agreement has been reached, you will start paying off your debt in monthly installments until your debt is paid off in full. Once this is accomplished, your attorney can assist you in making sure your financial well being is back on track.After that, a long-term plan can be made to resolve your situation.

Reduce your stress by letting Debt Help Lawyers handle debt negotiations with your creditors for you. With the help of professionals with years of experience in the debt and credit industry, you can start paying off your debt with a realistic plan that you can handle.

Debt Settlement – Start Getting Out Of Debt Today

If you are faced by overwhelming debt, the most important thing to do is take action. Ignoring the situation will only result in higher late fees and interest rates, increasing your overall debt. Your most immediate solution is debt settlement. You can do this yourself or you can retain Attorneys For Consumers to handle your debt negotiations for you. If you choose to do it yourself, remember to remain calm and focused. It is imperative that you learn about your rights. This website offers a number of informative articles that can help you. Also, the Federal Trade Commission distributes informational brochures for consumers. And remember to keep records of every communication you have with the creditors for later reference.

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  1. I am getting calls from different people who are from credit agencies. Only one of them mentioned the name “Capital Providence”. The others do not give their names, are robo calls and don’t leave a number or name.
    I want to settle my debts, but am having problems getting back on my feet as I have been ill along with getting a pay cut. Now, I am feeling much better and working to better my financial situation.
    I would like to know how I need to begin in getting an affordable payment arrangement that I can pay to get the debts settled.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Thanks for your time in this matter.

    • You likely have experienced some sort of Fair Debt violation(s), and even if not, it sounds like you would benefit from re-prioritizing your debts through debt settlement, and the Debt Help Lawyers at this site can provide you a free, no obligation Fair Debt consultation. The worst thing to do is nothing, so call us now at 888-595-9111 and we will get started figuring our how to help you!

  2. I have been receiving numerous calls for a debt collector usually two or three calls per day. I finally got a all through to them today, after they called my place of employment and requested verification of me being employed, considering a verification of had already been requested and the information sent. Needless to say my boss wasn’t happy. When I called the debt collector, I requested in writing that they send me the usual, the name of the creditor along with the account number(s), the amounts owed and verification, and the age of the debt. They refused saying that they could only me an email with a single account number, and that’s all the information they had and would send me, but yet they said it was three separate accounts with the same company. I finally got tired of arguing with them and gave them my email address to send me the information that they had. Then they then tell me that i won’t receive the email until after 12:00am as this is when their emails are generated! When i told them that if the debt is truly mine, I will make the required arrangements with the company owed instead of them as I was annoyed and upset with them not willing to furnish me the information that I asked for by mail. Then they replied that if I do make arrangements with the creditor that I have to notify them by telephone call that I’ve made those arrangements or I will be receiving a garnishment of wages by next Thursday 05/21/15 if I don’t call them by Wednesday 5/20/15 with the information on those arrangements! Now I’m not saying that I don’t owe the debt as I very well may as I’ve been ill quite a few times within the past year or so. I just feel as now I’m being pushed into a corner to pay them without a billing or anything since I told them that I prefer to pay the original debtor as opposed to them. When I got home I looked for all and any mail for the said creditor and they are actually some past due payments, yet none are over $300, and two are for $55. What are my options?

    • Please call us, sounds right up our alley, whether you owe or not we have solutions. Call 888-595-9111 for a confidential, free, no obligation case review. Sounds like you have several options.

  3. I had received a phone call from a debt collector verifying that I owed an outstanding debt from the original creditor. They had told me that if I didn’t pay the amount, there would be legal consequences. They even had gone as far as having someone call my house saying they were going to serve me with some papers for a lawsuit. After calling the company, I made payment arrangements where they would take out a certain amount monthly. Due to health reasons, I was not able to pay for one month. When I called the company verifying my situation; they threaten to exhaust my payment arrangement altogether and go on with legal proceedings. I requested they send me a statement from their company verifying the debt. They sent me a letterhead with a company that is not on the website nor accredited by BBB. I do not want to send anymore money to this company until I learn that this business if legit. What shall I do

  4. My insurance paid claims then deleted the claims saying they paid them in error They are now demanding I return the money they original paid due to there error and have sent my file to a collection agent who is requesting me to pay $100 a month even thu I have advised them I am appealing this decision (have not gotten an answer to date) What is the least amount a person can pay against a medical claim???? I am now on disability and have a fixed income and am going through finanical issues Also note they are leaving messages for my husband even tho I informed them we are separated Insurance is in his name with me as dependent (I was told I could send them a $1 a month but dont know if that is correct)

  5. If you send payment in full for a medical bill and the check is returned with a letter of apology, and you get another billing and after calling they claim you do owe the bill, is there any recourse action that can be taken?

  6. My fiance’s auto insurance was canceled 2xs due to financial hardship. Once it was for only one day and the other was 2 weeks. Both fees were $125 to totaling $250. Now that its on collections an addition $500 has been added to each totaling $1200. My fiancé tried to set up a payment plan but was told that he had to pay the full amount. He now has a flag on his license and we cannot afford to pay. What should we do?

  7. I went to deposit money to my checking account and come to find out my checking and my saving account are frozen. My bank gave me a contact number which was the lawyer that was representing a debt collection agency Palisades. I dont remember having a ATT phone bill from 2003 (which isn’t even on my credit report) and I just opened one in 2014 that is current. Lawyer says since theyve gone to court they dont have to provide information on the account if its mine. Along with Palisades they won’t talk to me only referred to their lawyer. How would I really know if its my debt if no one will provide anything? I also haven’t received any court dates or letters until I found out when I went to my bank. Lawyer stated they had an old address which I haven’t lived in since 2004 and there was no mail there for me either. I contacted ATT and no records are found under my social besides my current account they would need a phone number or account and no one would provide it. I haven’t worked in the past 6 months and the bill is $1616 and the lawyer put in their fees came out to $2891 and there’s not even $2000 in my savings and $24 ain my checking so how does that work they just empty what I have in my checking and my savings?

  8. My husband received a call that someone is trying to serve us papers for a court date regarding a car loan from 15 years ago. The car was totaled, and the insurance company paid off most of the loan. There was a fairly small balance remaining. Maybe 1,000. A company called Horizon Solutions is attempting to collect 7,000. From us and state they are willing to accept a chunk up front, followed by payments. This all happened at least 15 years ago in Alaska. Why are they crawling out of the woodwork now? We haven’t heard a word from Mitsubishi since not too long after the accident.

  9. I have a garnishment for student loans. I’ve called before and tried to set up a payment arrangement and they denied what I was able to pay. Now they’re garnishing me. I talked to them to set up another payment arrangement which they accepted. but they said they’re going to still garnish me for 5 months until I’ve made five months of payments. Is this right? that I’m set up in a payment arrangement and they’re going to continue to garnish for 5 months taking $100 a week

  10. a law firm is trying to garnish me but i only work part time so i dont make enough for them to take any money, can they take me tax retuen? i live in wa state so i dont know the exact laws. the debt owed is to a private student loan company. i just dont want to lose my tax return, i also read that private companies cant take your income tax depending on the state so i just want to know.

  11. I was given a loan in 2013 they started garnishing my wages Jan of this year I barley make enough money to take care of my family what can I do

  12. My adult son was in a single car almost fatal automobile accident 2 1/2 years ago. The left side of his face was crushed and eyeball coming out. He is a surviving, seeing, walking talking miracle. ! He is a survivor with frontal lobe syndrome. He lives with me , has no assets, personal property or anything of estimated value of over $1000. Repeatedly denided medicaid. The financial situation is, when he has to see a dr. the visit must be paid for beforehand. The pharmacies are using the store discount card , minimal savings but GREATLY appreciated for his monthly prescriptions.
    I am disabled was a fixed income … that is ALL the income The collectors are requesting compensation for medical expenses while his stay in NEUROLOGICAL ICU and rehabilation for the accident. He has NO INCOME. SSI is pending ALJ. Neuroligist states condition and complications will worsen with time. As complicated , exhausting, overwhelming, loosing hope as thiis situation…collectors continue to call and ask for me to just pay $50 or $100 a month . I explain the situation but with no avail. Always saying they will continue to contact us. Sometimes at the wrong times… Other than not answer the call, re explain again and again, is there something I can do to stop the calls.? I really DO NOT WANT to say ugly words and things to these people trying to do their own job.

  13. I am paying medical bills through a collection agency and wanted to make a payment on the principal. I was told I could not pay on principle until the 1600 of interest was paid off. This just doesn’t seem right to me. Is this legal?

    • The contract could have a payment order provision, but its not cut and dried and there may be a violation and some leverage for you. We sent you an email for more info, did you respond or call? If not please do and we’ll try to help.

  14. I have 4 payday loans out. Two are in good standing while the other two have a missed payment (that’s about to be two missed payments). I plan on paying these loans off but I can only do one loan at a time. They call all day everyday. I’ve spoken to Power Finance and they suggested $400 a month without interest, but I can’t afford that. Can you help?

    • Sounds like it, and in several ways. PDL’s can violate TILA and EFTA, FCRA too, and PDL collections can violated FDCPA and TCPA–all that is leverage against collections. Call us 888 595 9111 or reply to our email, free no obligation review.

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