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Wisconsin Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Wisconsin Fair Debt Collection Statute

Wisconsin does not have its own Wisconsin Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, but Wisconsin consumers harmed by a debt collector’s illegal tactics remain under the protection of Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other consumer protection laws. These laws can also help stop creditors and debt collectors from contacting your employer, neighbors and family regarding your debt and in some instances, even provide monetary damages to consumers who have been victimized by unfair debt collection procedures in the Wisconsin of Wisconsin.

If your consumer rights have been violated by illegal or abusive tactics, contact a Fair Debt Lawyer today for a free case consultation. Owing a debt does not give a debt collector the right to treat you unfairly.

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  1. I have a judgment against me for a medical bill. I think the lawyer is screwing me over and I am wondering if someone can give me suggestions on what to do next. Here is the issue that I am having.
    A judgment was entered in 2006 I was making payments to the lawyer although they weren’t very big payments, it was something at least. The lawyer filed for a garnishment in 2014, I was able to get the garnishment stopped and upped the payment which statisfied him. The first amount that was owed including court costs and what not was $2500. In 2014 it was at $2400. I have asked the lawyer for a statement showing payments and interest accrued, but all he sent me was the amounts I have paid since 2006. So I took the amounts and added them all up, I even put it into an excel spreadsheet to get a total. I have paid him almost $4500 and he still wants more. I just don’t understand. Can anyone help me with this?
    Thank you!!!

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