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Debt Collection Lawsuit Help: Prevent Wage Garnishment

wage_garnishmentReceiving a lawsuit from a debt collection agency threatening a judgment against you, or a notice that your wages are being garnished, is frightening.  Questions arise: How do you defend against debt lawsuits and fight wage garnishment? How much of your hard earned money can a creditor take from earnings? Is there any way to stop a wage garnishment or bank levy? How do consumers fight back?

Debt Collection Lawsuit Help: Prevent Wage Garnishment

Creditors, like everyone else, have certain rights, and they have attorneys working hard to help them collect your money.  Individuals usually do not have the knowledge or resources to combat their strategies, and may end up paying much more than necessary to settle their debts. When an individual owes money to a creditor and cannot pay, the creditor usually seeks relief from the court system.  After filing a debt collection lawsuit, the creditor can seek several methods of repayment.

Free Case ReviewDebt collection lawsuits do not have to end with a judgment entered against you and your wages garnished; sometimes a creditor will settle the case for less than the face amount in order to save on legal fees.  However, with the new, stricter bankruptcy laws, creditors tend to seek the full amount and will sometimes refuse to work with individuals to find solutions for repayment.  If the individual cannot or will not pay the full amount immediately, a wage garnishment may result.

The amount you may be garnished varies under state wage garnishment statutes and the federal wage garnishment law, but these laws essentially allow a creditor the right to take money directly from an individual’s paycheck after seeking a court order. The judge orders the employer to cleave off a certain amount and send it directly to the creditor, usually adding on court fees and other penalties to the base amount. A wage garnishment stays in place as long as the individual is employed and until the full amount, plus interest, collection attorney fees and court costs are fully paid.

You have options when faced with a debt collection lawsuit or wage garnishment.  Don’t be defaulted or give up your hard earned wages, defend your case or settle for less!  You may be able to have the lawsuit against you dismissed, or may be able to stop an unlawful wage garnishment. Read about your state’s laws.

DID YOU KNOW: If your fair debt rights have been violated, you can make a debt collector pay you up to $1,000 or more under state and/or federal fair debt laws. Call 888-332-7252 to learn more! By an Act of Congress and the President of the United States, we are a federal Debt Relief Agency. Attorneys and/or law firms promoted through this Web site are also federally designated Debt Relief Agencies. They help people file for relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Disclosures Required Under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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Just because a debt collector sues you does not mean they will automatically win, and just because a debt collector is threatening you with wage garnishment or you are being garnished doesn’t mean that debt collector is entitled to your money. If you are being threatened by a creditor with a debt collection or wage garnishment, you may need the assistance of someone who has years of experience in debt collection law to assist you.  Creditors are often more willing to work with Debt Help Lawyers than consumers, and your attorney can help you find the best repayment method possible.  Many times an attorney is able to negotiate reductions of fees and penalties and work out a repayment plan that protects the debtor’s rights as well as the creditors.

The fastest, most effective way to stop a wage garnishment or fight a debt collection lawsuit is generally by enrolling in a debt settlement program or by filing for bankruptcy, and through enforcement of your fair debt rights. Debt settlement enables you to settle all your debts for significantly less than you presently owe, and bankruptcy can discharge most, if not all, of your debts entirely.

Hiring a Debt Help Lawyer Can Help You:

debt help lawers

  • Silence creditors and bill collectors
  • Get rid of credit card debt
  • Stop a current wage garnishment
  • Stop a foreclosure or auto repossession
  • Satisfy old judgements

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