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Fight Debt Collector AbuseCompanies use GC Services Collection agency to manage past due accounts even though they have been found guilty of FDCPA and FCRA violations.

Don’t put up with debt collector abuse or other illegal collection tactics by GC Services Debt Collection.  FREE Fair Debt lawyers help consumers fight back against debt collection agencies services that use unfair debt collection practices and harassment in attempt to collect debts, including GC Services.

You have rights against companies who use harassing phone calls, send harassing debt collection letters and engage in other unfair collection and credit reporting services. If any of your rights are violated, you might be entitled to up to $1,000 in statutory damages, plus actual damages suffered, plus attorney fees!

Review the information below to find out more about this well known debt collector.

GC Services Phone Numbers & Addresses

6330 Gulfton PO Box 2667
Houston, TX 77081
Phone: (713) 777-4441
Fax: (713) 776-6689
Web Address: www.gcserv.com

GC Services AZ Address
8125 N 23rd Ave. #211
Phoenix, AZ 85021
Phone: (602) 995-5710
Fax: (602) 995-7518

GC Services MO Address
111 Westport Plaza Drive #205
St Louis, MO 63146
Phone: (314) 851-4359
Fax: (314) 851-4320

GC Services FL Address
4019 Woodcock Drive #101
Jacksonville, Fl 32247

GC Services OK Address
PO Box 721660
Oklahoma City, OK 73172-1660
Phone: 866-794-1916
Fax for T-Mobile Accounts 405-621-6485

GC Services CA Address
4900 Rivergrade Road
Irwindale, ca 91706-1401
Phone: (626) 851-8227

Comments About GC Services Debt Collection Agency

can i do anything about this

By: ron harrison

gc services are calling my neighbor and telling them i gave them their name as a referance and asking them to give me a message to call them at their operations division a 866 number and ask for shanell. ive lived in this neighborhood for 10 years and dont even know my neighbors last name and have trouble remembering their first name i wave to them when their out in the yard but thats it. how embarasing.lying to my neighbors first thing and asking them to give me a message 2nd. how wrong is this….

credit card account

By: m.y

gs services agent has been calling me consistently even though the account was transferred back to american express from gs. he is telling that in a 4.5 weeks month on a bi weekly pay i was paid 3 times and when i spoke to him last week was unwilling to cooperate with cease and descent form

unfair collection practice

By: thomas bolton

Sold a home to my daughter in CT in 2004.. House appraised at 160,000, sold to her for 132,00. On deed in says for love and consideration. No gift tax, right? WRONG CT then changed it to a conveyance fee that I have been making monthly payments. 5 years later, GC sends my wife a collection bill for the same tax,but back to calling it a gift tax, 5 years later! Call state of CT they say if GC says we owe, then we owe. If both my wife and I file jointly, how can they tax us seperately? My lawyer, the idiot that should have taken care of this at closing, said even if it is a gift tax, it can only be collected once from either of the joint return filers on the 1040, and if its a conveyance fee, there is no way it is $2100 on $132,00, Call GC, they tell me it must be paid in full, or interest will continue to accrue until paid in full. GC didnt offer a payment plan either, they want it all. Does this sound right? Double dipping both return filers and waiting 5 years to come after my wife after I made payment plan with state of CT. It went from 1200 dollars, to now $2800 between my wife and I. Im going to keep paying on the $1200 that the state and I agreed on, but GC can kiss my A** for the other $1200 that showed up 5 years later. I dont expect any help here, just venting.

GC services

By: Jonie

Today I came into work, sat down to relax, and the phone rings. I see it is a toll number which normally doesn’t happen at work. I answer it and it is some female telling me that she is calling me to inform me that AT&T Universal Card (Citigroup) has turned my $13,600 in cc debt over to them. I owe $13,600. I said yes, yes I do owe that much. She than proceeds to ask me why I am behind, what the problem is, etc. I explained I had three jobs, and now have only one. I was evicted, and have bills to pay. I am a single mother, and money isn’t growing on any trees last I checked. She said that I needed to ask for it. I said is there a reason for your calling me? She continued to disrespect me, tell me that I am the one whom got behind and needs to get help since I obviously cannot take care of it myself. I told her I couldn’t get any loans or ask people for help. She said I had to. I again asked if there was a reason for her call at my job other than harassment. She gave the phone to her manager, who continued berating me telling me I have lost it. I said what is the objective of their call. He said to get me to pay. I said well if I could pay instantly we wouldn’t be talking. This company is pathetically allowed to exist.

GC Services

By: Wendy Spalla

I was contacted by GC Services on Sunday night (11/8) @ approx. 8:15pm. The call came in as a local #, so my husband answered it. The call was actually from GC Services in San Diego. The “woman’s” name is Dawnie and she said that their company was acquired by CITI bank, demanding the amount owed to them ($3947.95). She said that because I haven’t paid in 120 days, I am deemed evasive. I told her that I couldn’t pay the amount and she said that I had to pay the amount in 6 monthly installments of $657 then. Again, I told her that if I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t be in the situation that I am. She then gave me an option of paying $1973 up front and then $100/mth, but I had to give her “good faith” payment of $50, which I did. She told me that I had to call her today, to let her know when they could take the remainder of the $ out of my account. I called her today and she was rather short with me. She said that I had to give her another check # and that she was post dating it for 11/25 for the $3897.95 (less $50). I told her that she can go ahead and do that, but expect the check to bounce. All in all, I have to call her back at 2pm tomorrow, to let her know when the money will be in my account.


By: Michael D.

On Friday Nov.13 GC Services called my home and right off became agrressive re a student loan that I’ve been trying to resolve with the department of education since there is a descrepency in the amount, I borrowed only 2000 but there is another 4000 that someone at the school used my name in acquiring the second and forging my name. The school, Pasadena City College, doesn’t issue loans of more than 2000 to students. When I did my own investgation, I found out the aforementioned info and a copy of the check,but hit a wall with fiscal services at the school. “Lost information”. GC Services didn’t care about any of that. They wanted 4000 on a 2000 student loan not to mention the other loan I never applied for and was being charged for. As I spoke with Kelly, who was trying to offer me a one time settlement agreement, a butthead named Rick Stone interjected and proceeded to be very arrogant and aggressive, never indicating what the offer was. Before I got real nasty I hung up. I had told them I had been laid off and could only afford to pay 50dols per mo. Apparently Mr. Stone wasn’t satisfied with that. My main concern is whether or not GC Services can garnish my uemployment benefits which aren’t really paying the bills as is. Also if I send money to one of the above GC Sevices locations can I trust that they will route the money to the proper place and give me credit?


By: Hans Senn

I keep receiving calls from these clowns for a John XXX. I keep telling them no one by that name is at the phone number (a main USA Bank telephone line) they keep calling. This has been going on for at least three months. One to three calls a day, even on weekends. Each time the GC Services dufus tells me (or I should say ‘lies to me’) that my name will be taken off their list. I am getting tired of these harrassing calls. They border on stalking. And I am not even the person they are trying to get a hold of. I have no debts and I pay off my single credit card amount every month. Wish I could get a hold of their phone numbers so I could keep calling them. Especially the president of the company.


By: steve

GC Services has known to buy out other creditors to update personal information about other lenders and barrowers they harrass people and very agressive they dont turn the tables as if it was happening to them.

Not my Ticket

By: Roland Manio

First time I drove the company pick up truck, i got stopped for unregistered vehicle. The cop told me it not my problem , just give the ticket to my office and they’ll take care of it. After 9 years, GC Services told me I own $1,101.00 for the above ticket and they will suspend my license if I won’t pay monthly. Afraid they my take away my license, I made payments. How can they after me and not the owner of the vehicle? I still need to pay $401.00 and been out of job for months now.

Suspend my license

By: D

I paid a ticket that went into collections at GC Services 7 years ago. Wonderful! They took it off my record and I was able to renew my license. 2 years flies by I’m stop for a speeding ticket with no record of a suspension on my license. Took care of that. Then, had my car broken into and was robbed! I went to the DMV to replace my license the very next day and told me there was a suspension on my license for a fine I didn’t pay for 7 years ago from GC Services. That initially was paid for and enabled me to get my license back! Well, out of the blue I owe $1,800.00 to GC Services stating that I didn’t pay this fine and that my license would be suspended. Well, it is in fact suspended and is hard for me to get to work and school. I’m a starving student and esp. in this economy it’s obviously not making ends meet or getting any better. I’ve been pulled over and impounded and have these additional fines that I simply cannot afford!!! I am taking a risk but, there’s nothing I can do to get by day to day. This is sad.




Education Loan

By: Zachary Booker

GC Service has constantly called me at work and have sent my the state Agency I work for Garnishment papers to garnish my wages. I have explain to GC Svc that I had filed Chapter 13 and it took my attorney to get rid of them. Two (2) days after my Chapter 13 was discharged they were back in action again. In 2007 or 2008 they were put on hold by my State Agency now they are back and I could possibly lose my job because of these people. The State Agency has guidelines for people that are in default on Certain Student Loans. What can I do about this? I have a very short window in order to resolve this problem and I am not getting answer from GC Services.

Upset in Long Beach

By: Upset in Long Beach, CA

The City of Long Beach has contracted with GC Services to collect for city fees and fines. I called the toll free number because I was unable to process my payment in full online. It kept going into error. The person I spoke to was so unprofessional and rude it was unbelievable. I calmly explained that I was having a problem getting the payment to process. Then he told me that I must be stupid and that I didn’t know how to use computers. I told him his comments were inappropriate and that I was trying to pay the fine in full. He said there was a $35 processing fee for paying online but that if I paid by check through phone there was no charge. I said that there was no notice of a $35 processing charge and he said well, I’m telling you now. I said that I had to get the account and routing information and that I would call back. When I called back about an hour later I spoke to someone who was even more rude. I explained that I was calling to pay the fine in full. He said that before he could process the payment he needed to update my profile. He then proceeded to ask me personal questions that had nothing to do with paying my fine. He asked me where I was working and what my current salary range was. I said that I thought it was inappropriate to ask me that and he said okay, let’s go to the next question. Then he asked me if I was single, married, widowed, or divorced. I told him he was out of line and I demanded to speak with a supervisor. He put me on hold and then a woman came on the line and was yelling at me. She asked me if I was prepared to pay my fines in full and I said yes, that’s why I’m calling. Then she shouted that I had to comply with their procedure and I said that I didn’t see why they needed information about my job or marital status in order to process a payment. She shouted that if I didn’t want to pay my fines I shouldn’t waste their time. I said again that I did want to pay my fines in full, but that I wasn’t going to give them that kind of information. She shouted that if I was going to follow their procedure to not call them and she hung up on me. What in the world is the City of Long Beach doing business with this kind of a company? Who do these people think they are? I have contacted a local traffic attorney in the City of Long Beach to straighten this out and I have made a complaint with the city.

Rude and Unprofessional

By: KC

My first experience with GC was about 1 year ago when I was contacted by Sacramento County stating that I owed money and they sent ti to collections. I called GC and was bombarded by personel questions and statements pertaining to the reasons I had to pay the fines in the first place. I called today to get it handled and they will not let payments be made. How can major cities do business with such a scumbag outfit??

Settled with them but…

By: R.G.

I Settled with them in regards to my T-mobile account that i owed $150 GC services wants $850. I settled for $300 they said that they would send me my settlement paper showing that i paid them once the payment went through and when it did the called me back and said that the never settled with me and that they want the rest of the money.And they have it on recording my conversation but they wont check. What can I do? Please Help.


By: Unknown

I got a call from GC Services. I spoke with a young man whomn seem nice. When I got to asking information about account number and where the laon org from he kept putting me on old and coming back with pieces of information finally asked about a payment plan.He told me I had to use my checking and refuse to give me an address to send payments. I then asked for a supervisor who instead of wanting to listen to why I can’t do a payment plan using a checking account he said I either use someone else account or I could pay loan in full. I asked to speak with someone or his boss he refuse to transfer the call. So I went online found the number because I the number they call me from didn’t work. I got the same person who still refuse to give a payment address and then refuse to give me a direct number to there office so i didn’t have to be transferred two or three times to get to the right department.It seems to me that they want checking info to misuse our checking accounts.If I’m correct they should not reject someone willing to pay if they don’t have a checking account.

15 year old ticket

By: rick ruebush

gc collection called me and said i broke an agreement over a 15 year old speeding ticket and i owed them 449.00 and wanted it now this was a week before christmas,im on unemployment working a part time min. wage job, but still thinking this was a scam because i worked for five years in this same county been pulled over,got speeding ticket ,a ticket for not having a commutter sticker , not wearing seat belt worning, but my sister called this county and they said i never finished paying a ticket in 1994 iv had the same address for thirty years and never heard from this county so i do not know if i did or didnt finish paying this ticket i think the original ticket was 150.00 but anyway they were calling non stop at work and i would say hey im at work finally i said im done, have not heard from them in 2 mounths but they show up on my moms phone and i told her not to answer it

GC Services Contacting me about sibling

By: Jason

I have received calls from GC Services in St. Louis twice in the last two business days. They want to know if I am the brother of a sibling and the contact information for that sibling seems incorrect. I told them I was the brother but would not give them my siblings info. I would take there info and pass it to my sibling. He seemed upset about this and after some prying I got what company he was from. He said if my sibling did not contact them, that they would be calling me back. Can they do this?


By: j m

this company was calling me in michigan , for my 80 year old dad who lives in chicago, they called my brother in indiana and harrased his neighbors and him, now they are calling my neighbors in michigan for my dads account in chicago. wow

head of maintnance

By: valerie smith

I worked for gc for over 9 yrs, i was aloyal employee. I went on fmla due to a injury at work,after many months of physcal therepy , i was told that i would no longer be able to do the maintnance work due to my restrictions… there were many. one of them is that i coulnt sit or stand for no longer than 30 mins. now comes the good part.. they offerd me a job as an AR ( account rep.) which requires at least 10 hrs of constant sitting. and in turn they offered me a job doing this for a 13 hr. shift!! we dont even have a 13 hr. shift!! so in turn i refused to do this and in turn gc terminated my employment and in a most unfreindly manner( gc is known for this) they will turn on you like a snake in the grass. and they refused me my 3 wk paid vacation they i receved after jan. 1 st of every yr. i was terminated not until 6/2/2010. sooo wheres my vacation pay? gc is not loyal to their employees. they will stab u in the back the first chance they get. no matter how long u work for the company and how loyal u are to them. its a shame. I dont recomend anyone to work for a company like gc services.

Are they for real….

By: Nikkia Singleton

I got a call from GC Services yesterday & spoke with a woman about CC debt. She stated that I owed a little over $500 & have a min payment of $160, but she would take a $50 payment that day. I explained to her that I havent been working for a year & that I had family helping me pay my rent & utilties & the this is a personal bill and they are more concerned with keeping a roof over the heads of me & my sons. She sends me to a supervisor to see if anything could be done. So this man gets on the line & starts saying that I can give him my acct info & they can post date the check til Monday to give me time to borrow the money. I said well what if I cant get the money by then can you change the date of the payment, he says no. So I tell him that I dont want to do that unless I know that I have the money so I dont get hit with a bunch of fees for a returned check. This man then asks me if I own a tv, I reply what does that have to do with my debt, so he tells me that I need to go sell my tv (whivh is a luxary) & give them the money I get for it. Are you kidding me, who are you to tell me to start selling items in my home & if that were an option dont you think I would have done that to avoid borrowing money from family. So he tells me well if you dont make a payment today your account will go further into collections, I asked well aren’t you calling from a collection agency, so how much further into collections can you take me. This company is not only unprofessional but they need to go over their rules & regulations again. I use to work in collections & I know that mess they pulled is wrong in so many ways…


By: patrick david

Great! Nice information, keep sharing.


By: Jesse

My husband has a court payment every month for $35. I dropped the money order off and forgot the account number on the money order, it was on the envelope. The next day GC services called. The county finally figured out that I paid it on time but by that time it was already in collections. Now I went from a $35 dollar payment to GC wanting $175.00 it’s almost a car payment. These people are so full of it.

Bad collection practices

By: MB

GC Services is very evasive including the secretary about who they are and what they do. They have refused to provide their name or what service they provide. I was able to skip trace the number myself and find out some things about GC Services. I even went as far as to send them a Validation of debt letter and they still refused to provide any of the information in the debt letter. GC Services does not follow FDCPA guidelines, nor do they have the right to try an intimidate me on the phone. I have recorded their evasive practices and intend to take appropriate measures to stop them. I have sent three letters letting them know that a response to my letter would expire in a few days. They simply continue to call even after being told by phone and in writing to cease all communication with myself. My credit report even shows 58 payments being made on a vehicle that I do not own and they refuse to acknowledge or discuss the issue. I can assure you that when they receive my next correspondence it will be from my attorney.

Free Attorney Review


  1. American Express turned my account over to GC Services after being 60 days late. GC Services called my husband to discuss my account. I called them back the next day and they wanted 7600.00. I told them that I am out of work and cannot pay in full. I told them that I had been a victim of identity theft. I mailed them sample copies of police reports, identity theft affidavits. In the mean time American Express is also trying to collect the debt. They send me all kinds of weird stuff like a letter stating I have been turned of GC, then I get an offer for a new credit card, then they start sending me statements again increasing the amount I owe and making adjustments in the amount of time I can reinstate my skymiles. These skymiles are nothing to me because they were initially started using my maiden name and they were never transferred to my married name so I can’t touch them anyway.

    Why am I getting collections from both. I only 4 months behind?? They are calling everyone in my family, etc…

    • It appears Amex and GC Services may be violating both the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Texas Debt Collection Act (because GC is headquartered in Houston). These laws prevent misrepresentations in connection with debt collection and restrict the right of a creditor or debt collector to call third parties. It sounds like you may have a strong case against both for statutory and actual damages, they likely both can’t legally collect the same debt and there may be some illegal skip tracing going on. Call 888-595-9111 for a free case review, you may be able to get compensation, stop the harassment and settle for less.

      • Unfortunately they use TLO and others for skip tracing but follow laws pertaining to the order they can call parties in, amounts of time, etc. I used to work there collecting loans. Not fun. I do not understand how TLO can be owned or similar status, by one of the 3 credit reporting bureaus. Is this not conflicting and a horrible misuse of our personal info? TLO, it turns out, can not only help you find friends, relatives, and neighbors or the indebted offender, but find license plates and locations from cameras and such. I am so sicked by all of it. Our country is actually quite communist like and there is so much done in secret.

  2. Debt collector. Trying to collect a debt that has been paid. Craig Orlowski 1-800-569-0633 extension 1377405 Harasses me all the time. Every time I answer he tells me I owe money. I try to explain that it has been paid. He just keeps at me until I hang up. Calls back every few days. Craig O is Rude and Disrespectful.

    • Misrepresenting the status, character or amount of a debt violates the FDCPA. Harassment violates the FDCPA. Causing a phone to ring with the intent to annoy violates the FDCPA.
      Sounds like this collector is a real winner…
      Collection companies and individual debt collectors can be held liable for FDCPA violations. Call 888 595 9111 for FREE FDCPA help. Or submit an inquiry here.


    • ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS? For what?

      The Debt Help Lawyers at this site battle GC Services under the FDCPA and the TCPA regularly AT NO COST TO CONSUMERS, and the attorneys at LawCent will dispute as many debts–GC or otherwise–as a consumer wants for as little as $20/month, post paid (meaning if you aren’t satisfied with the services, cancel before you pay the prior month’s bill — even after the disputes are sent)!
      Sign up for LawCent through this site and pay One Cent to hire the LawCent legal team. Call 888-595-9111 to learn more.

    • Hi, I need the info about the membership that cost $100

    • I would like to joing that program! Can you email me the link?

      Thank you!

    • Yes I would love to have more information about this. Cause I have been over charged for a ticket and now I can’t get my license.

  4. LOL, I have read a hand full of these comments. Not all of them, just a few. The comments I read are funny!!!! Especially by the “web master”. GC Services has 1st and 3rd party collections. They are not miss representing themselves on any count. Hey Mr Web Master, maybe you should do some research on GC Services before making radical claims which destroy the ability to collect PAST DUE BILLS. Yes, people go through hard times but maybe people should be more careful not to over extend themselves-(i.e.) spend more than what comes in. Being in collections is not fun but there are consequences to not paying a bill. What?, did you think it was going to go away? Thats called stealing. Mr MASTER. Stop telling erroneous information based on lack of research. This gives people the wrong idea and false hope. Ultimately, this creates a tougher situation for the debtor.

    Some of the comments are just stupid. Stop whining and pay what you can. the collector is acting completely within the law. No, you don’t have to necessarily follow the guidelines of the collector. They are made up. But you do have to pay something before the debt grow. LOL Thats what happens to debt. It grows.

    • Charlie your really stupid just to let you know. By typing the responses to peoples comments here, you are telling on yourself really easily. Meaning we know you work for the company, alone by the rude comments your making. If you were a normal person you would realize humans make mistakes and unexpected life events happen. Which I’m guessing you have never been there because let me guess you think your “PERFECT”. Well here’s a life slap, “no one is perfect”. Yes there have been times where people have done stupid things, but they are working the best they can to straighten things out again. As for myself I’ve been there and have worked really hard to pay debts owed. I started with about $10,000 in debt and within two years I paid off about $7,000. Yes I still owe about $3,000 more, but I am slowly getting my life back together from a divorce (Unexpected life situations) and as of now that last $3,000 will get paid when I pay it. I’m a normal human, I’ve made errors and are working to correct them. Have the decency to respect others and let them live there lives and learn from mistakes or unexpected life situations.

  5. Nikkia Singleton

    Yes, they are for real. You OWE MONEY. You have things of value. Sell them to get current on your DEBTS. People do it all the time. TV is a luxury when you owe someone money. You were extended a FAVOR (CREDIT). You didnt pay it back. FIGURE IT OUT. As far as Im concerned, the TV belongs to your creditor. You took their money and bought a TV or something else. GIVE IT BACK.

    • GC must love having you work for them. Just wait until they f#@k you over…Then there will be a different tune whistling out of your sphincter.

      And you must because Trump supporter. Enjoy the Ted Nugent concert!

  6. MB

    The law state that they cannot disclose information to an unidentified party or 3rd party. YOU SIR, ARE WRONG!!!!!

  7. JM

    Pay your bill and the 3rd party calls will stop. They are calling your relatives to find you because you are apparently avoiding the debt. This is called “skip tracing”. It doesnt matter where they are. It will continue to others you know until you have contact with them. Then, you should pay something to make the calls to you stop.

    Im done here. This web site is terrible.

  8. Charlie, how long have you been practicing law? Me, I’ve been doing it for 15 years, and ONLY as a consumer advocate. I’ve tried three cases against GC and filed probably a hundred cases against it.
    There is nothing wrong with collecting legally, BUT there is everything wrong with debt collectors collecting illegally, and everything wrong with consumers getting their rights violated, and everything wrong with consumers getting their rights violated and doing nothing about it.
    Consumers should feel welcome to see if their rights were violated and welcome to do something about it–your comments do nothing but discourage people.
    Do you collect debts for GC?

  9. I have been trying to work out a payment with GC Services on my school loan, and they have tried to bully me into paying $150.00, even when I said I cant afford that every month. I tried that amount for 3 months, and it put me in a financial hard spot. I have called to ask for a lower payment that I feel I can afford, yet they tell me I have to pay what they think I should or it doesn’t count toward my program. They refuse to send me a bill, they say I have to put a credit/bank card on file for them. I was under the impression I can pay as I wish, long as I pay it. I didn’t know they could make me put a bank card on file for direct debit. Really wish there was a way to fight them. I would rather deal with the Dept. of Education, but instead I have to deal with these rude people. Even when I do make payments, they still harass me with phone calls. They told me after I faxed all the paperwork over to them, that they didn’t get the paperwork, and waited 2 months to even tell me this! I don’t trust them. I am willing to pay my debt, but I expect good customer service in doing so…This is a horrible, horrible company!

  10. Can GC Services take a fine that was given to them 10 years ago and sue me for it today or send it to the State of California to try and garnish wages or tax returns?

    • Do you really mean a “fine?” If so, what kind of fine. Municipal fines are generally not consumer debts under the FDCPA. But the threats you are getting may be false nonetheless.

  11. I am getting calls from GC, and I never answer. He leaves messages on my voicemail for me mobile and work. He has never said what the debt is for. I was going to call back and ask, but after reading all these comments, I am very hesitant to do so. I haven’t gotten any kind of land mail from them. Do I have to return the call, or can I just change my number or something?

    • The lawyers found on this site have handled many claims against GC. You may have experienced a Fair Debt violation(s), our Debt Help Lawyers can provide you a free, no obligation Fair Debt consultation. Save the voice mails they may contain evidence for a claim which may entitle you to a damage award of up to $1000. The worst thing to do is nothing or simply hide by blocking your number, so call us now share the details with one of our legal assistants 888-595-9111 and we will get started figuring out how to help you!

  12. I am being harassed by this company calling my home phone for someone named Stephanie XXXX. We have had our home phone number for over 10 years and it was issued it was with a new company with all never before used phone numbers so there is no way this number could ever have belonged to this person. I have told these fools time and time again that no one by this name can be found at this number. Every single time they LIE and say they will remove my number from their system. Today they oh so lovely gal who called had the nerve to get an attitude with me when I told them to stop calling! Why is it okay for these morons to harass people who pay their bills and have nothing to do with whatever idiot they are trying to reach who doesn’t!!??!!

  13. @Nicki I completely agree with you. People act like they live in this perfect world where nothing goes wrong and you have to always be perfect too. Everything is supposed to go 1,2,3 right? Wrong!! It seems like I stay getting constant pressure from people that think everything is supposed to stay the same or not ever become difficult. Wake up people! Life happens! So Nicki I feel you girl. I’m recently divorced too and have to downsize or work two jobs full time to keep it all. People still trying to demand from me and its a headache. I’m trying to get through it all and ignore the crap and make my own moves. Hope you doing the same!

  14. I worked in a loan store for 5 years, part of my job was of course collecting debt from the loans I had issued. I am very familiar with the fair debt collection act. I have gotten several calls from GC debt services in regards to my fiancé old school loans. He had these loans before we even knew each other. They told me I was used as a reference today..of course this is untrue and they have violated both his and my privacy. They have now been told to stop calling me 3 times by me and my fiancé. The kicker is, he is current with them, their reasoning for calling is to make sure he has handed in all of his paperwork..he has. They also called his work today. I have spoken with the same representative twice. After they make contact and have been informed not to call, they are not supposed to call again. I have a voicemail today, also from them. They are telling my fiancé that after he catches up with them they will pull him out of default and he will be transferred back to the original lender. This sounds fishy to me. Normally once it hits default with the company they write it off and sell it to a place like GC to handle the remaining balance correct? I am worried that he is never going to pull himself out of this and obviously this is a very unethical company that may be taking advantage of him..

  15. I have no debt and check my credit report frequently. But once my score was high enough these people started calling me. I have not received any written bills that have gone unpaid. It is a scam and I am being harassed.

  16. GC services called today and, after being informed that I was unemployed, and had no income, and was fighting for disability, they attempted to sign me up for a payment plan anyway, without my permission. The guy I spoke with said at first that he was “updating their system” with my information. It was when he asked for the size of my household that I refused to go further. He said that it was standard practice and that he HAD to give me the amount I would be paying on a repayment plan. I’ve never heard of this requirement at all.

  17. Don’t let these jackwagons bully you. Don’t give them a dime unless they send you a written statement via snail mail that you can verify, and NEVER EVER give them your debit information, account information, or even tell them which bank you use.

    If you give them that information, they WILL help themselves to the contents of your checking or savings account, regardless of whether you’re unemployed, or you need that money for rent or groceries. They don’t care. Even if they’re supposed to take only X amount for a payment plan, they will clean out your account if there’s money in there.

    Regardless of what they say or how they threaten you, you have a right to see what you allegedly owe, in writing, and to verify the debt. If they claim they’re giving you a one time offer or say you “have to” settle the debt immediately over the phone, they are lying.

  18. I got quite an upsetting call from my father yesterday evening. “Mr. Lamar” called and left a message on the home phone number of his, shall we say… “lady friend”… for lack of a better phrase… whom he has been staying with in HER home, which she owns… in a different state from any registered home address HE has. He informed me that he’d called the number back and found out that it was GC services and they were closed by the time he called me.

    This woman he’s staying with has NO relation to me whatsoever, I don’t care for her much at all, and I most DEFINITELY do not want her knowing my business. As a former call-center employee in a mortgage collection center during the sub-prime mortgage bubble burst, I KNOW the FDCPA guidelines and I KNOW that I definitely didn’t provide anyone her home number (I don’t even have it)… nor do I even list my father as an emergency contact for medical records since he’s in a different state.

    They’ve yet to attempt to contact me directly… if they do, I’ll be sure to let them know that her residence is no one related to me and if they contact them again I’ll be suing for violation of my privacy rights… in the meantime I’ll be looking into filing for this violation.

  19. Starting this past Wednesday, I received a phone call from a Pittsburgh number. Thinking it was my doctor (whom I’m waiting on a call from), I answered it. Apparently this company got my phone number about my fiance’s student loans. They’ve been in wage garnishment for TWO YEARS, yet the woman on the other line is threatening wage garnishment? I decided to run some tests…

    1) I told her I was his wife and would speak on his behalf. I asked if this was okay, and she told me that I needed no proof of that, then requested information regarding him. I gave her none, because Pennsylvania law states that a signature is REQUIRED to have a person speak on your behalf. I could be a crazy person!

    2) I asked her name. She refused to give it.

    3) I’ve asked for a name to fax info to. She refused to give it – gave me an “account number” instead.

    Can I also add that she has been BLOWING UP MY PHONE with MANY phone calls a day, sometimes less than an hour in between.

    I spoke with PHEAA regarding this. Turns out, these are ALL red flags of a SCAM ARTIST!! Needless to say, I will be dealing with PHEAA directly after taking the proper channels.

    Don’t trust these people!!!!!!


    • Theoretically it is possible as interest could have been added. But it sounds fishy. We have a lot of experience with GC, can we have a look at the letter and collect some additional info. We sent you an email, please reply or call.

  21. Semi-Victory! I refuse to tell them WHETHER OR NOT they are speaking to who they are calling for unless they tell me if who is calling. I don’t verify if I am or am not the person they’re calling unless they tell me whether or not “GC Services” is the COMPLETE AND EXACT LEGAL NAME of the business that they are representing. I tell them that I am recording the conversation. I ask for a business address that I can use to investigate that they are a legally legitimate business. They tell me they can’t give me any more information unless I verify whether or not they are speaking with the person they are trying to reach. Oh, I painstakingly (and they do their best from doing so) make the effort to get the full name AND SPELLING OF THEIR NAME. Currently, I’m the one that struggles to keep THEM on the phone.

  22. I received a letter from go services or department of education stating that I completed the rehabilitation program and someone would be calling me when remains of debt is transferred to someother person. A few weeks letter I receive a call from go services sAying to disregard the letter t was a mistake I didn’t make all the payments on time as scheduled. I don’t understand. Not to mention I borrowed 4000 for school my whole income tax was offset for 7000. I filed an appeal received 1500 back and now go services says I owe 210o. I need help in trying to stop them from coming after me.

  23. I have called numerous times in the past 5 days trying to contact these people. They called me at work stating they would garnish my wages if I didnt pay my student loans off. I have no problem paying them. I couldnt talk at the time because I was on the other line with a client. I told some guy named Charlie that I would call back on my lunch at 2pm. I called at both 1 and 2pm and yet the phone continued to ring. I tried again the next day on my lunch and yet the same thing. I hear the GC services greeting and then Im waiting forever while the phone rings. I just tried again a few minutes ago getting the same thing. Is this a scam or something?

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