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Mississippi Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Mississippi Fair Debt Collection Statute

Mississippi does not have its own Mississippi Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, but Mississippi consumers harmed by a debt collector’s illegal tactics remain under the protection of Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other consumer protection laws. These laws can also help stop creditors and debt collectors from contacting your employer, neighbors and family regarding your debt and in some instances, even provide monetary damages to consumers who have been victimized by unfair debt collection procedures in the Mississippi of Mississippi.

If your consumer rights have been violated by illegal or abusive tactics, contact a Fair Debt Lawyer today for a free case consultation. Owing a debt does not give a debt collector the right to treat you unfairly.

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  1. All I need to know if the mississippi state tax commission is held to any debt practice laws.

    • Good luck on that I went round and round about money they said I owed . Then they froze my bank account and garnished my paycheck…get an attorney I couldn’t afford one but maybe you can .

  2. how to respond to a garnishment and what are the statute of limitations.
    Its from a credit card open around 2000 and has been off my credit for a number of years

  3. More than 5 years ago hot waterheater caught fire in rental apartment. Was taken to ER. by ambulance. Had full medical coverage. Have not had any communication, in writing, to validate debt claimed.

  4. collection agency called to discuss payment medical bills with me, during the conversation they ask about a family member if I know of him because his last name is the same. Does that falls under the privacy law. They were talking with me concerning my debt.

    • They are allowed to verify your family member’s whereabouts and/or employment, but may not discuss a relative’s debt with you.

  5. I recieved a letter from a debt collector that is in another state. The letter said they are collecting on some debt from service rendered in MS from 4 years ago. I know nothing about the services that were rendered and they wont give me proof of it. Am I bound by MS Law to give them money?

    • We need more info. And “bound” could mean a lot of different things. We emailed you for some more info, please respond and/or call the office. 888-595-9111.

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