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Rhode Island Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Rhode Island Fair Debt Collection Statute

Rhode Island does not have its own Rhode Island Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, but Rhode Island consumers harmed by a debt collector’s illegal tactics remain under the protection of Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other consumer protection laws. These laws can also help stop creditors and debt collectors from contacting your employer, neighbors and family regarding your debt and in some instances, even provide monetary damages to consumers who have been victimized by unfair debt collection procedures in the Rhode Island of Rhode Island.

If your consumer rights have been violated by illegal or abusive tactics, contact a Fair Debt Lawyer today for a free case consultation. Owing a debt does not give a debt collector the right to treat you unfairly.

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  1. can you represent someone in RI on a FCRA violation?

  2. I was sued by Midland Funding and I fought it. They dropped the case, with prejudice. That was a year ago, they recently started calling my in laws house phone…multiple times this past week. They have my phone number, why would they call and harass them? It’s embarrassing as well, because now I have to explain to my in laws why jdb are harassing them…mortifying.

    My question: if they know my phone number and address, can they legally call other people to “look for me”? I looked at the FDCPA and I can’t tell if it’s a violation.

    Thanks for your time.

  3. Can rent a center contact my employer repeatedly throughout the day

  4. Lawsuit from calavry collection agency i want to fight them,they have no proof that that credit card debt is mine no signed orginal contract

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