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Montana Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Montana Fair Debt Collection Statute

The Montana Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, together with other Montana’s consumer protection laws and the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, can help stop harassing phone calls and letters from debt collectors and creditors. These laws can also help stop creditors and debt collectors from contacting your employer, neighbors and family regarding your debt and, in some instances, even provide monetary damages to consumers who have been victimized by unfair debt collection procedures in the Montana of Montana.

If your consumer rights have been violated by illegal or abusive tactics, contact a Fair Debt Lawyer today for a free case consultation. Owing a debt does not give a debt collector the right to treat you unfairly.

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  1. I have a dept that’s in collections and apparently they are attempting to serve papers. This debt was over a eye doctor bill and I offered to pay and asked how to pay it multiple times. They have a very different billing practice than our regular optimologist . Today I actually drove to Missoula and went first to the eye Drs office trying to pay this then to the college films office. I offered to pay the debt in full and they refused any for of settlement and said I could make a payment but I could not pay them I. Full. I’m very frustrated by this entire thing. The first I found it was in collections was dec 21 and after calling the office about the debt I discovered that the bill was dated oct 28 but the post mark on the envelope was 12-20. I spent all week calling and getting no response only to find out they had filed in court. I have a recording of the collections refusing to accept payment in full or any type of settlement I had cash in hand . What do I do now?

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