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Aarons Furniture Complaints

Aaron’s, Inc.
309 E Paces Ferry Rd
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone Number: (404) 231-0011
Fax Number: (404) 240-6584

Aarons Furniture Complaints

Add your Aarons furniture complaints to the comments below. According to the BBB There is Government Action Against this business:

Government Actions Against Aaron’s Inc.

The following describes a government action that has been resolved by either a settlement or a decision by a court or administrative agency. If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below.

The following describes a government action that has been resolved by either a settlement or a decision by a court or administrative agency. If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below.

Aaron’s, Inc., a national, Atlanta-based rent-to-own retailer, has agreed to settle FTC charges that it knowingly played a direct and vital role in its franchisees’ installation and use of software on rental computers that secretly monitored consumers including by taking webcam pictures of them in their homes.

According to the FTC’s complaint, Aaron’s franchisees used the software, which surreptitiously tracked consumers’ locations, captured images through the computers’ webcams and activated keyloggers that captured users’ login credentials for email accounts and financial and social media sites.

The complaint alleges that Aaron’s knew about the privacy-invasive features of the software, but nonetheless allowed its franchisees to access and use the software, known as PC Rental Agent. In addition, Aaron’s stored data collected by the software for its franchisees and also transmitted messages from the software to its franchisees. In addition, Aaron’s provided franchisees with instructions on how to install and use the software.

The software was the subject of related FTC actions earlier this year against the software manufacturer and several rent-to-own stores, including Aaron’s franchisees, that used it. It included a feature called Detective Mode, which, in addition to monitoring keystrokes, capturing screenshots, and activating the computer’s webcam, also presented deceptive “software registration” screens designed to get computer users to provide personal information.
Under the terms of the proposed consent agreement with the FTC, Aaron’s will be prohibited from using monitoring technology that captures keystrokes or screenshots, or activates the camera or microphone on a consumer’s computer, except to provide technical support requested by the consumer.

In addition, Aaron’s will be required to give clear notice and obtain express consent from consumers at the time of rental in order to install technology that allows location tracking of a rented product. For computer rentals, the company will have to give notice to consumers not only when it initially rents the product, but also at the time the tracking technology is activated, unless the product has been reported by the consumer as lost or stolen. The settlement also prohibits Aaron’s from deceptively gathering consumer information.

The agreement will also prevent Aaron’s from using any information it obtained through improper means in connection with the collection of any debt, money or property as part of a rent-to-own transaction. The company must delete or destroy any information it has improperly collected and transmit in an encrypted format any location or tracking data it collects properly.
Under the agreement, Aaron’s will also be required to conduct annual monitoring and oversight of its franchisees and hold them to the requirements in the agreement that apply to Aaron’s and its corporate stores, and to terminate the franchise agreements of franchises that do not meet those requirements.

The agreement will be subject to public comment for 30 days, b ending on Nov. 21, 2013, after which the Commission will decide whether to make the proposed consent order final. Interested parties can submit written comments electronically or in paper form by following the instructions in the “Invitation To Comment” part of the “Supplementary Information” section. Comments in electronic form should be submitted online by following the instructions on the web-based form. Comments in paper form should be mailed or delivered to:

Federal Trade Commission,
Office of the Secretary, Room H-113 (Annex D), 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, DC 20580.

The FTC is requesting that any comment filed in paper form near the end of the public comment period be sent by courier or overnight service, if possible, because U.S. postal mail in the Washington area and at the Commission is subject to delay due to heightened security precautions.

NOTE: The Commission issues an administrative complaint when it has “reason to believe” that the law has been or is being violated, and it appears to the Commission that a proceeding is in the public interest. When the Commission issues a consent order on a final basis, it carries the force of law with respect to future actions. Each violation of such an order may result in a civil penalty of up to $16,000.

The Federal Trade Commission works for consumers to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices and to provide information to help spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint in English or Spanish, visit the FTC’s online Complaint Assistant or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).

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  1. I recently purchased furniture from aarons 1 month ago. I bought the couch didn’t lease the furniture and waited patiently for it be delivered. When the couch was delivered the movers couldn’t fit the original couch in my house due to the ceiling in the outside hallway. They called Aarons and the store manager Annesah told me there was nothing she could do. Since I bought the couch it is mine and it was a final sale. When i originally bought the furniture the sales lady Katrina didn’t tell me it was pre lease, final sale, and there was nothing on my receipt stating those facts. After battling with them about issue number one they finally said they would make an exception and would refund my money via check, but don’t know how long it will take to get to me since its coming from their home office. Instead of waiting forever for a check and not have any furniture I requested they switch it out for something else. Store manager Annesah took me to the back of the store where they get th eir return items from customers and deliveries and explained she just pick this up from a customer and will be willing to clean it up and send it out to me ASAP . Aarons sent it out and deliver it the same day soaking wet due to the cleaning. After it dried i finally slept on my couch ( i just moved in and there was no furniture… i was still waiting for my bed set) next morning i woke up with bumps on my face, hands, and arms. I went back up there and explained what happened the store manager Annesah the manager said she would come out to my house to inspect the furniture, because it’s protocol for her to do it, then Orkin. I asked her what kind of tools she would be using and she said she had a top of the line LED light that would be able to see any bed bugs. When she got to my house to inspect, her “top notch” LED light was nothing more than a flashlight that was small enough to fit on a keychain . She said she didn’t see anything but will send someone out from orkins just to be sure. The Orkins lady came out non uniform and also said she didn’t find anything BUT i was still getting bites ALL OVER I even went to the doctors at this point and they confirmed bed bugs. Once again i gave them a call and spoke to the home office this time and they sent someone else from orkin and STILL said they didn’t find anything . Fed up at this point i called my aunt to come and look at it ( she use to be a manager in the hotel industry and knew all about the bugs) and immediately with no equipment she found the bugs that Aarons and Orkin missed. I flew back up to the store and they call their regional manager and Fiona at the home office and they told me since orkin came out and couldn’t find anything and once again since i bought the couch” final sale” there was nothing they could do and it’s pretty much my problem. I called orkin back out pointed to the bugs and they apologize over and over again and would contact aarons to see if they will pay for the treatment to spray my entire house. Needless to say i will be suing this company for everything they have put me through. I can’t understand how a company can treat their customer so poor. If it was them they would not accept any of that nonsense. Everyone makes mistakes it’s all in how you fix them!

  2. I rented some furniture from aarons I returned it but they are still charging me for my mattress that was not stained once they got all the pieces out of the house and on the truck I left. Later that day I get a call saying I owe money for the mattress they had to leave it behind because it was dirty and now they know I am not working anymore they still trying to make me pay for it and it was the delivery guy fault that it got dirty

  3. Hi, I rented furniture from Aarons back in 2010. I moved and let them know my new address etc. Well I was going thru a Custody Battle where I was being evicted from my home because I was putting money towards a lawyer. I had them come and pick up there furniture as I no longer needed it. This was May of 2011. After picking it up I figured things were ok.
    Well anyways I get a call yesterday Oct 15th 2015 stating that they are going to take me to court and garnish my wages because of an unpaid balance. I refuse to pay for something I know they got returned and if they are saying they have NEVER received why 4 years later contact me.
    If I go to court to dispute this do you think I have a chance to win and can they actually garnish my wages?

  4. On Saturday, 9/20/2105, my fiancee’ and I were not home. We had guess in the house and they called and said that Aaron’s was banging on the door and windows all around the house. They even opened the back yard gate and went on the patio and banged on the window. The guess said that they were yelling so loud that our neighbors came out. Our guess said repeatedly to leave and the owners are not here. They revealed information to our guess about me and my fiancees’s account. Aaron’s employees waited outside and told our guess that the sheriff’s are coming to pop the locks on the house as ourban guess were leaving our house with our doors unlocked. In response my fiancee and I put up No Trasspassing signs and we’re told that we can call the police if they enter our private property again. We even went and bought 2 German Shepherds because they entered our fenced and locked backyard. Our house is owned and I feel that we were harassed by the company and they revealed account information. What should we do?

    • I am having that same situation with them. They even went as far is to park their truck in my driveway and walk off and leave it there for an hour while they go pass out flyers. My daughter was home at the time and called them and told them to move their truck or she was going to call the tow truck company and have their truck towed. Not only that when she was on the phone with them they told her they need to pick up the merchandise and Asked her if could they could…. Of course she told him no and that it was none of her business. This is appalling to me because they do not have a contract with my daughter and my business with aarons is my business not hers. They should not be asking her for this nor should they be discussing my business with her or anyone else . I will say this the sheriffs cannot just come pop locks on your door. They have to have a warrant to come on your property and into your property. Aarons furniture is very unprofessional. The manager of the one where I reside is very unprofessional the manager always tells me how sexy I am and how he wants pizza and a massage. I do owe them some payments but I’m taking them to court. I don’t appreciate being talked to this way and treated this way. This is supposed to be professiomal

  5. Aarons Canton,Ga store has been impossible to work with since we started doing business with them in Aug. The manger is rude and zero customer service We just moved to Georgia from Florida in Aug 2015 and are moving company was going to be late with a furniture (2weeks) so we needed furniture so we could site in our house. My wife called around and talked to the manager at the Aarons in Canton, Ga and he had a big deal for us in living room set to help us out in the spot we where in. He gave us a price with tax and said it was for 24 months and we can pay for it in 120 days same as cash. The price was agreed on and they delivered the living room set that was not what we ordered. The movers rubbed the paint off our porch railing and in the door way. They said call mgr and we would take care of us and the delivery guys said sorry. I was good with it to I called the mgr and it took 3 calls to I got him on the phone. He was rude and basic told me to take a leap of a short bridge without saying it. Then told he needed to talk to the drivers and I here back. 3 weeks later nothing and I just didn’t have time to deal with it. Then I got my bill and it wasn’t the price I was given over the phone. It was $13 more. Back to calling again and mgr was short rude and in no way wanted to help, with all the delays from the damage at my house and waiting for call back for that and then the billing I was past 120 days. I know it was done on purpose by the Aarons and left me with 24 months know to pay for furniture that is cheap and low quantity and know they have me locked in. There was never anybody there to help me and with my busy work schedule I didn’t have time to deal with a this low class company. I travel for my work out of the country so my time is hard to come by to deal with this. Aarons would email me my bill every month which did help when you travel in and out of the country. I forgot couple time to pay on time and even called the aarons in Canton to let them know I was traveling and tried to pay over the phone and here we go with the mgr being rude again. I’m calling from asia its expensive and I left on hold for 20min first time and 15 min second. I called another aarons and they helped me out and got them paid. Then aarons stop mailing me my bill to remind me which helped with all the traveling and I forgot to pay 2 months later I have then at my house bothering my neighbors. They broke my glass on my window from banging so hard on my glass. I went ahead and paid them and I asked for the bill to finally be fixed nobody helped give me a smart answer my be if you pay your bill on time. I said my be if you fix my porch railing and give my the right bill that we agreed on and fix my glass. No response not surprised. I finally called the corp office and they were very nice said they work with me and help me out they want to make sure I’m happy customer. I paid one month over phone with them(i was still at that time 5 days late on the next payment and I can pay that next week dont worry we can get all this taken care of that has happened) they said the mgr canton will get a note from them explaining the talk we had and we will be taken care of. We were taken care of by the mgr at Canton Ga store by having the sheriff at are door 3 days later asking for the stuff. I was so blown away after talking to corp office and what they said and mgr doing this after what is store has done to my house and rude he is and the staff. I called corp office and said he did it on his own we told him everything and he did it on his own Thats what I call satisfaction that aarons talks about as there business practice. “We promise your total satisfaction by always providing the highest level of service ” Aarons doesn’t live by there customer satisfaction Guarantee it’s just lip service to get your money and then wreck your house and take your money by over billing you then send sheriff to your house. That’s your customer service. This could of been easily taken car of long time ago and you would have happy customer instead because of your actions you have a customer that is going to tell my horror story to everybody.

  6. I started out with one TV from Aaron’s. Someone shot my home up and in the process I was shot. I couldn’t make the payment due to being in the hospital, but I went over to make a payment because I was told that if I had made one they would fix the damaged TV. With that being said, after I was released from the hospital, I went inside to make a payment and instead of him saying he’ll replace the TV or fix the TV, he cut the payment in half and added on another TV. Not only did this raise the monthly bill, but it didn’t help my situation. I wanted the TV fixed. The next time I went into make a payment, I asked about it and was told my the CSR that, ” We don’t fix deliberate damage. I don’t think we do that.” I was wondering how in the heck did it become deliberate damage? I didn’t shoot my TV up. I just ignored. The TV they gave us didn’t have the correct remote, so I couldn’t fully operate it as I wanted to. I had to download an app to get to my smarthub on the TV. All in all, it was a horrible experience and now my credit score has dropped drastically because of them putting the damaged TV in collections. Another lady I had talked to in headquarters said we would work on it and went back on her word after not contacting me like she said.

  7. Started 4 contracts with them on 10/31. When I missed the 11/15 payment, they showed up at my door unannounced on a Saturday AM. I made the payment for 3 with an arrangement to pay the 4th. Well I missed it- they showed up again unannounced. They just sowed up a third time. I’m calling them in the AM to have them pick this up. I don’t like being harassed. When you show up at my door when a payment is 2 weeks late, that’s harassment. The next thing is they’ll be trying to get me arrested for theft.

  8. These people are hidious. I rented a dryer and decuded to add onto the lease with a washer and livibgroom set . They told me i only jad a few more payments on the dryer so i should keep it instead of makin a new account for another dryer . Less than a yr of having the dryer it stopped working . When i called for help they told me i jad paid off the dryer in 2016 which i knew was not true because the payments came directly from my debit . Low and behold they gave me the company name they purchased it from along with the serial number and to find out it was purchased in 2013 this is obnoxious . So i called and asked for the furniture to be picked up on the 16 of june they told me it couldnt be picked up until june 27 or 29 and i know its because they would have to return the money they took for the whole month i really am looking to sue them for all of the craziness and misleading i formation theu have given me it hasnt made any sense to me and everyone i spoke to had another lie to tell they need to be put out of business

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