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Bad checks have a statute of limitation – typically 2 years!

Bad Checks

(see cancelled checks below)
First, we need to be clear on the difference between a “bad check” and a check written with the “intent to defraud”. In simple terms, a bad check is usually the result of poor math calculations or your bank making a miscalculation. In either case, your intentions were good when you wrote the check. You thought you had enough money to cover the check and can show where the mistake was made thus proving your good intentions. Crooks, on the other hand, write bad checks with the intention of ripping people off. Writing checks when you know you do not have the money to cover them is a serious crime that, if caught, can land you in jail or even prison.

debt collector harassmentMake no mistake about it, writing bad checks is always illegal. However, just about every state has a statute of limitations (SoL) on the collection of bad checks; typically 2 or 3 years. If you receive a collection notice or call about a bad check, don’t panic! First, check to see if the Statute of Limitations has expired.

Next, decide whether you want (or can afford) to pay the debt. If you plan to pay the debt, be sure that you are only paying what state law allows. Check your state law to determine what fee(s) (if any) collectors can add to the face value of the check. Many states limit collection fees to a certain amount such as $100 or to a percentage of the face value of the check and prohibit interest charges.

The FDCPA, Section 808 makes it an unfair practice to collect “any amount (including any interest, fee, charge or expense . . .) unless such an amount is expressly authorized by the agreement creating the debt or permitted by State law.”

Debt collectors may attempt to collect a fee or charge in addition to the debt if either:

(A) the charge is expressly provided for in the contract creating the debt and the charge is not prohibited by state law, or

(B) the contract is silent but the charge is otherwise expressly permitted by state law.

Conversely, debt collectors may not collect an additional amount if either:

(A) state law expressly prohibits collection of the amount or;

(B) the contract does not provide for collection of the amount and state law is silent.

NOTE: If state law permits collection of reasonable fees, the reasonableness (and consequential legality) of these fees is determined by state law. So, unpaid debts sent to collection agencies, whether closed or charged off MAY still accrue charges and fees IF the credit contract allows it and State law does not prohibit it. Many states do limit the amount that can be charged and, if the State does have a law, it overrules the credit contract.

Cancelled Checks: When you write a check, it’s like writing a promissory note that says the funds are available and when the instrument (in this case a check) is presented to your bank, funds will be withdrawn from your account to cover the amount of the check. When this happens, the debt is, in effect cancelled, thus the term “cancelled check”.

However, the same term can also be used when you cancel a check. For instance, after sending a check, you change your mind, you can ask your bank to cancel (stop payment) on the check. This means the bank will not honor the check if presented. Banks usually charge a fee for this service.

If a debt collector is collecting a bad check debt which is past the statute of limitations, or you believe you are a victim of illegal or unfair debt collection practices, submit your information to a FREE* Fair Debt Lawyer by:

The debt collector may just be liable to you for statutory damages of up to $1,000, plus any actual damages suffered, plus attorney fees!

State Allowed NSF Fees

For check payments that are returned for lack of funds, the below amounts reference the maximum a merchant can charge for recovery by State.

Recovery costs are paid by the check writer. Check writers agree to pay these check recovery fees when check payments are accepted by merchants who have appropriately provided notice of such fees (at the point-of-sale, in the language of any agreement, or electronically)

  • Alabama – $30
  • Alaska – $30
  • Arizona – $25
  • Arkansas – $30
  • California – $25
  • Colorado – $20
  • Connecticut – $20
  • Delaware – $40
  • District of Columbia – $25
  • Florida – $25
  • Georgia – $30
  • Hawaii – $30
  • Idaho – $20
  • Illinois – $25
  • Indiana – $20
  • Iowa – $30
  • Kansas – $30
  • Kentucky – $50
  • Louisiana – $25
  • Maine – $25
  • Maryland – $35
  • Massachusetts – $25
  • Michigan – $25
  • Minnesota – $30
  • Mississippi – $40
  • Missouri – $25
  • Montana – $30
  • Nebraska – $35
  • Nevada – $25
  • New Hampshire – $25
  • New Jersey – $30
  • New Mexico – $30
  • New York – $20
  • North Carolina – $25
  • North Dakota – $40
  • Ohio – $30
  • Oklahoma – $25
  • Oregon – $35
  • Pennsylvania – $30
  • Puerto Rico – $10
  • Rhode Island – $25
  • South Carolina – $30
  • South Dakota – $40
  • Tennessee – $30
  • Texas – $30
  • Utah – $20
  • Vermont – $25
  • Virginia – $50
  • Washington – $30
  • West Virginia – $25
  • Wisconsin – $25
  • Wyoming – $30

* This information should be independently verified by merchants to coincide with the laws and statutes governing each respective state.

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  1. I wrote a check for $51.45 in December, 1996,I did not know this check was bad since I never received a bank notice or letter from merchant. In January, 1998 the merchant filed an affidavit against, which was never delivered to me, in February, 1998 a warrant was issued for my arrest, again I was never served with a warrant.I lived in this county for 7 years after charges were filed. On July 26,2014 upon returning home from work I checked my mail and there was an envelope from Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Dept, enclosed was a copy of a 1998 affidavit and a copy of a warrant ordered in 1998. The warrant is not a capias warrant. 18 years has passed and this is the first I have ever heard of this $51.45 check.

    • That sounds odd. Claims for bad checks, and civil arrests warrants, usually expire faster than the timelines you state, and it seems you may be the victim of some sort of scam. The Debt Help Lawyers at this site will review any debt or credit related documents for free and tell you if this is something you can ignore or if its something you need to handle. You can fax any documents you want reviewed to 866-773-6152 and get a FREE no obligation case review, just make sure to include your contact info.

    • I came across the same issue here in Missouri last week after being pulled over for speeding. I have not been in the state since 1995 when the check was written. The warrant is only for that county and has no extradition outside of there. It has been 20 years.

      • How long does a business have to turn in a bad back. I didn’t mean to write the bad check. I simply just didn’t realize I didn’t have enough money in my account. The business keeps holding it over my head and threading me they will turn in it. This was in February of 2017. It’s now August.

    • Don’t feel bad my deceased husband been gone 2 wks and now am going to jail. So what happens niw

  2. I took out a payday loan 10-17-2008. I made about 4 payments and then could not afford to pay on the loan any longer. A company is now calling me stating they have assumed this debt from the payday loan company and will be filing criminal charges against me for fraud because the electronic debit did not go through back in 2008 unless I pay them right now over the telephone. Can this collection company continue to try and collect on this debt which is now almost 6 years old.. I am located in the state of California

    • Hun its ILLEGAL for any agency attempting to collector a debt to use threats of arrest

      • CORRECT! A thousand bucks, or more, is the penalty.

      • Hi I’m having it happen now I took a payday loan in march 2008 and they are now threatening me with prosecution please I need advice I’m in TX I been told by the District Attorney that they cannot do that they don’t collect on payday loans byt this company is being persistent to the point of telling me have the prosecutor call them and they will send the file over I’m so scared please help

    • A payday loan cannot be considered a a returned check. I was a manager at cash express. The company knew the check could have been bad when you wrote it. They can only file civil charges not criminal.

      • hi. I got his call from a rep claiming he was from intergraded recovery the number i got called from was 855-661-8008 i told him please stop calling i know i have rights under the FTC. he said that don’t apply only to credit card debt. he called me a loser i said i never recived a letter, i mean i moved since this check was post dated about 3yrs ago, i would assume. that all my mail would be fwded. (i wasn’t about to give the guy my new address.) anyways, my mother got a call from the same number but, she said it was from great recovery collections. and they they were looking for me threating to take a warrent for my arrest. the company i post dated to was check n’ Go. I only get SSDI as my only source of income. I told him about the listings on a webpage. he was rude and said, well if mcdonalds had reviews would you still eat there.

    • Is the company national billing?

    • I used to work for the law office of Sydney Michael in California this was a debt collection agency the train people to use any tactic available to get them to pay so they can collect their Commission they threatened to sue people they threatened to file criminal charges all of which is very illegal this is why I quit and I reported them to the BBB

  3. I had taken out a payday loan in early 2008. After not being about to pay on it, the debt was sold off to a debt collection company. I filed bankruptcy in 2010 and it was discharged in 2011. As far as I can tell this debt was put on my bankruptcy. Now all if a sudden there is some mediation company calling me stating that I need to pay this debt or they will send the case off the the courts and that I will be arrested and charged with 3 counts of felony charges. I had called the original debtor and they said they never contracted any mediator to collect this debt and that it was sold off to a debt collector in august 2008.

    • UNTRUE. Don’t worry, your debt got sold to a bottom feeder just looking to prey on the weak. Pay nothing, and FYI as a general rule, collectors who make threats like this often are not viable fly by night companies you can simply ignore.

      • I am having the same problem I wrote for a payday loan 5 years ago and is still getting calls today. This law office has threatens me and claims to issue a warrant for my arrest. Is this true, they will not give me any paper work unless I make a payment first credit card or money order.

        • I work for a law office called the law office of Sydney Michael they would use the same tactics to try to get people to pay their debts it is always legal and very scandalous what you should do is contact the Better Business Bureau and let them know what they are doing they will be shut down within weeks this is what I did when I quit my job because I could not handle letting them sleazebags get away with it that is how they make their money off commission do not give them any credit card numbers at all they will probably end up selling that too

      • Pay nothing and be sued. Have your wages garnished. This is a forum of individuals trying to capitalize off of the error of debt collectors. WHEN YOU OWE A DEBT, DEBT OWNERS HAVE RECOURSE. THE LAW WILL MAKE YOU PAY WHAT YOU OWE, IF THE COLLECTOR PURUES LEGAL ACTION WHICH THEY SHOULD!

  4. Ok I wrote a check in 2007 of October this woman calls me and says she will be issuing a warrant for my arrest so I told the woman about statue of limitations and she says the law had changed so I just hung up on her as I figured she was trying to scam me for the money anyways she knew she was wrong

  5. I post dated a check for $2,000 as down payment on a car, the dealer told me if i didnt have the money the people would work with me, well several weeks later the motor went out and then the transmission, i picked the dealer and he said he would repair all the repairs and take care of the check for the down payment, well he didnt that was in 2011, now dec. 2014 im getting calls saying a warrant will be issued for MY arrest. I even paid the collector the settlement portion of it and there still threating me.

  6. National Recovery Services is calling me dating that I took out a Payday loan in 2005 and it is unpaid. They say my check did not clear. And that they are going to serve me with a court order tomorrow to pursue me for a fraudulent charge and the $255 plus penalties for a total amount of $530. Is there a statue of limitations protecting me from this? It has been NINE years.

    • There are limitations, yes. And National is not going to do what it says, because it cannot. But it has violated the FDCPA, and you are entitled to money from them for that. Call 888 595 9111 now and get the Fair Debt process started.

    • Hi, I got a call yesterday from a person name Angela Silvers stating I wrote out a worthless check and if I don’t resolve this out right away that day at 5 pm they are going to send it to the county court house and within 24 hoursthere will be a warrant for my arrest. I am not perfect and I don’t blame anyone for the things I’ve done in the past, but I took a lot of payday loans out. I’ve tried paying all of them back but got to a point where I couldn’t anymore. I’ve stopped and seeker out legal advice and eventually filed bankruptcy in 2014. Now a lawyer place says I owe US National money. I’m not sure what to do? I’m a mother of 2 kids 4, and 5 years old and my husband doesn’t work, so I provide for my us only. I’m stressed out enough already and kow Angela is calling me a criminal and telling me I can be arrested. Please someone help me.

      • DO NOT DO ANYTHING! This is a fraud. This is not a criminal matter. The only thing they can do is file civil charges. There are collection agencies out there who do not adhere to the FDCPA. These federal rules govern ALL collection agencies. No agency, lawyer, etc. can threaten anyone under those guidelines.

        Wanna really get her goat? Tell her if that’s the case then have her mail the papers to you. All agencies have to provide evidence upon request. If she says she won’t then it means she CAN’T because she doesn’t have it. She’ll probably hang up on you then but not before calling you some unkind names.

    • I was told for $1,500 its 2 years and for $ 5,000 its 4years those are the limits

  7. is there limitations on check collection in Georgia, I have a law firm saying they have a check from 17 years ago for $300 and want me to pay $600 and there was never any reason they couldn’t find me they had my address and I’ve lived here over 20 years! Thanks for any help!

  8. I took out a payday loan in July 2007. After not being able to pay, the debt was sold off to some company that keeps calling me with “unknown” numbers. If I didn’t pick up then they would have someone else call. They would say that they will be filing criminal charges against me for fraud and that they would go to the district attorney. They also stated that my account at that time was closed and that I had intended to defraud. I had no intentions of defrauding anyone. I paid them $400 and I still have my receipt from that. It’s been 1 1/2 years since that transaction and they just recently started contacting me again. I am not sure what to do.

    • Usually, when people make threats such as these the collection company is not a real, viable entity and are collecting on scare tactics alone. But, there are collectors and companies that push this envelope, so keep a call log, send it to us and we will review it and hunt down the callers and make them pay you! Get started today by calling us at 888-595-9111, we will open a file for you and protect you! No cost to you.

  9. The Hot Ck division called a relative of mines looking on 1/28/15 saying I had 4 hot checks written all over $1500 each 5/09 from JP-5 a small town the checks were file in that office from merchant in 2009, but same county and four warrants have been issued for my arrest as of last week1/15 no exact day was given.

    Also, I served fifteen months in state jail released
    11/2014 on theft by check on checks written in 2009 the check were from same county, but file in another town where prosuctor attorney bared false witness and stacked false documents to win the case and changed it from theft by check to theft of property after sentencing in 2012. Does statue limitation apply at this new offense from 2009. What can I do?

    • Have criminal charges been filled against you for this alleged theft or is this a collector making empty threats? The attorneys on this site handle a wide array of consumer rights issues. If you are dealing with criminal charge, I’d suggest reaching out to an attorney in your area that handles these types of cases. If this is a fair debt rights issue, please reach out to us for a free review. 888-595-9111.

  10. I wrote a bad check in 08 and have heard nothing I moved out of town but the DMV has my new address I live in Illinois is it past the statue of limitations for them to persuelegal action ??

    • The Statute of Limitations on debt is a rule that sets a time limit within which a creditor may sue you for payment of a debt. The length of time varies from state to state. If a debt collector threatens to sue you over a debt that is beyond the state statute of limitations, they are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. When a statute of limitation expires, it does not mean that the debt goes away, it only means you can use it as a defense to stop collectors from collecting thru the court system. Collectors can still try to collect thru other methods. Under the right circumstances the debt statute of limitations can be renewed for just about any type of debt. If you are being contacted by a debt collector and think your fair debt rights are being violated, Fair Debt Case Review or call toll free 888-595-9111 to request a free case review.

  11. I took out a payday loan back in Aug 2003 in the state of Indiana. I have never heard anything regarding this check. I moved in 2005 out of state. I have received a email from ACS Inc stating that if I settle out of court, but if I go to court I will be charged with a violation of federal banking regulation, collateral check fraud and theft by deception. Now it there not a statue of limitations on this. The money was in my account at the time and I was not deceiving anybody. I had been paying on it but got to overwelmed at that time.

    • Thank you for question. Consumers do have rights under a variety of laws designed to protect you, including protecting you from this collector or creditor’s harassment, repetitive calls and verbal abuse. A few additional questions may help us sort out the issue. Have you received a collection letter? Did you dispute the debt with the collector and request validation for the account? If yes, did the collector respond to your dispute in writing? Take advantage of this site’s FREE, no obligation case review and let’s figure out how to get you some real help, you may be entitled to $1,000 or more! Make the collector follow the law or pay you, call us at 888-595-9111 and we’ll get you taken care of.

  12. Hi. I got a payday loan back in 2007 in the state of California $300 or $500, due to financial problems I was unable to pay them back. They originally attempted to cash the electronic check twice and both times it came back as NFS. Due to the NFS status of the account I had to close the checking account. They attempt to cash the check again but come back as a closed account. Now, 8 years now I have a law group collections dept. calling me telling me that they are filing 2 counts of criminal charges and place an order for my arrest! They also released loan information to family members without my permission …3rd. party disclosure?

    My question is what is the statue of criminal charges for “bad” check in the state of California?

    • The collection tactics you describe sound fishy. The Statute of Limitations on debt is a rule that sets a time limit within which a creditor may sue you for payment of a debt. The length of time varies from state to state. If a debt collector threatens to sue you over a debt that is beyond the state statute of limitations, they are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Read this section of our website on bad checks Take advantage of this site’s FREE, no obligation case review and let’s figure out how to get you some real help, you may be entitled to $1,000 or more! Make the collector follow the law or pay you, call us at 888-595-9111 and we’ll get you taken care of.

  13. I took out a payday loan in 2013. I made several payments on the loan but I was in a bad accident and my car was totaled. Long story short I lost my job and have been without a job since. I moved in with friends. Today I received an email from them stating that I owed them for the debt and I asked for the amount and date, which he responded. $400.00 on feb 13 2013. I then told him I don’t deny the debt and if they will work with me on repaying the debt, I have no problem paying it. He responded again saying since I didn’t have a job I could pay $50.00 a month until it was paid in full. I had no issue with this because it seemed fair and reasonable. I asked him to send me western union information and I would make my first payment next week because I needed a few days to come up with the money. I even stated any extra money I came across I would apply to the debt to pay it off faster. In his return email he said I would be getting a court summons soon, when I asked why, I agreed to pay the debt, he responded by saying it needed to be paid today or they would not help me. I asked him how he could contact someone that’s been unemployed for two years and expect them to make a payment right then and there. I responded to his email, acknowledged the debt, agreed to pay per his agreement but I only needed one week to make the first payment and would make a payment on the first of each month after. How is it fair for them to do that?

    • You may have experienced a Fair Debt violation(s), the Debt Help Lawyers at this site can provide you a free, no obligation Fair Debt consultation. Give us a call and let’s figure out how to get you some real help, you may be entitled to $1,000 or more! Additionally, you may also benefit from re-prioritizing your debt through debt settlement by resolving these old account for less than what is owed, call us at 888-595-9111 and we’ll get you taken care of.

    • Have payday loan started 300$ year 2013. It’s 2018. Just now lawyers trying to get money for check. If not paid. Go to court and pay all court fees. What is our statue of limitation in OHIO? Now lawyer says we owe 600$. Do we have to pay?

  14. apparently in 1996 i wrote a bad check in the amount of 218.00. today 3/11/2015 i received a letter stating i have a warrant for my arrest. i have had a number of background checks recently for jobs and no arrest record has been detected. i have a criminal history report that i received from a local police department and there is no record of any active warrants. i have researched the letter address information and it all shows to be accurate. isn’t there a SOL on this?

    • Sounds like a non-viable debt collector. However, our Debt Help Lawyers can provide you a free, no obligation Fair Debt consultation if they are a viable company, you may entitled to a damage award of up to $1000. Save the letter and start a call log give us a call now and share the details with one of our legal assistants 888-595-9111 and we will get started figuring out how to help you!

      • I have a general question and I’m not sure if you would be able to help me answer it. So basically I’m dealing with a company that I owe money to which is like $600 and due to being laid off with My job I am currently unemployed and I am paying this company every two weeks with a $50 check. So I sent 2 check one for 03/16/2017 and one for 04/11/2017. So they tried cashing both checks and both of them bounced and I didn’t realize I didn’t have enough money in my account. So I told them to go ahead and cash the check again or I can send them another check because there is enough money in my account now and basically they are telling me law enforcement can get involved and it’s a criminal offense. I don’t know how true this is but I can’t pay them in full. They really were not suppose to cash the second check because it wasn’t suppose to be cashed until 04/11/2017. But the first one I didn’t realize I didn’t have enough in my account. I had around $46-$48 in my account And just so you know this is a lawn company so it’s a private company. I am currently in training for another job which I’m in the 4th week getting my CDL license and I would be able to pay them off. So I don’t know if you can answer my question or not but can they really get law enforcement or jail time over a $50 check that accidentally bounced? And I told them to try again to cash the check and basically they are refusing to cash it, the other one wasn’t suppose to be cashed until 04/11/2017 so I’m not sure if that one counts. But I’m trying to get a job but have to get my CDL license first. So I’m not sure how well you know about this kind of situation but if you can help I would highly appreciate it.


  15. I took out a payday loan 9-28-12 and had mutliple payday loans. I became burdened with the payments and contacted a financial company to help. They sent each one a notification to respond to in a timely manner because they were either not legal to operate in the state of Oklahoma or their interest rates were illegal. I closed my bank account so they couldn’t debit any more payments. 2 years later (yesterday) I got an automated call saying I had committed fraud with a bad check. They said they sent me a letter 1-27-15 to respond in 30 days. They did not send that letter. Now since I haven’t responded they said they got permission from the DA’s office in my county to file charges. Can they do this? Thank you.

    • It sure sounds like a non-viable debt collector. If they wanted to sue you for the debt, they will file a lawsuit, no need to get permission from the DA to file a civil lawsuit.
      Do not admit to owing anything, I would suggest that if they call again get the name of the collector, their address, account number and send a dispute letter. If they won’t give you any of their information, ignore them.
      If they respond to you in writing please contact us, the debt collector may just be liable to you for statutory damages of up to $1,000, plus any actual damages suffered, plus attorney fees!

  16. I wrote bad checks like 10 of them 23 years ago , the sum of them arround 2000 dollars , and i left USA , i would like to visit USA , i need to know what will happen on border when i enter

  17. I would appreciate some help with my question.

    I owe my previous landlord for unpaid rent. This is going back to 2012. I wrote him a check $5,900. A friend of mine told me she lend me the money to write the check, so I wrote it in advance as the landlord was pressuring me to do. Unfortunately my friend could not lend me the money after I had already written the check. I figured it was no big deal, because my father had been friends with the landlord for decades.

    When I told the landlord that I could not come up with the money, he hurried up and tried to cash the check, so he could hold it over my head and try to threaten me in order to get money from me.

    We have since moved and we’ve been paying him little by little every month. Unfortunately I get laid off during the winter months, so I stopped paying him a few months ago. He showed up at my house yesterday and told me that I better give him money, otherwise he would use that check and have me arrested.

    Has the limitations past? Its been about 3 year . Should I worry about going to jail? Can he still hold this check over me and threaten me with it? Some insight on this is appre coated. Thanks.

    • When did you last make a payment to your landlord? Has the landlord sued you? Some additional detail will help us better answer your question. You may have experienced some sort of Fair Debt violation(s), and even if not, it sounds like you would benefit from re-prioritizing your debts through debt settlement, and the Debt Help Lawyers at this site can provide you a free, no obligation Fair Debt consultation. The worst thing to do is nothing, so call us now at 888-595-9111 and we will get started figuring our how to help you!

  18. ello, I just recently got a letter on the mail sommoning me to court within 30 days. I am being convicted of 3 counts of class 1 Misdemeanors. I was being accussed of writing 3 bad checks of the amounts of $200, $200 & $151. These postdated checks I wrote to a pet clinic for the medical costs of a dog that was dieing. I didn’t have the heart to let her die, so I decided to pay the few extra hundred bucks to get her the help she needed. I was and still am struggling with money, but I figured I would find a way to take care of these payments. At the time, I was set up for direct deposit, so my paycheck went directly in the same account as the checks that were to be taken care of. I should also add, that I had a ton of other bills at the time that were as equal importance as my vet bill. By the time the vet took their share out, I had still a few bucks in my account, but not enough to cover the entire payment of the check. But, since I had direct deposit I figured that my next check to go in there would cover the insufficient fees from the payment, there for the vet still getting there full payment. My account was showing them taking their payments a few days after the postdated checks were written for. But again, I knew when my ch3ck came through that it would cover all insuffiecient funds.
    A few months went buy, and I was getting phone calls and letters from the bad check program advising me that the Pet clinic was trying to collect their money. I was told that if i didnt call eithin a certain date i would have a warrant out for my arrest. So, I gave them a call & set up a payment plan, assuming that they didnt get paid off like i thought they did. I explained to the receptionist with the bad check program that I don’t have a whole lot of money right now and that i couldbt afford to make big payments. She told me i had no choice then to make $100 payments each month. That was way more than I could afford and honestly didnt know how i was gonna make it work. I Struggled to make the first payment of $100 when it was due. When the next month came along, I had ababsolutely no way of being able to make a payment, so I went in to let them know that I wouldnt have a payment this month and that i would try to get them $200 next month to make up for not being able to pay that month. They said that it was fine with them, no big deal. I wasn’t able to come up with anything like i said i would try to do the next month, becauuse I was having to help support anf feed my family while my dad was out of work due to a surgery that haf him on bedrest for a few weeks. I was honestly too embarrassed to call and let them knkw i wouldnt have their payment yet again, so i thought it would be ok to catch up the up coming month. I was waiting on my check to come in so i could make a payment when a few days before i got my paycheck i recieved a letter in the mail telling my that they have taken it to criminal court & informed me of my 3 misdemeanors due to none payment of the 3 postdated checks. My question to you is, what do you think they will charge me with? Is this a severe enough situation that they could send me to jail? I feel bad that I couldnt get the payments in, in a timely matter, but i was doing what I could do with my limited income. I wasnt trying to just ignore the fact they wanted their money. Im just really scared. This is my first time ever getting in trouble for anything. I have no priors. I just need to get someones legal opinion on this. Thank you!

  19. I have been receiving calls from a LA, California number and they state that I owe them $272 from a bad check in Louisiana in June 2007. I got a little information from them about this check but they refuse to give me the original amount the check was written for. They have called my in laws home and stated to them they were trying to locate me for an important criminal matter because of a warrant for my arrest. I have called out bank and we cannot locate this supposedly NSF check by the information they give me. My husband is active duty army so it’s not very hard to find me or him. Our identity was stolen a few years ago and we are still trying to pick up the pieces from it and are constantly finding more and more things that have occurred. I need to know is this was truly a mistake on our behalf or was it part of the identity theft. The company calling is not very helpful. I have asked for an address that I can send a letter of dispute to and they refuse to give me one. I need the amount of the check so our bank can help us determine if this is part of the theft or actually our debt. It’s been almost 8 years since check was written and these calls to family threatening that I will be arrested are very embarrassing. What can I do?

  20. In 2011 I took out a payday loan at Ace Cash Advance. It couldn’t have been more than $400. The check didn’t clear because I misconstrued the dates I was supposed to go in and pay it and by the time I remembered they had already sent it to the bank. So I had NSF. A company called NRG Assets based out of Buffalo, NY contacted me around last August saying I owed $700 and they had made a settlement of $500. I agreed I paid about $300 of it before I started to believed they’re full of crap. They threaten me with court and criminal charges and that they are going to send someone to my job with court papers. They call me ALL the time claiming that I had a phone conference and I missed it. I’ve also asked numerous times for them to send me paperwork and they won’t! They’ve sent me on email and the only thing that was on it was the amount I owed and the payment agreement amount. Total BS. So I’ve stopped giving them my money. Should I finish payments or are they scammers? I’m terrified I have a warrant for my arrest.

  21. Received a warrant in the mail today for a worthless check to a former landlord. I never received any notification until now. I live in Louisiana. Nothing was ever sent certified mail and everything was sent to an old P.O. box. The amount is for $1100. I don’t have the money but don’t want to go to jail. I tried making arrangements but he refused and threatened me with being prosecuted. Can I be put in jail for this?

    • When was the check written? Did they attempt to collect on the debt prior to the lawsuit? Give us a call we’ll figure out a way to help you. 888-595-9111

      • Hello I just recently received a letter in tr mail from a county attorney sayig I owe 417.15 in 10 days or a warrant will be issued for my arrest can they do that? I have no income my husband is on disability and I have two small children ages 2 and 1 and another on twh way an do can’t afford to go to jail is there anything I can d about this?

  22. I live in South Dakota and I just received a notice from Chexcel stating I have a $531.66 NSF check drawn on Well Fargo. This is very strange as I have not had an account with Wells Fargo for over 9 years and when I closed this account the bank told me all my checks had cleared and they gave me my remaining money. I have not received any other notice regarding this check. Is this legal to wait 9 years to try to say I have a bad check?

    • Sounds like a junk debt buyer. Have you received any letters? Send them over to us via fax 866-773-6152 or email help@fair-debt-collection.com We will have an attorney review their collection activity to determine if they have violated your rights. The good news is that if you have a claim against this company, an attorney can represent you at no cost and potentially recover a damage award for you. Give us a call.

  23. My husband took out a payday loan back in 2007. In fact we had done so several times due to fins social hardship. He was an E2 in the Army and we were lucky to afford gas every week. We got a hardship discharge from the army and we moved out of state rather quickly. (Kansas is where we lived) We moved assumed the check had cleared. As there was thousands of dollars in the bank when we moved because the army gave us money to move back home.

    Now here we are and we receive a strange and quite rude phone call from an unknown caller claiming that we are being called to court and my husbands employer will be contacted and he will have warrants for his arrest. This happened 8 years ago! We assumed it was paid. They said the name of the company is JSS Solutions Group. They refuse to give us any information. I told them I do not believe the legitimacy of this debt and asked for proof. I then began to google them and am unable to find anything on this company. I also looked up KS state statute of limitations and presuming I am understanding it, it is 5 years. So then they have no legal right to be bullying us like this, correct?

    • You did the right thing by researching before falling victim to their collection tactics. If you receive a collection letter from this company we would be happy to have an attorney review it and determine if they have violated your consumer rights. In the mean time, keep a call log and then reach out to us, we can help.

  24. Hello this question is in regards to a fraudulent check my girlfriend received back in April 2014. She worked for a company that required her to be a mystery shopper and she did a few jobs. After that she received a postal check and everything looked legit. She cashed the check at her credit union but never deposited it. They ran the check to make sure it was valid and everything came out good. Fast forward to a week ago the credit union withdrew the funds she initially cashed from her savings, stating the check back from a year ago was fraudulent. Is there anything we can do? She had no idea the check was bad … Plus it’s been over a year. I would think the credit union has safe guards against that. Plus I feel they should be on her side not penalizing her. Any help would definitely be appreciated!

  25. I got a call a couple months ago stating back in 2010 I got a payday loan (never did) they had my old address, old old bank account number and my cell number which I’ve had for 8 years. They said I owe 600 for a 300 dollar loan and since it wasn’t paid they are going to file on a bad check.. I ask how come they are just now reaching out to me and he stated cause it’s not a huge amount.. not by letter or anything..just that call. So I asked if I could get some kind of document and he asked for my email… get the email from lyon stone acquisition and it has a total different amount owed(750) after that they were call once a day on a blocked number threatening with charges..now I just don’t answer cause it just seemed odd to me… i live in md and don’t know the limitations or how to get them to stop calling

    • Sounds like you may be a victim of ID theft and illegal collections. Can you call us for a free. no obligation case review; we’d like to gather some additional facts to see if we can help.

  26. A Debt collector has been calling me and my parents about a bad check on my brother in law (my husbands brother). They have continued to call several times and every time I tell them not to call us any more, call my brother in law, and how they got my parents # because they are not of any relation to him nor do they have the same last name. But yesterday the called my parents and my house again, and this time the man who call is threatening by saying if he, my bro in law, doesn’t pay this he is going to jail, and asking my parents if he has ripped them off to because they don’t have any contact #. He tells my 15 year old son he is going to jail and in a world of trouble.

    Is the debt collector breaking the law due to privacy policies. I work in finance and we are not supposed to give out any information unless we have permission from the customer, even if we are collecting on a loan.

  27. Hi, Took out a payday loan in 2011. Changed banks due to conviennience, after submitting payment via several postdated checks to check-n-go. Thought I had enough to cover any outstnding checks. NOW, 4 years later, I am being contacted via phone by an AFS Funderberg group from Rocklin, S. Dakota (they claim!) stating I will be charged with fraud because some of the checks came back acct. closed. Tried to work with them, asked for any supporting documents. Argreed to try to get old bank records & I also wnted to make sure they were legitimate. I got an email, after that, from ‘docusign, merely stating that I agree to pay $250.00 if I sign the doc. now, no info. about who they were etc. I I owe this, I stated to them, I want to take care of this. I can not find a web site for them & when I call them, their answering voice mail cuts off the name of their business. Have you ever heard of this company, & if I do owe this, how can I make sure this is legit??????

  28. I recently got a phone message from a lady .she said she was in New York at a legal office. She was telling me I had a debt from a check I had written in 2007. I asked her to send me hard copies of all information she had certified mail.when I asked her for the account information to verify the check debt she said she couldn’t give it to me and I had to get it from the bank.I haven’t had this account for years and have not lived there since the end of 2007 then she said there was a notice sent to me in 2008/2009 I never got it .I felt threatened when she told me The only paperwork I would get would be a summons to appear then I would be arrested and go to jail.I then out of fear gave her my bank card number for the first payment of 100.00. Then she said I have to allow a 395 payment
    I then lost my a.t.m. Card and have not paid anymore money or authorized any from the bank. I recently have contacted the place and came to an agreement.Can I be in trouble for this ?also when the payment of 100.00 appeared on my statement it said a completely different state than New York.I didn’t pay anymore.

  29. I received a letter from The Pontotoc Ms Sheriff’s Dept for a check from 24 years ago. A $10 check cost me $110. They said if I didn’t pay it they would arrest me. I read that there’s a 2 year statue of limitations. Can anyone give me any advice?

    • I have the same problem from pontotoc ms.
      19 years ago, now they are threatening me with a warrant.
      I don’t live there, I’m in tx. I need help

  30. I received a telephone call today from the county here in Michigan about snow alleged bad check I wrote to The Secretary of State for my license renewal. I was role the check was returned n back in #009. I was also told the debt had been repaid. Now I’m being told a warrant will be issued for my arrest if I don’t pay fees to the county prosecutors office
    I listened, but never acknowledged the debt was mine. I stated this was a scam
    Should I be concerned?

  31. Hi in 2003 I purchase a car. I gave two checks. one for $500.00 and the other $1800.00. they were posted dated. the car saleman said he was going to work with me. when I got home. I was told they over charged me. The car was returned with in a month. they deposit the $500.00. They supposed to gave me back the other check. but they did not. 2014 i was served some paper about the check.do i still have to pay the check if they got the car back within a month. the same people do not work for the dealership. I lived in north carolina is there a status limitation.

  32. I received a call from a company that said i took a loan out from suntrust bank in 2009 , as far as i can remember my account was closed in 2007 ?? he stated they want to take me to court for 2 different types of fraud, if i dont make a payment right now.. ive had this number for 6 years why am i just now hearing about this . And i cant find anything on my credit for this loan they said i took out.. any help would be nice please

  33. I have recently had a background check done on me for a job I really want. The report states that I have a worthless check charge from Oct 2006. This was a check which I post dated to cover my daughters last months rent. My daughter moved to Germany, because her new husband was in the military and stationed there. Well the landlord put the check thru the bank before the date and the check was returned. The landlord then filed charges against me, which I had found out much later, n when I did, I got a money order n paid the landlord, and received my returned check back, and the landlord assured me that she would take care of the charges she filed, is there any way I can get this off my background check? Its has been 9 years now and the report does state that I was u served, but I have no way to prove this, because I know I don’t have the money order receipt or the returned check because it has been 9 years…

  34. Hi, I applied for a private security license last week in Kansas City (Jackson County) and was told I have a warrant for insufficient funds from 2006 out of Lafayette County. This is the first time it’s come up despite having a few jobs since then, all in Jackson County. I called the courthouse and was told I need to go to a sheriff’s department, turn myself in, and post $100 bail. Then I’ll get a court date and details on the check amount. I know it isn’t much, likely for gas for the car, nothing major. Anyway, it’s been 9 years and I currently don’t have the funds to take care of this. I would have had a security job if this hadn’t come up. If the statute of limitations runs out, will the warrant go away, or will it always be there until I take care of the check? And I thought the statute of limitations would have run out by now. Your response is greatly appreciated.

    • In most states, if a criminal case is filed before the statute of limitations runs out, a Warrent will not go away, you must either turn yourself in or are served with a warrent. Some states will allow you to simply pay the check and associated court fees if it is a misdemeanor rather than having to extradite you from another state.

  35. Hello
    I took out a cash advance from a place about 8 years ago due to financial hardship. Now 8 years later i have been receiving a series of calls from an investigator claiming that i had to pay them $950 when the check was only for $255 or y hey were to file criminal charges for 2 counts of felony fraud on the following monday (they were calling friday) when i agree to make payments the wanted the money within an hour they asked me to do a money graham for a company name kwa how can i find out if they are not scammers?

    • The same company called me tonight demanding i pay $892 on a500 returned check i never wrote or recall writing. Just wondering what ever happened with you

  36. These people have harassed me for the past 4 years over post dated check from 8 years ago. I received 16 phone calls in a matter of 2 minutes because the person on the other end of the line used profanity and I kept hanging up. They are now sending emails to me claiming I will be prosecuted if I don’t pay them. My concern is they have my address, my ex husbands phone number and his social security number. Any suggestions because the last time I contacted them and asked questions the guy used profanity and said he wanted to have sex, so I’m at a loss as to where to go from here. I’ve researched the law firm and name given for the lawyer to no avail but they are threatening with theft by deception so? Just asking

  37. Received three call from Dt. Butler stating he is in the processing of filing a arrant for my arrest for a bad check through my old (18 years) Credit Union account. He gave me 4 address he had on me, all are old and wanted to to infirm him which one was correct, NOT. He stated that IHe stated I committed identity theft, on an old credit union account AFL-CIO and gave me a BS account #. I informed him that I’m unaware of what he is spoke of and he got very nasty and disrespectful. I reached out to the credit union and was advised that they do not use a Detective to collect any funds and that I do not owe them anything. I was advised by the credit union to file a police report and they were told about this scam in the pass.
    Detective Butler called me again the next day from the Charles County Courthouse in Maryland stating I need to call 1-888-998-8113 x 101 so I can settle the debt. I called the number and spoke a rude woman who could not pull me up, later she did stating I bounced a check in 2000 at the car dealership I still use!!?? Which makes no sense. She informed me that I will be facing criminal charges if I did not pay them today and I will be issued a warrant for Fraud and Identity Theft. Call the DA office in my state and filling reports on these scammers.

  38. My wife and were at a local Walmart today to make an exchange on a item to small they denied her a refund because of an item on there TRS system we call the 800 number given to us and they said they did not have any bad information on there system but gave us another 800 number for FMS systems they said that a check my wife had written back in 2003 had come back to them and that a letter was sent out to the address on file we never have received a letter today 08/31/15 was the first we have ever heard of this check coming back they said that they will not removed the bad debt unless we pay $357.00. There must be a statue of limitations in Colorado where this took place we have been in Arizona for the past 7 years. What can we do we do not even have any way of confirming this information as the records from that year have already been destroyed so we are at there mercy.

  39. I took a payday loan out in AZ in 2009 for $250.00. I got behind on paying it and they sent me to collections. 6 years later I get a call today from a “Assurant Assets management group” stating that I had to pay the debt or they were going to pass it to the lawyer with my case and send me to civil court for fraudulent checks. I told them I had the intent to pay it back but it I hit a rough patch, they told me they didn’t accept payment plans but to avoid getting arrested and paying additional court fees, I could pay $310 and it would be settled! I’m a little confused on what to do because I haven’t lived in the state I took the payday loan out of for 4 years. What should I do?? Help!!

  40. On May 7th, 2007 I apparently had a warrant issued for my arrest in Winnebego County Wisconsin for a bad check. I was not served this warrant or even notified about it. I moved out of the state somewhere around said time, but still heard nothing. I have been pulled over, and the warrant never came up until a background check for a job. So, I called Winnebego county and after 8 years the warrant for the bad check is still active… do I still legally have to pay the bond after 8 years and will I have to go to court for this?

  41. my husband took out a payday loan about 3 or 4 years ago and and my husband got sick and got laid off of work and we forgot all about the loan until Friday they called and said that they sent us a letter September 25th and we had 10 days to respond or to pay the $1,200 that we owed which we did not borrow $1,200 and then they said that we had until 12 o’clock that afternoon to come up with the $1,200 or he was going to turn it over to the DEA for criminal felony charges we told them there’s no way we could come up with that money then they called back and told us that they would give us until 1 o’clock then it went from 1 o’clock until 2 o’clock and now they’re saying they’ll give us until Monday my question is can they file criminal felony charges on him for this payday loan from 3or 4years ago

  42. I also wanted to add that we never received any letter from them

  43. I have a collection agency calling me about a check that was written in 2006. I live in California. They stated they are going to serve me an affidavit that is attached to my social. They stated the check was originally for $100 and the company is looking for $1000.00 but they could settle for $325. I told them I couldn’t pay that and the lady stated they could take $125 if I paid it in full today. With the check being from 2006, can they even file charges 9 years later?

  44. I recently had a firm dispute negative items on my credit report, a few days ago there was a message left on my mother n laws phone from a so called investigator stating that I had criminal accusations against me. I called him back and he said it was for two checks from 15 years ago.. He acted like he was out to help me and connected me with an SMS mediation company who then wanted me to pay through a PayPal account. They both threatened criminal charges and a process server to come out. I was very suspicious and I didn’t make the payment.. The next day there was a voicemail from a process server claiming he was coming out but wanted to know if he needed an escort.. He never came. None of the numbers have anyone to answer.. When you call they usually call you right back… Does this sound legit?

  45. I wrote a check 4 months ago at a grocery store due to my wallet stolen. I am in the military and had to go away to training. I told my husband to leave the amount which was 400.00 in our checking account so it would clear. My forgetful husband forgot and he is just now telling me about it. We usually use that account for our bills and transfer the rest to our other account. I looked on the account and seen 3 different attempts from the store trying to take the money out. I was charged 29.00 each time. How do I fix this situation I don’t not want this on my credit report or a warrant for my arrest

  46. I have been receiving a similar phone call under my maiden name which I haven’t used in 8 years stating this was their final call they was fixing to press charges if I didn’t pay them. I would be served at my work and or home. What should I do.

  47. Can a collection agency run a check threw your account that was sold to them by someone else?

  48. I received a phone call yesterday from 832-952-0268 the guy said that I wrote a bad check to Sear’s in Wisconsin back in November 2005. I remember writing a check to Sear’s for $60 to look at my refrigerator…I thought I had the funds in my account however I did not and the check was returned…I left the State of Wisconsin and forgot to settle this debt back in 2005. The man that called me told me that if I didn’t pay $568 immediately that a warrant was going to be issued for my arrest. Please help me. I am petrified. I told him I could make good on the NSF check but I do not have $568 to pay him. Will I be arrested? Has the SOL run? Is this company violating any laws by threatening me?

  49. I purchased a vehicle just a few weeks ago from a dealership here in Ohio. I wrote two checks one for $200.00 and the other for $500.00 for a total of $700.00. Well the smaller check cleared but the check for 500.00 did not. I didn’t find out the check did not clear until almost a week later. So know the dealership told me that I have until Monday the 2nd of November 2015 to come back with the $500.00 or they will call the Mentor Ohio police and have them come to my house and arrest me. What can I do?

  50. About 6 months ago, I went out and got 10 pay day loans. Very stupid, I know. But no bank would let me borrow with credit like it was and no collateral. Things got really bad 2 months later when I lost my job and owed some pretty important bills. So I had few options. Well needless to say, I was not able to pay back all of the pay day loans and 4 or 5 the institutions filed judgments against me. Now that I have a job, do you think they all will garnish my wages at once? I am trying to pay them pay as I can but its a process with that many loans and other bills at once. And when it rains, it pours, One of the checks I wrote last week did not go through the bank. They called me and said the cops will be notified in 10 days if I can’t pay it by then. Its one thing after another at this point. Can a Loan Company in Louisiana call the cops if a check doesn’t clear the bank? it was for $400. Now I can’t pay it back for 2 more weeks.

  51. I received a phone call two days ago stating that my husband supposedly wrote a check over 10 years ago that bounced and that he will be getting served with a warrant. My husband called the individual back and he said that it was from a tool company in Kansas which he never lived there and from a checking account/bank that he never had an account at. He went to the bank and they looked into it and it only showed 7 years back(due to bank switching names) but nothing came up under his name nor the checking account number the individual gave. The individual also said that they would fax a copy of the check to the bank but that never happened and when asked about it the guy said that its in evidence it can’t be sent. My husband went to the police yesterday and was told that it was probably a scam but they took the information from him about it. Today the individual called me again and told me it needs to be paid or the pursor will be filing the warrant. I told him that both the police and sheriffs depts were handling it now and they are investigating it. He said fine we will be serving the warrant. Can this be possible seeing as how it’s over 10 years ago?

  52. I went to a dealership to purchase a new car and wrote then a check for $2000.00 for the down payment. Then once it came time to sign the contract, I decided to sleep on it and wanted to look for a better deal.
    The next morning I called and requested that the sales person send me my physical check back to me, which she said she do.
    After a few days my bank called and said that they had attempted to cash that check 3 times.
    I immediatly called the dealer, and requested an answer. The manager said they will be taking care of it. No word for a week.
    Then a day later another attempt was made to cash a check for $2000.00 from a collection agency( they sent it to them). So I went to my bank and they shut my account down. So now I have bounced checks and fees.
    A week after that I get a check in the mail from the dealer. I open it and its a check made out to me for $2000.00. So I cash it and put cash in bank to cover fees and all the bills that bounced as a result.
    Then the next day the collection agency calls and leaves messages about money for down payment was returned bad. I told them I brought nothing and to stop calling me.
    The next day the dealer calls me and leaves a message on my voice mail, for me to return the $2000.00 asap or a warrent will be placed. And the sales person has sent emails stating they dont want to take it further.
    Please advise me if I legally liable to repay all this money back. And if I can make installments if so. They have threatend to put me in jail if money is not sent by monday. Help do I have any rights at all. Even just to send them $5.00 a month. That money is spent. :0

  53. I received a letter today, and it is from CPS about 2 checks that were wrote in 7/18/2012 for $40.91 and 7/19/2012 for $83.04. The letter states the holder of the check/s has authorized this office to take all action which are legal in my state (Ga.) To receive the full amount due which is $183.95. I can’t afford to pay it at this time.
    My questions are what legal actions can they take in the state of Ga.? Is this past the statute of limitations? Also the company the checks were wrote to has sold to another company. Can they get a warrant?

  54. My dad died in may of 2015. I live in TN and he lived in WI. I had to make a trip to get all his things and rented a uhaul. The owner of the uhaul business couldn’t get my debit card to work. So he said he would charge it to his personal credit card and i could postdate him a check so i did. The check got returned to him for NSF. He contacted me threating me via email that he was going to have me arrested. I have sent him $1000.00 toward the bad check the remaining balance is
    1125.00 he is threatening me again with going to the DA office . What can i do. I dont have the money to send all of it. Can he put me in jail?

  55. I was given a fraudulent check from a business man and he had bought an item from me the credit union said it was good check I left more than half in the bank then get a call saying that it was a fake I paid 200 so I owe 777 left I’ve been working with then now they won’t talk to me closed the account sent letter saying it’s going to collections and charges possibly maybe perused what do I do I’ve tried everything thing to contact them to make more payments but no one will answer the ext they gave to talk to the person I have been dealing with she also said it wasn’t her problem I’m scared I’ve never broken the law and I cried to her that I was so sorry I didn’t know I’m trying please help

  56. I got a payday loan but I didn’t pay them back and now they are sending me a letter saying that I committed fraud and my check bounced but the thing about it is I had a another check out with a payday loan and they deposit and of course I have a return check fee plus the cost of the check but what Im asking is can I go to jail for this I’m nervous and have 3 small kids I’m in Louisiana

  57. A few years ago I took out a payday loan but used a check from a closed account but I was going to pay it back. I ended up going through some hard times and wasn’t able to pay it back and I just got a call. The lady said that they have 3 warrants that they are going to file if I don’t pay the money for the payday loan I got a few years back. But I’m not sure how she got my new phone number and at the time I had gotten that loan I was working at a different place then what she said. In fact I never got a payday loan when I was working at the company she said. So do u think it is just a scam? Can they still get me for that since it was back in 2012? When does the timeline start?

  58. I have a default payday loan from 2012 i belive i have been getting calls on my cell work and even ex they scared me into giving them 200 of the 724 amount they told me to send them the rest by moneygram i got home and called check into cash to find out any information so i could settle it they said they sold it so i called the company they said where it was but just keeps going to voicemail but the people who keep calling me are from pmc processing and i was to send the moneygram to elite payment solutions in amherst ny they said that because i did not give them the rest of the money it was going to final proccessing in monroe county and that it was a worthless check and fraud and warrents would out for my arrest what do i do

  59. I have a company calling me called Lyon Stone Acquisitions LLC. Stating I owe money from a loan back in 2012. They are telling me that my wages are going to be garnished if I don’t set up pymt arrangements where they can ACH my checking. I asked for them to mail me info but his sd by the time I get the mail it would be too late. Is this a legit company? Can I get t garnished without notification?

  60. Hi I wrote a check out for someone and didn’t know they were in debt or owed money I just help them cash them to my account so they could get there money out the account .. So know my friend is in jail for fraud and the bank is now saying I have to pay all the money back but I didn’t know the checks we’re fraud or what was going on what do I do

  61. I recieved a call tonight jan 5 2016 a girl transferred me to a guy who said i had a bad check written to a check cashing place in 2006 for $500 i dont recall ever writing. He proceeded to tell me i will have a warrent issued. For my arrest arrest tomorrow and will be arrested within 72 hours unless i money gram 892.97 to a place in ga within an hour and a half.. I dont have the money to pay this at the moment and i just had my daughter 4 months ago so i dont need to go to jail. Can they do this after not contacting me or anything ten years later.? Should i be worried about this

  62. I wrote a check in October 2011 for $76.00. On Jan 18, 2015 I found out that it had turned into a warrant for my arrest. I took a plea for a fine of $150 and was inform that it would not come up as thief on my background but as Issuance of Worthless Check. Today I got turned away from a job because that was on my background. How is that and can I get it removed?

  63. I have received a call from a gentleman states he an investigation officer, Claiming I wrote a bad check to a car dealership in 2007 for 1500.00 then stated 830.00 was paid on it and no more, He stated a warrant will be issued for me if I don’t pay 1224.00 and Monday the 11th I must contact these people with money down and agree to the rest by the 15th on Jan.

  64. Okay so my husband rushed one of our dogs to the vet late at night that got run over and was in bad shape. Long story short, the vet seen the dog, and give us the option of bringing the dog back the next day for surgery. My husband left in a hurry to get there with the dog forgetting to grab his wallet so all he had was the check book we keep in the truck. He signed a blank check for the vet to hold till the next day so he could bring cash back and let the vet know if we were going to do the surgery or not. Next day we did the surgery and they told us after that it was almost 800.00. The deal was they held the check until he paid for the emergency visit then they were suppose to give the check back. Never happened. They kept the blank check and told us we could pay the surgery out. We made several payments and got the balance down to under 400.00. We took the dog back for the check up and the vet could not remove the pins he put in our dog. He said they would push out and then he would remove them later. My husband told the vet that we were not paying for a surgery that was not complete and were not paying for another surgery that they would chsrgenus more for. The vet said we would not have to pay anymore until the pins were out and the dogs could move his leg. Needless to say the pins are still in his legs, he can bend it and screams with pain if you pick him up now. So almost a year later now we ck our account and this vets office filled in the ck and cashed it at their bank, and tried to run it through our account. We never told or agreed for them to cash our ck, so we canceled it at our bank and stoped it from coming through. This is in the state of OK, so what can we do and what can they do?

  65. Whats P.A statute of limitations for bad check and forged check

  66. Today I received a letter from check recovery bureau for 2 bad checks from 2008. I paid almost $500 to this same company in 2008 for bad checks and now, 8 years later they’re sending me a letter saying if I don’t respond within 15 days they’ll send a warrant for my arrest. Combined both checks are less than $100. They sent a copy of the check to from one company but not the other and a copy.of the receipt for the certified letter. Other than that I haven’t heard anything from them in almost 8 years…haven’t moved, either. Been at the same address for going on 11 years now. Can’t call them until Tuesday. Advice?

  67. Ive recently received to phone calls regarding my sons father and allegations and charges pending, and I was listed as a reference. I called back today to let them know Im no longer in contact with them and asked what was going on. They claimed there was a bad check written in the amount of over 1000.00 at one point she described that there was a contract as if it was a loan but then back tracked and said money went in and out and now theres money due from 2012. She also claimed my address was listed as his last known address yet ive only lived here for a month, she stated they were filing felony charges in a state, where one the check apprently wasnt written and based off an old address ans stated i would be required to show as well as his other refrences as character witnesses. And said they would have apb put out in every state hes ever lived in, she wouldnt give me detail , yet i would be required to speak on his character, and said a sheriff most likely will come to my house to tey to serve him, even though i said he doesnt live here. I dont understand if this is feom 2012 and she stated it went to collections, how it goes from a non paid collections to a felony charge, if it was that serious to constitute criminal charges wouldnt they have been filed immediately in 2012, let alone in the state where the check was written???? Im scared because i cant afford to go to a state to speak on his character let alone want to have cops show up at my house when i have a child and have done nothing wrong. I know many companies do scare tactics to get a response, but how should i proceed, because I feel like cops will be at my door or families door in days, as she has like 15 addresses and said she would use them all to find him, and oddly they called him a scam asrtist because hes moved alot. Help Please!

  68. My son had a guy borrow $700 from him march 2015. This guy wrote him a check for the $700 and my son deposited in his bank. The bank sent a NSF letter saying that check was bad. Now he was over drawn in the bank. then my son call this guy and the guy said he will give him cash after christmas. Then after christmas I went with my son to meet this guy and the guy came with anoter check of $700.86 to give my son. The guy said he counldn’t get the cash out. Then I ask the guy is this check going to bounce like your last one. His response was,”I have money in the bank to cover it. I have $1000 in there now.” This time my son to the check and cashed it instead of depositing it. Now the bank just call this week and said they need the money back for the check that guy wrote my son because it bounced. So I am looking for advice on how to tell my son on how to deal with this guy writing 2 bad checks knowing he had no money to cover the checks.

  69. can you pay a returned check after it has done been sent to the state attornetys office ?

  70. I cashed a check from my old employer at a convientant store. Come to find out that the check was cancelled. It was for 714.00. The owner texts me and threatens me everyday saying he’s filing charges and that a warrant is going to be issued for my arrest. I live in Kentucky. What is the statue of limitations. He has also called my employer saying I was a their.

  71. I was wondering if I wrote my landlady a check for $550 on Jan 15 for rent. We went to court Jan 25 for her not fixing my roof in four months and I won so now she owes me $400 so she got pissed and told judge she was filling eviction notice for me not paying rent knowing I dropped it off at her business on the fifteenth. So I called and had check cancelled and now she’s saying she is goin to file criminal charges bec I cancelled but I had no intentions of cancelling it until she lied in court and I have the funds to pay can she charge me or just take me to civil court

  72. Hi,

    I bounced three checks in 2011 by accident, each check was under $100.00. We’ve moved several times since this happened and I have not heard anything from anyone about this in several years. This weekend, a server showed up at my door with a summons telling me that in addition to the $285.00 in combined checks, we owe an additional 600.00 in fees and “treble charges”. They say that I need to repay the entire balance within 20 days or i would have to go to court, if I lost, i would be responsible for up to 3x that much. I contacted the phone number in the summons, and they agreed to take a payment from me on my next payday, but only if I could pay off the entire balance by the end of next month, which is possible, but will greatly impact my family. Is there anything I can do to reduce these charges? Are these charges legal to assess? Are there any resources available to me in this instance?

  73. I’ve been receiving calls everyday from different states but is the same persons voice about a returned check 12 years ago. I told her 5he sol ran out , she said no that everytime that check is sold the sol start over.

  74. I wrote 2 checks to Dominos for about $50 each. I thought they went through the second time which had always happened before, I just paid a fee. I got cancer, priorities change, didn’t pay attention, chemo, radiation, lots of surgery… 2 years later I have a court date for these 2 checks. Will I be arrested?

  75. I have been getting phone calls for a couple weeks, I answered the call and they said they were from Data Check and have 4 checks from a pizza place that were written in 2003. I told them that I was not acknowledging the debt, and that CA statue of limitations is 3 years. They said the debt didn’t go away and if i was refusing to pay they would send it to the state attorney’s office. I asked for them to notify me in writing, and their response was that i ignored the letters (which I never have received in the 13 years) and then said everything is on the internet so they don’t send letters any more. Should I pay these, the total is about 150$ ? They also said they will report this on my credit, can they report something that is that old? Can they collect for something that is that old?

    • I have the same problem. Contacted by the same company (DATA CHECK of Nevada). Mine was a grocery store check from 2000. Just heard the first thing about it today…16 years later. I am not doing anything. This has to be fraud. On their website, there is a place where they want you to enter your drivers license number, social security number, bank account number and bank routing number. Yeah right….like I am going to do that. I was talking to a white woman with a black man screaming at a child in the background. She played it off as someone being crazy in the office. Did not get a threat, but she said that I had to pay it before the end of the week to pay the discounted amount she quoted me. If I didn’t…it is going to go to court by the 29th of this month.

  76. My situation is I cashed a cancelled payroll check. Not knowing it was cancelled. Needless to say that I was arrested last week for a felony warrant. I spent 1 night in jail and have to go to court tomorrow. I cashed the check at liquor store. The man told the prosecutors that i knew the check was cancelled and I cashed it anyway. The guy is a complete jerk.

  77. In Texas, my son has two warrants for bad checks, which are past the statute of limitations. On one, he and I went to the Municipal Court, and the clerk could not find his name in the computer, or in the paper files. Two and half years later, they sent him a notice he has an outstanding warrant. On the other, the judge stated he would be sent a notice to appear in court; but, he never received from the city. (Two different cities). He has received a notice of an outstanding warrant, more than two years after being in court. He contacted the governor’s office, and by order of the governor’s office, he cannot be arrested on these warrants; but, he cannot get his driver’s license renewed. Is there a way to get the warrants lifted without having to hire an attorney, since both cities fouled up their court records on him? He has no income because no one will hire him due to no driver’s license.

  78. If I wrote a couple bad checks almost 7 years ago can charges still be brought up against me? I’m trying to fix my credit and I need to set up a bank account but I’m terrified to do anything like that on the off chance the mistakes I made as a drug addled teen come up. I have never been contacted even though I reside at the same address and have the same number. I was actually arrested about five years ago (unrelated) and nothing ever came up for the checks. Am I in the clear to try to rebuild my life or should I contact a lawyer and try to settle this out? (I’m in California)

  79. This pertain to money orders?

  80. I received a voice mail telling me the call was regarding a bank legal matter. I called back and was informed that I owed $88 on a bad check that was written back on March 1999 for $12 to a pizza place in CA. I reside in WA now. They said although the bank paid the check, they had to cover the additional bank fees. I asked lots of questions from the caller of Data Check of America based in Atlanta Georgia, but had a customer come into the store (I was at work) and asked the caller to please hold because I had to help a customer. The caller agreed. I was gone maybe 5 minutes or under but when I returned to the call, she had hung up. I filed bankruptcy 5 years ago. Are they able to collect on this check? It is a 17 year old debt and the fact that I filed bankruptcy? I have received 2 voice mails from this company now, (4/1/16 2:28 PM and 4/4/16 3:39 pm) both recordings of the exact same threat, “wage execution” if not resolved within the next 24 hours. I do not like being threatened and would like to know if I am obligated to pay this old debt, even though I’m pretty sure it has been paid before closing out my bank account. It was so long ago, I don’t even remember the details, but know banks won’t close your account unless it is brought to current. Please advise, thank you.

  81. I have recently been contacted by a debt collector. He is saying that I wrote a check that bounced to a pizza place in 1998 for $17.61. This is the first I have heard of this. He said that more and more charges are added every month and the charge is now $187.00, and increasing.
    I moved out of state in 2007 and closed the account the check was written for, and up to that point I was not aware of any outstanding checks or charges.
    I have 2 questions is 18 yrs past the California staute of limitations? And does California allow collection agencies to continue to add charges for check collection?

  82. I moved from SC to CT in 2004. Later that year my Girl friend (soon to be wife) was diagnosed with MS. The job market was bad in the area i joined her in. So with the medical expenses and living expenses I ran up my credit cards til I could no longer meet even the Minimum payments. After three months they wanted to close my account and demanded the full amount. After explaining my situation they said if I could get a loan from a family member for half the amount they would continue letting me pay off the other half. I got the money for half. sent it to them and the following day the manager of the service rep I had talked to said I owed them the remaining half. He said I had agreed to a check to cover the second part and it had bounced. I told him the service rep had told me I could continue paying. He said that they did not make such agreements and the service rep could not have promised me such. He said If I did not pay the check of I would be charged with Check fraud for the electronic check they had. I told him I had NO WAY to be able to get the additional money and was going to talk to a lawyer about bankruptcy. Thats the last I head from them. The court did grant me complete closure on any and all outstanding debts except my vehicle. I stayed in CT at the same address til 2012.

    I then moved back to SC where for health reasons have not been able to work. I am filing for disability but it takes forever in SC. Yesterday, I received a call from a company called ASS. The message stated they needed to speak with me immediately. The said if they had reached me in error to call a number which I found was Bank of America, my former Credit card holder. When I explained about the call the service rep advised me the account was closed and no outstanding action by them showed on the system. He also advised me that Bank of American does not use third party collection.

    So is it possible now for another company to have bought that dept and be attempting to collect on their own? Even with me having lived in CT 7 + years after the Chapter 7 and now 4 years back in SC?

  83. I got a message to call a company about a payday loan that I supposedly defaulted on in 2009. They stated that they were a mediation Company. I asked for documentation verifying the debt. The replied that they couldn’t send that information until I agreed to a settlement amount that I would pay. This seems fishy to me. They told me that the debt was with CP Investors. I do not remember being in default on any payday loan in 2009. Has the statute of limitations expired on this debt? I researched online and it said the statute of limitations was 6 years. This is the first contact I have had from anyone trying to collect a debt.

  84. Greetings..I left an unpaid balance in my checking account with Wachovia bank back in 2009 of 33.00..Now i have recieved a call from a private investigator who has also called my relatives telling them that he is a Private Investigator and that he’d like for them to contact me and to have me to call them..They’re thinking he is the Police!! I called and he says that,Not Wachovia,but Wells Fargo is about to take me to court and that they have not been able to serve me a summons(even though he did read my address when I called back) and that my balance is now over 2000.00 and that unless I come up with 500.00 I will have my earnings garnished and that Im facing Jail Time.
    Its been 7 years and I have not recieved any calls or mail about that unpaid balance since 2010..

    What can I do?

  85. I just had a debt collector call and say I had a $15.00 check from 1999 that bounced and they want $189.00! This sounds crazy to me–please advise

  86. Hello,
    I had a friend write me a check because she was unable to withdraw the funds from her bank due to her id being expired from what she said. I deposited the check in my acct and gave her the money the same day out of my acct. Tje check was ran twice from my bank and returned. That cost my items to be return as well and i had multi fees added to my acct. This person has not given me the money in fact has told me to come get the money 5 times and she never show up. I am yhinking this was done intentionally snd was a scam. Can i file charges with the police department

  87. I have been receiving harassing phone calls from someone claiming to me with law offices concerning a returned check from 16 yrs ago, threatening litigation. Is this possible and do I have anything to worry about?

  88. previously i’ve written 2 bad checks to myself to cover my overdraft and a few bills that my check did not cover. i was advised the account would be closed due to rules and regulations. I’ve now received a letter stating if not in a time frame further actions will be pursued. will the bank pursue directly or will it be sent to collections?

  89. My husband did an application with uber we found in his background check that there is a pending case for bad check in greene county, pa. I would have to say this check was when he had his business. The case states it is for a first offender and was filed in dec of 2013. We now live in another state. I believe the check amount was between $300 and $600. We stayed in the same county til March 2014 and nothing was sent. What should we do? He has to study abroad next year for college.

  90. My daughter ex-boyfriend paid two phone bills using her checking account #. Her friend and her dad called her(she have moved) to tell her someone called them asking where she lived, they were trying to serve her papers for her arrest. Would this be from a collection agency or the court?

  91. I received a call at 7:30 am this morning from someone who identified themselves as a lawyer and that he represented a company (gave no name) that will be filing charges against me (didn’t say for what). I looked up the law firm he said he was from. One page website and the number he listed was not the same as the website. Something else that kind of irked me, the number that showed up on my caller ID was from my company’s headquarter.

    I have received similar calls over the last few years. They said they were from a payday loan that was paid in full. They said the presented a check to my bank (never wrote a check) on an account that was closed. Now they say I owe and that they are going to have charges filed against me for Check fraud. I asked for written notification of the debt. Received none. Asked them to stop calling.

    I am assuming this new caller is from the same payday loan that was paid in full. If you’ve never signed a check how can I be charged with Fraudulent check charges?

    I think it’s a scam but they scare every time they come around.

  92. In February 2016 my husband have removed his ex wife’s name off the account and changed the account number that they once shared. On October 11, 2016 my husband and I were looking over our financial bank statements and had seen a check made out to Honda dealer for a car payment on a check number that was in the 3700 for $450.00. Mind you, my husband and I do not own a Honda car or any cars that are affiliated to Honda. Before, we called to talk to a bank representative, I had a feeling it was his ex wife who wrote the check because it only made sense! She has a Honda car and had excess to my husband’s account and “CHECKS” back when they were still together. My husband keeps a book log of every check that were sent out and had saw that he did write the check out to Honda back in 2012. So, we checked the bank statements in 2012 for the check number but it was not on the bank statement. Now on October 2016 the check number we are on are in the 4500’s. We still do the old ways of writing checks verses paying online or have it debited out of the account due to these kind of purposes. So we called and talked to a bank representative and discuss this issue and she says that she couldn’t put a stop to this check because it was already pending! Now, checks are only good for 2 years most and this check was from 2012! We filled a claim, got the claim number and the bank representative says to give them 48 hours for investigation. The problem was this “person” had to have the physical check because it was no where to find in the bank statement. What do we do next if it was his ex wife who had found the check from back then and tried to steal from us or if Honda made a mistake? How do we file criminal charges?

  93. I wrote a bad check to Walmart Nov, 2004 for the mount of 135.00. June 2005 a complaint for passing bad checks (misdemeanor 1) was filed. Between 06/2005 and 11/15 I have shown up to the “initial” court date in front of a magistrate seven times. I have never went back to go in font of a judge, So there has been eight capias filed. The check was paid in 2012 to a recovery agency. And I have since learned the statute for passing bad check in Ohio is three years. I now need proof that the debt was settled. I contacted Walmart. They said to contact TeleCheck. TeleCheck has no record of the bounce check or my repayment. They keep their records for seven years. So my questions are: Does Walmart/TeleCheck have a legal obligation to withdraw their complaint once it has been paid? Since the statute has been expired, can I still be prosecuted for this? How do I obtain a copy of the check being paid? Thanks in advance for all answers.

  94. I wrote 3 checks all under $100 in a month and it was taken out of my bank but I got a letter saying I still owe this money in 2 weeks or a warrant will b issued Im so stressed idk what to do

  95. I found out my husband had wrote some bad checks after i had closed our account. We set up a payment plan with the local owner and had paid over half off. Now we’re being told he turned around 2 years later and turned in all the checks and after fees and everything we have to pay 6000. Is this legal? Its a local town cop thats doing this.

  96. 5 years ago I received a card stating a warrant was issued for my arrest by Calhoun County District Attorneys Office. I called the number it was a collection office int he DAs Office. They said that I had written a $10 check in 1983 or 86 (don’t remember) any ways I told them that I do not remember being there and I do not know who that they claimed that I wrote a check to. They said I should pay the check and I said I would not because I doubt it was written by me. I told them it was not my check. They said I should come down and file a report for Identity theft. I told them I would not spend on a plane ticket and travel for a $10 check. It was not mine and hung up. I checked with Calhoun County and they did not have any warrant issued for me. Today I got another post card with ” Official Notice warrant for your arrest has been Issued.” on the front. I live in a small town the postman lives across the street. I checked with warrants section of Calhoun County and there were no warrants. Turns out the collection company is working out of an office next to the DAs office. Can they do this?

  97. 5 years ago took out a payday loan. They are say I have to pay it or they will file legal papers. Hung up on him yesterday today the an investigator from the police department called and it was true and the talk to the collector or they would habe to send a car to my job or house if not handled. How could this be this is my first time in 5 years hearong about this. Should I just pay? And I googled the police number and it was indeed the police.

  98. Over 15 years ago I wrote some bad checks. I plead no contest while in court. These fines are huge and my licence has been suspended. What can I do to lower these fines? They already take my state taxes for this. Any advice is appreciated.

  99. I had written several checks (6) total and now the Justice of the Peace has them for collection and has put me in Omni. (Database where I can’t get my license renewed). These checks were from 2007. Can the SOL come into play here?

    • Probably, but whether you owe ultimately depends on the type of debt. We sent you an email asking for more info and/or a call, please reply or call.

  100. Hello I received a call from a Christy Owens at Legal Mediation Law Group telling me that my name is involved in a criminal investigation that they are conducting with Dallas County. I called her back and she had my address, last 4 of social, my old car information, old job info. Now she is saying they are putting a suspension on my drivers license and going to put liens on my cars due to a payday loan from 2012. She said it was a check that was written to a payday company and now are suing me to get over 1500.00 and that when I was arrested I would be jailed with a bond of 5000.00. My question is can they do all that they are threatning to do for something that is this old? I paid something on the loan at the time but then got sick and could no longer pay.

  101. i keep gettin collectors callin me about collecting money on a check n go that i wasnt able 2 pay back, this was 7 are 8 years ago. they threating me with turning it into a check fruad charge is this legal tks

  102. Hey me and my husband have taken out payday loans 6 months ago and both have made payments on it since.when we first were about to owe the loan we called the loan place due to I was about to be in labor and having our second child.anf we asked them to hold the check and not process it and give us 2 weeks linency and they told us they already processed it ahead of time and that we would just have to pay a returned check fee through our bank.so we had a verbal agreement with the loan place on both of our halves to make payments until it’s paid off. So I put a stop payment on my check to make sure they didn’t get the payments plus try the check again.well now 6 months later after we’ve still made payments they tried to process me and my husband’s check again for the original amount even after what they have received from us so far.and so his account online days it’s 554$ in the negative.is it even legal for them to do so?can they even legally try to reprocess that check 6 months later?at they allowed to do so even after we’ve gave them a large amount of payments?and our original contract specifies that if we needed more time to pay after our due date we were allotted 6 months.but they even refused at first and processed the check ahead of time and said “oh well we already have tried to process it so it will just come back as a returned check”

    • LOTS of rights when it comes to PDL’s, LOTS of ways to recover CASH. Payday loans can violate TILA, EFTA and FCRA, and PDL collection can violate FDCPA and TCPA. Call us for a free case review, 888 595 9111.

  103. And our original contract specifies that they have 60 days to take us to small claims court if nessecary, which they did not due.now I’m all for making payments ,but not ok with them reprocessing a check that was 6 months ago and them getting that money plus our payments.i have done good on my payments.are they legally allowed to also process my check from 6 months ago and get that as well?

  104. On Jun 30th, 2017, I mailed a check for $165.12 to a farm in NJ for an order of live plants.
    On July 10th, I received a phone call from this company informing me that my check was returned and that I need to send another check as well as an additional $20 to cover their fee. I reviewed my bank account online and saw the check was cashed on July 3rd and that I had a positive balance at the end of that day. I then called the bank’s 1-800 number and verified (with a live person) that the check had not bounced but had been cashed and cleared, and that I had a positive balance.
    I then called this company and let them know that I had checked with my bank and they verified that the check had not bounced. The person handed me off to the owner who informed me he had just spoken with his bank and that we were going to do a conference call with the bank.
    The NJ bank representative stated that the check had been returned ‘today’ (July 10th) but there he was unable to see a reason ‘why’ it was returned. The company owner had the NJ bank representative read the name and address on the check in effort to verify to me that the check was issued by me. The company owner asked me if I accepted the fact that my check had bounced and I said that I did not. When I asked for the NJ bank representative’s name, which I was given, the owner said to the NJ bank representative that I thought he was a paid actor. I did end this call by hanging up (following notice that I was going to do so) after repeated efforts to ask questions (and being constantly interrupted) and request verification on paper that my check had not cleared.
    I then received a phone call again from this company informing me that they would be cancelling my order and would not receive any further orders from me.
    I then went to my local bank branch and spoke with the branch manager there. He verified my check had been cashed and a positive ending balance on that business day. The branch manager called the company’s bank and asked to speak to the rep that I had spoked with previously, which was not possible, but that individual said the rep was standing right next to him and that he had not spoken to anyone from said company ‘today’.
    The branch manager then called the company and spoke with the receptionist and verified with her that the check had cleared and she disagreed but said she would give the owner the message.
    The branch manager then called the regional bank for that NJ area but they said they were unable to give any information without the client’s permission.
    The branch manager then called the local NJ bank again and they did verify that the check had been cashed and deposited into the owner’s account.
    The branch manager suggested that I fill out a claim form allowing the bank to take it from there and investigate this issue further. He then said he would call in the morning (July 11) and let me know if anything had changed on my account, such as a notice that the check was returned, and if not he would fax the claim form in. This would give a total of four business days (July 6, 7, 8, 10) for the check to be returned which is more than the normal time frame. He had previously verified with the NJ bank (in the initial phone call) that it normally takes two days for their bank to clear a check.
    After I returned home, I had a message on my answering machine from the NJ company (2:17 July 10) that I am wrong and my bank is wrong and my check is no good and that he is willing to get the region NJ bank rep on the phone (via conference call) if I call him back.
    It is obvious to me that I have been frauded. What can I do to rectify this situation on my end? Also, do I have any hope of recovering my $165.12

  105. By mistake, my wife wrote 3 $5 checks to the school system for my kids’ lunches on an account that was closed (we write checks for lunch almost daily). I was sent to collections immediately and they want to charge me $50 for each $5 check, so, a total of $165. I tried to negotiate with the collection agency and sent them $55 to close the matter up, but they insist in collecting the whole amount. According to my state laws, they can collect up to $50. I really dont want to pay them a cent more, its outrageous to get charged $50 for a $5 check without intention to defraud anyone. Can I not pay the collection agency anymore? What would happen if I refuse to pay them?

  106. My previous employer it’s been past six months I stopped working for them. This past Saturday they called and texted me saying that I cashed a paycheck for $600 the night before which it’s incorrect I never kept a paycheck every time I cashed they kept the check now they threatening me that I have to pay them those $600. I asked them for a copy of the check and they said that the bank has it and they need to ask the bank for it what can I do

  107. My Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was discharged 11/20/2013 and just today 9/13/2017 I received a call from a Debt Collector threatening to Garnish my wages for over 4500.00 due to a Bad Check written. Well 1st it was a Pay Day loan for $500.00 and 2nd it was discharged in my Bankruptcy!! I informed the 1st guy & he hung up on me! My Attorney had told me in the past to tell the people to serve me & meet me in court & he will counter sue, but I always get upset & very excited. So when the 1st guy hung up on me…OH this momma was HOT!! So I called back & explained the same scenario to the next guy, he advised that the ORIGINAL account # & payment needs to be provided for this to be cleared up…WHAT??? Thank the LORD this website is available, because now I have my ammunition to fight back!!!

  108. On Feb. 18, 2014 I wrote a check for a deposit for a car. I wasn’t working at the time and since lost the car. There is this company which is now calling me about this check which was written for 800.00. I just read the status of limitations is 3 years. Are they able to press charges against me. They said the case is in mediation before bringing a charge in court and they threaten to take my present car, which is paid for.

  109. i gave a check to my landlord(without any date written) for 3960 as a guarantee that i will pay him in cash i was little late and he deposited the check(he put the date on check in his own hand writting) which was bounced from bank ,,, latter he got cash from me and dispute was settled unfortunately i for got to ask him to return my check…now almost after four years he took that check to court i went to court in front of arbitrator and after a month i lost the case and now i have to pay him again ,,now i filled a request to go in front of judge so i could explain my defense,,,,i dont have any proof that i gave him cash four years back but my question is that can my landlord put the date in his hand writng and deposit the check and can he take me to the court after almost four years for this check?

  110. I had a returned check in South Carolina from 2014. I just received notice about it from the business, which has since closed. Is there a SOL and can they still carry out the warrant if the business is closed?

  111. I received a title max car title loan in August of 2015 and had to give my checking account number and routing address for electronic with drawl. The first 3 months payments were paid before the due dates with cash so no with drawls were taken from my checking account but then I lost my job so the payments stopped and there wasn`t enough money in my checking account to cover a payment. The company that gave me the loan still hasn`t came to take the car but all of a sudden a man from IDS collection services is calling saying that I could be charged with a felony due to the loan company tried to with drawl a total of $836. Original loan was $600 and I paid a total of $320 with those 3 payments. It has been 2 years and 7 months since the loan was taken but I am being told that the attempt to do the electronic with drawl wasn`t attempted until January of 2017, a year and 4 months after the loan was made because they let the interest build until November of 2016, 10 months after a payment was late and the loan was in default.

  112. Anonymous
    April 20, 2018 at 2:14 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I received a title max car title loan in August of 2015 and had to give my checking account number and routing address for electronic with drawl. The first 3 months payments were paid before the due dates with cash so no with drawls were taken from my checking account but then I lost my job so the payments stopped and there wasn`t enough money in my checking account to cover a payment. The company that gave me the loan still hasn`t came to take the car but all of a sudden a man from IDS collection services is calling saying that I could be charged with a felony due to the loan company tried to with drawl a total of $836. Original loan was $600 and I paid a total of $320 with those 3 payments. It has been 2 years and 7 months since the loan was taken but I am being told that the attempt to do the electronic with drawl wasn`t attempted until January of 2017, a year and 4 months after the loan was made because they let the interest build until November of 2016, 10 months after a payment was late and the loan was in default.

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