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Weltman Weinberg Reis Collection

fdcpa_debt_collector_harassmentAre you receiving unwanted, repeated calls and letters from Weltman, Weinberg & Reis collection agency? A Debt Help Lawyer could help you stop Weltman, Weinberg Reis Collection agency even if you do owe the debt! Whether its paying a reduced portion of the debt through “debt settlement” in exchange for a “paid in full” status, FDCPA litigation if Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Collectors violated your FDCPA rights, or bankruptcy, don’t just put up with debt collector abuse from Weltman, Weinberg & Reis, instead review the information below to find out more about this well known debt collector, or fill out our free consumer debt test for help stopping the calls and letters from Weltman, Weinberg & Reis!

Weltman Weinberg Reis Collection Agency Address

323 W. Lakeside Ave. Ste 200
(other OH location-: 525 Vine Street, Suite 800, Cincinnati, OH 45202)
Cleveland, Ohio 44113-1099
Phone: (216) 685-1000
Fax: (216) 363-4121
Web Address: www.weltman.com

A Law Firm that specializes in collecting debt that you thought was long gone and off the radar, this company is alleged to inflate their accounts with illegal interest rates, than deny it in court documents. Make certain that you don’t succumb to their tactics, If you are being harassed by Weltman, Weinberg & Reis, contact us at 866-775-3666 for a free attorney consult and case review. Or submit your information online now, protect your right, you don’t have to be a victim.

To read about one consumer’s experience with W,W & R, click here.

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Debt help lawyers want to help consumers fight back against debt collection agencies that use unfair debt collection practices including harassment in attempt to collect debts. Debt collection companies who use harassment including harassing phone calls and harassing debt collection letters are breaking consumer protection laws for debt collection. You have rights and can fight back against these debt collection corporations, contact the Debt Help Lawyers on this site today for help with abusive debt collectors, for help settling your debts for less than you owe (debt settlement), for assistance with wage garnishment or debt collection lawsuits, for advice on filing bankruptcy or to adjust your home loan!

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  1. Weltman Weinberg and Reis had been calling my mother’s phone. I called them today which I had been sending them a 10.00 monthly payment because that is all that I can afford right now. I told the rep that today. I told him my income dropped drastically pay and hours, I told him that I pay almost 500.00 dollars just in child care and his response was that childcare is not a necessity he also went on to say that he knows I have a relative that can just sit at home and watch my daughter, which I don’t. I took what he said very very offensive. I reported this credit card from Capital One stolen, I spoke to a rep back in 2008 I do believe and told them it was stolen they never did follow protocol because they never did send me any paperwork to fill out because the card was stolen. About a year or so later I was served papers from Weltman Weinberg and Reis they told me they could not accept a payment lower than 25.00 a month which I paid then I lost my job. I got another job lower paying I remind you and they raised my payments to 50.00 a month, then once again I lost my job and tried to start back making payments and they raised my payments once again this time to 100.00 dollars a month. There is absolutely no way I can afford this, better yet I don’t think I should have to pay a bill for a stolen card, Weltman Weinberg and Reis told me its my responsibility, its not I know my rights. I also know statue of limitations laws and I thought a bill older than five years or seven years old that you did not have to pay. I could be wrong. I just want the harassment from Weltman Weinberg and Reis to stop. These people are making my life a living hell please help me.

  2. I have a credit card that my ex was supposed to pay in our divorce 10 yrs ago.weltman weinberg and reis have been after me to pay this,and they do not go by my divorce decree. they now contacted the company my car loan is through to find out what bank my payment comes from.will they settle for less? i can’t afford to get a lawyer and go back to court, and this will start things with my ex,he is very vindictive…had 3 years of flat tires and harassment when we got divorced, would like to avoid this again.

  3. They are calling my work!!!!

  4. Hoping you can help. I was hit hard with bills adding up and my daughters college cost of living expenses, I could no longer afford my payments to Discover Card – I called discover and told them I needed help or asked to speak with someone to let them know I will no longer be able to pay my mthly bill for a while. – they gave me a phone number to California PST – It was so hard to connect with them on that time zone but when I finally reach the office they took my contact information and said an associate would contact me and speak to me about a solution. (I never heard back from anyone- no voice mails, no messages, no letters, no statements- nothing) I tried again a few weeks later and same response- nothing.
    I took a second job and now work 11 hours a day and have paid down my other two cards and would be working on the discover one. After three months of waiting and trying to reach out to them when I could – I still could not get a representative to give me information about my account and or the department I needed to reach was always closed. Five months or so passed and still no contact with discover card then Today I received a letter from Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co. going to sue me if I don’t contact them- Don’t know who, what to trust.

  5. Long story short I was being sued for a student loan I was unable to pay. I coudlnt afford a lawyer so the case was favored on the law office side. I Have set up monthly payment arrangements thinking it was for the student loan which was Teri and which was on the court paper work…but when the law office a differenr one than Weltman sent me my statement they had the client name as welmant not Teri. I’m a bit confused? Is that legal? Can anything be done?

  6. Self-employed with a sick family member. Couldn’t pay Discover bill. Got a judgement against me and they put Weltman, Weinberg and Reis on it. They froze my DBA business account. I can’t buy materials to work, pay my bills or buy groceries. Gonna end up with utilities shut off and loose my house. Can I still file Bankruptcy?

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